One Way Or Another

Carrie was just a regular 18 year old girl. she was never part of the "pops"(popular) group. until she moved from Ireland to London because her mom got a promotion at work. will she find new friends at her school or will she become friends with the most poplar group of guys in the school? she'll leave her mark on the popularity chart one way or another.


7. lunch.cont.

Carries POV

   " I don't remember what the letter say,but I do remember Tory saying that Niall loved Carrie. and that's the end.that girl way me I saw my sisters hanging from the ceiling and the letters were signed Tory Ann Smith and Makaya Kay Smith. th-' I run to my room slam the door and lock myself in my bathroom. the boys are pounding on the bathroom door. I grab my blade that I hide. and I slowly bring it down my wrist. I fall making a lot of noise and start to fade into black. the last thing I see before I slip into the black is the boys knocking my door down.

      Niall's POV

   she runs into her bedroom and locks herself in the bathroom. we followed her right away. we hear something metal drop over out loud knocks and screams. than a very loud "BAM!!!" I kick down the door and see blood everywhere and Carrie's eyes closing. "NO CARRIE NO STAY WITH ME STAY WITH ME!!!!!!!CARRIE!!!!!!!" I scream crying while holding Carrie. liam calls for a EMS and when they come I refuse to let her go. they bring me with them and I hold her the whole way crying and shaking.

       *****1 hour later*****

   they stitched Carrie up but wont let me see her. shes away thankfully not in a coma. if she was id be dead. a doctor comes in and knocks me out of my thinking. I stand up since I was on the ground curled into a ball besides liam crying. "whose here to see miss. Smith?"  we all raise our hands. "follow me." we walk down a hallway to her room. the doctor goes in me right behind her and the boys after me. "miss.Smith? you have visiters." I walk in and stare at Carrie. and she stares back. I slowly walk/jog to her and embrace her I kissed her long and passionately. the lads come in cough say hello and leave all 4 winking at me. I kiss Carrie and ask her y she did it. "I miss them so much Ni. I can't take it,tell the story was horrible!"she says starting to cry. "shhh sh its ok. you have to move on its been years. I know that sounds harsh. I don't mean it like should forgive and forget kinda. forgive them for leaving and forget that their gone. because their not. their right here."i say pointing to her heart. "I know Niall and im sorry I shouldn't have done that to you"she say ruffling my hair. I smle and kiss her. she gets to  leave right after the doctor gives her a prescription for depression pills and so she doesn't get an infection."Niall I don't need depression pills!!!im not depressed!i was home sick because they felt like home!"she cries."ok ill tell the doctor." I get the doctor to unprescribe the pills and we go home. this is gonna be a hard night.

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