One Way Or Another

Carrie was just a regular 18 year old girl. she was never part of the "pops"(popular) group. until she moved from Ireland to London because her mom got a promotion at work. will she find new friends at her school or will she become friends with the most poplar group of guys in the school? she'll leave her mark on the popularity chart one way or another.


2. my new friends

            Niall's POV


    'woah! this beautiful girl walks up asking for directions to the office and wow! SHES IRISH!!!!!'I think to myself. the girl smiles at me and says "yes I'm Irish,I just moved here from Ireland, and no I'm not beautiful" 'woah did I just say that out loud?' "yes you did mate." says Liam. "woops sorry mates." I reply."OK sweetheart what's your name?"Zayn asks. "Oi Zayn don't call her that . we don't know her!"i say coolly at Zayn ."it's ok ?Nialler."she says and blushes and smiles at me. I blush and look down than return the smile."umm boys I still don't know where the office is." she says pulling me out of my trance. "ok uhh..."I say not knowing her name."Carrie, my name is Carrie."she says and beams at me.'woah I could definitely date  this girl' I think hopefully not saying  it out loud." I'll show you to the office and your first class on your timetable too."I say to her putting on my Irish charm. "ok" she says and blushes. 'this is gonna be good' I think.


            Carries POV


    Niall walks with me to the office and when we were leaving the other boys all whistled and whooped which made Niall blush a deep tomato red. why is he blushing? does Niall like me? "Niall do you have a girlfriend?" I ask wanting him to say no so badly! "uhh no Carrie actually I don't" replies Niall looking down and , is he blushing again? yeah he is definitely blushing. I stare at him mesmerized by his handsomeness. ' woah Niall is so handsome!!' I think 'no ones ever said that to me I'm usually just called hot" he says blushing even that even possible than I think "crap I said that out loud!' "yes you did love, like I did earlier" he says and stares at the ground. I want him to look up." Niall love, please look up so I can see what color your eyes are" I say to Niall. he slowly looks up and stares me right in the eyes.' WOAH his eyes are the bluest eyes I've ever seen!" your eyes are most beautiful eyes in the world" I say to Niall. he blushes and stares deep into my eyes. I feel myself getting closer to him and before you know it our noses are touching. "um Niall? I still have to get to the office" I say reminding him that I'm new." oh crap yeah come on I'll take you there. oh and Carrie?" he says. "yes?" I reply."would you maybe want to umm.. go out sometime?"he asks 'woah  just met this kid and I'm falling for him already' I think "um.. sure Niall" I say. Niall does a little victory dance that makes me laugh. I give him a huge hug and he grabs my hand and brings me to the office. 

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