One Way Or Another

Carrie was just a regular 18 year old girl. she was never part of the "pops"(popular) group. until she moved from Ireland to London because her mom got a promotion at work. will she find new friends at her school or will she become friends with the most poplar group of guys in the school? she'll leave her mark on the popularity chart one way or another.


3. school.

     Carries POV

  Niall walked with me still holding me hand and we came up to a little building with double was brick with lots of flowers outside making it look 'cheerful'. 'this is the creepiest building ever' I think to we near the doors I read on the right door in big black letters 'OFFICE ENTRENCE' than lower it says 'NURSE HOURS 8-2:30. (BEFORE OF AFTER NURSE HOURS IMMEDIATELY GOES HOME).' 'HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!' it had a picture of a smiley face under the words and I thought 'woah creepy' I must have said it out loud because Niall just chuckled and said "yeah I said the same thing on my first day here like 10  years ago from Ireland". I looked at him and he looked at me smiled and I sighed. this is gonna be the longest day ever if I don't have any classes with Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, or Liam. Niall and I walked into the office but not before he dropped my hand. I gave him a puzzled look. he chuckled and whispered. "my mum is the secretary, I'm not supposed the be walking in with a new student and be holding their hand" he said and I smiled getting his dilemma. we walked in and there was a real nice looking lady at the front desk. Niall walked up to the desk and I stayed by the door, nervous. "HIYA mum. how's work?" he asked making small talk I guessed. "Niall what on earth are you doing here? you should be in class." she stated giving him a stern look. Niall just chuckled and said "I come bearing a gift." he smirked and turned and looked at me, smiled and motioned me forward. my legs wouldn't move so I took a deep breath and walked up to the desk slowly. "oh hello their sweetie. what's your name?" Niall's mum asked kinda like I was a five year old. "m-my name is Chloe.' I said building confidence. "oh your the new girl right? from Ireland?' I just nodded. "where in Ireland are you from?" she asked while typing something on the computer. " I'm from Mullingar." I said. Niall and his mum exchanged glances. "what?!"I asked getting a little freaked out. "ok love don't get creeped out." Niall said. what the heck is he talking about? I just gave him a puzzled look. " I'm from Mullingar too." he said proudly. it all can back to me. I remember Niall from when we were kids! we were 8 and we were best friends! I forgot about him! " NIALL!" I said loudly. "WHAT?!" he asked louder back, perplexed. "remember when you were 8?" I asked getting excited. "yeah what about it?" he asked slightly annoyed. "when WE were 8, WE were BEST FRIENDS!" I stated smiling hugely.

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