One Way Or Another

Carrie was just a regular 18 year old girl. she was never part of the "pops"(popular) group. until she moved from Ireland to London because her mom got a promotion at work. will she find new friends at her school or will she become friends with the most poplar group of guys in the school? she'll leave her mark on the popularity chart one way or another.


4. Authors Note

hey guys!!!!:D....comment if you want me to update..I've been sick for a few days and I still got a 100.4 degree fever.umm yeah so if you want me to continue on this book comment and I will!also I need so girlfriends for Harry and Zayn...and if you want in your comment if you want Liam to become single so you could be his girlfriend tell me:) heres what I need to know about you in order to be one of the, color,eye color.3.important facts about yourself (e.g. i'm in band and I've had a kinda suckish couple of years(school related)).4.things your good at.5.any special things you want your character and the boy -whose gf you want to can also comment me on ,y twitter account..its @CorrineHalker......if you do this on twitter follow me and ill try to follow back than just DM me..nut make sure I know what your talking about so I an follow you......alright well love you all!!!!!!!!!!hope you comment and everything!! PEACE HOMIES!


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