One Way Or Another

Carrie was just a regular 18 year old girl. she was never part of the "pops"(popular) group. until she moved from Ireland to London because her mom got a promotion at work. will she find new friends at her school or will she become friends with the most poplar group of guys in the school? she'll leave her mark on the popularity chart one way or another.


6. lunch

       louis' POV

   we were sitting at lunch waiting for Niall and Carrie to come and eat with us. Carrie and Niall walk in HOLDNG HANDS!!!!!! "woah! are they holding hands?!" Harry asks. suddenly the whole cafeteria goes silent, everyone staring at Niall and Carrie. since it was lunch on Carrie's first day not many know her. everyone is dumbfounded and stare at the m the whole time they get their lunch a=than sit down. finally Niall says " WHAT?!" everyone stared for like 5 seconds longer and than turned back to their lunch. "Niall!! why were you holding hands?!" Liam asks surprised. I just shake my head and say "Liam maybe Niall was showing her to the café ever think of that?" giving Liam a friendly punch on the arm. "no Louis that's not the reason!the reason is Carrie and I are dating." Niall states mater-of-factly. Harry and I pat Niall on the back. "i'm glad for  you mate" harry says. Carrie gives him a questioning look. "your the first girlfriend Niall here has had.girls were all over him but the girls here are sluts." I said. Carrie squealed and covered her ears and tears came out of her eyes. 'What did I say?" I ask Harry. he shrugs. Niall has his arm rapped around Carrie whispering in her ears trying to pry her hands off her head because she's holding her head in a death grip with silent sobs racking her body. Niall sends me a deah glare. WOW if looks could kill, I'd be 6 feet under by now. Niall finally gets her to unclench her head and whispers in her ear. she nods and looks up. "I'm really sorry Carrie. I didn't mean to make you cry." I say getting up and hugging her. I sit down and Harry asks why she reacted like that. she shakes her head and says, "if you want to know than after school you all will hab=ve to come to my house. I cant explain here. my parents wont be home till really late so don't worry." her voice shakes. I feel really guilty for making her cry. the bell rings and we go back to torcher called school. I sigh. this will be a long rest of the day.





      Carrie's POV

   *****AFTER SCHOOL*****

   the boys and I arrive at my house and I unlock the door and walk inside. my parents go into work later and get home at 11. it sucks. we moved her a couple months ago so I know their scheduals. "ok boys sit down and make your self at home ill  be right back." I say running up stairs throwing my book bag on my bed and grab two pictures out of my box of tissues. the boys give me a weird look when I get back downstairs. "wha-" Harry starts and I signal him to be quiet. "alright boys you might need these and I surely interuptions please" I say taking a deep breath and getting ready to tell my life story.

(a/n this part is all Carrie telling just so you don't get confuse )

"17 years ago  on april 20th my mother gave birth to triplets. she named them Carrie, Makayla, and Tory. they were her everything. they lived an amazing baby life. and an even better childhood. the girls were very close, there weren't sisters anywhere else in the world that were as close. they were so close because they all know the oldest by 3.5 seconds almost died when she was born .when my mother gave birth the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck cutting off her air flow. the doctors rushed to get her breathing. my mother cried holding Makayla and Tory to her chest with my father next to her crying. than suddenly a doctor walks in with a little pink blankets with a smile on her face. she hands my mother the blanket with a huge grin on her face. my mother gladly grabs the blanket and looks at her little Carrie asleep in her arms. " we got her to start breathing again. had you been in labor any longer she would have been gone. shes a very lucky girl. I wish you all a good night and I pray these beautiful babies have a good life. " with that the nurse walks out.....later on my parents are asleep and the three babies are in the little carry-along-basinet none sleeping but all looking into each others eyes and holding each others fingers. you could tell from the way they looked at each other that they loved each other.they didn't know any better but they acted like they knew each other even after being only 7 hours old. when they grew into kindergarteners they were always with each other. they were inseparateable haha. they did everything together had the same friends. if one fell the other two would be there in a flash to help her and if she was bleeding one would hold her hand and the other would go and get a teacher. they would both hold her hand if the teacher had to clean the cut. when they started sixth grade,though, everything went down hill fast. Makayla and Tory were always bullied and Carrie tried to help but nothing worked. they got beat up and Tory almost got a broken arm one time. they lied to their mother so she didn't know they were bullied. Carrie was never beat up because she would fight back and win haha she was a fighter. but Makayla and Tory could do nothing" I say starting to cry knowing whats coming. the boys see me crying and hand me a few tissues. they all take a few also readying themselves for the sad part. " than in freshman year Makayla and Tory were bullied to the point they started cutting. Carrie couldn't help because they would just fight if she tried to stop them. on September 24th 2009 Makayla and Tory came home from school with Carrie acting as if nothing is wrong. they go upstairs to do their homework blowing off cheerleading practice. Carrie was a cheer leader and the other two weren't Carrie was part of the popular group but never acted like it.she would scream if anyone called her popular she hated it. when Carrie arrived back home from the worst cheerleading practice in the history of the world. her mom headed into the kitchen to make dinner, and she went upstairs to cry with Makayla and Tory so she could let it out. usually this was the routine after practice because she would mess up stupidly. when she walkd into the bedroom she shares with Makayla and Tory she finds they. in the middle of the room. the slit their wrists....Carrie screamed at the top of her lungs....." I started bawling and I had tostop for a second to collect myself the boys are all crying to still listening to me. I hold up a finger to signal I needed a second and id start talking again. "they s-slit their wrists and-and h-h-hung themselves. their bodies were swinging slightly from the fan that was on. taped to each was a note. Carrie took the notes before her mom saw because by than she was in the doorway. the notes both said on the outside 'TO CARRIE ELIZABETH

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