The truth is always harsh

The history starts off with 2 best friends fishing, where as one of them (Jake) has fallen in love with a girl from their class. Her name is Emma, and she's quite popular among her fellow students, but mainly hangs out with her friend Sophia. Even though Sophia is a freshman, and you 3 are juniors at the high school.

-This is first time i write in here, and i hope for some nice feedback! - Alcohol will be mentioned and sex is in the context!


9. Chapter 9


The last few days have been pretty grey. Doing all the daily routines, get up in the morning, go to school, make homework, go to bed, and occasionally eat. I’ve lost my appetite. I talk to Jake and Emma to, but having a façade, telling them I’ve been slacking on the homework, but really, I haven’t. I guess Jake noticed too, as I never had trouble with homework. He came to my room one day and asked why I never was outside anymore. If I wanted to play football, take the next bus to the city or something else. I told him I was fine, I was trying to do my homework, and asked him to leave. He got grumpy, he told me this wasn’t me, to sit inside and do homework all the time, I never had any trouble with it, I would always be the one helping Jake, if he had any trouble. I told him to shut up and leave me alone. I could feel the tears, trying to get out. He looked even more determined than before, though I kept looking at my homework. I closed my eyes, I was getting really teary, and I wish he would just go away. He didn’t. He asked me what was wrong, if it had anything to do with him and Emma, or Sophia. He hit it. The moment he said her name I broke down on my desk. I told him she didn’t want me. She didn’t think of me that way, she couldn’t even tell me why. His voice was calmer now, he didn’t yell anymore. He told me Sophia was worried about me. And she wanted to talk to me, but not at school, not today, but on Sunday. I looked up and stared directly at him. I still had a tear ready to fall any given time. He smiled and said, he didn’t think it was as bad as I thought. Sophia really did care for me, she’s just having a hard time right now, and I nodded. She haven’t made any friends yet, which is really unusual, even I made friends in this school, so did Jake, and Emma was quite popular amongst girls too. I told him I’d want to be alone for now, but without going hard on him this time. He smiled again, and left. The moment the door shut, I felt so dumb. I’ve been neglecting all of my friends the last few days. I walk after Jake, knocking on his door. He answers immediately, and I can see he’s alone, and I’m happy for that. I ask him if he wants to go outside. Play some football, before it gets too dark.

I lie outside, on the grass. I did this when I was younger too. I was alone most of the time, before I met Jake. I would spend my evenings like this, and look at the sky, the clouds, drifting away or changing form, right in front of my eyes, it changes every day, but is yet the same every day. The week feels like eternity. I keep thinking about Jake and Sophia. She wanted to talk to me, but not before Sunday. I also feel guilty for pushing all of them away, but I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I feel really bad, especially for Sophia, something must be bothering her since she’s been absent so much, Emma says the same. Though I’ve seen her in the cafeteria and in the halls, all she ever said to me was, I had to be patient, and I needed to give her some time. I wish everything was easier.

It’s finally Sunday. I’ve been waiting, what feels like months. I missed her so badly! I can barely wait anymore! She knocked on my door, and I opened. She was smiling, and not a moment passed by, before I hugged her. She hugged me back, and I could smell her scent. There’s a saying, if you like someone’s smell, you will like the person even more when you get to know each other. She whispered we had to take the bus, and I slowly let go of her.  We were both smiling. None of us talked. I knew, she would just tell me to wait. So we took the bus, and sat by each other, in complete silence. We could hear the noise from the bus, and the other passengers talking, but we just sat in silence.

She stood up, and I followed her. We had to get off the bus, at a part of the city I’ve never been in before. I’m still clueless of what we’re going to do here, but I want to talk to her so badly, I just follow her lead. She suddenly stops, and turns around. Her voice is trembling, but she manages to tell me, this is here. A graveyard.

I follow her to one of the graves. And she suddenly stood still again. The atmosphere was tense. She pointed at a gravestone in front of her. “Isa Sparks – In loving memory of her family.” Her mom had died. She tells me how her mom had died just before I came to visit her. She flinched; I could hear her holding back tears. She told me her mother had died in a car accident. They buried her yesterday, and not even her father showed up. She never knew him. But she thought he’d at least show up to her funeral. But he didn’t. Sophia was the only one who showed up. Her mother didn’t have any siblings. She had been crying her heart out, in her room, before I arrived. I can hear her breathing. It’s a lot heavier than it was 5 minutes ago, she’s still holding back. She didn’t want to seem sad around me, therefor she didn’t tell me straight away. She’s sorry she didn’t just tell me. She’s sorry she had to push me away. She can’t hold it in any longer. She falls to the ground. Both her hands covering her face, in front of the grave. I’ve been so god damned dumb. I was pushing her so hard. I wanted to know how she felt, wanted her to let me in. She has another breakdown right in front of me. She tells me, she doesn’t have any family left. She’s totally alone now, except for me. I flinch. She doesn’t want to lose me too. She always had a rough time making friends. She went through primary school without any. None ever cared for her, except her mother. I can’t help it anymore. I started crying too. She’s so alone, she has always been, and none ever cared for her except for her mother! None ever cared for her, until I showed up. I cared for her. I was the friend she always hoped to have, one day. Emma’s popular with all girls, they’re more like roomies. Her voice is still teary, like it’s about to break. She’s so vulnerable. She strains the last words off her lips. “I don’t want to be alone.” – I breakdown too, I leap forward and hug her, while she’s sitting on ground. I tell her she never has to be alone, not anymore, I’ll never leave her, ever. She’s been through so much, all her life with no real friends. I can’t believe she held it in for so long, I can’t believe I’ve pushed her so far away, I can’t believe I didn’t notice how lonely she was, how lonely she’s ever been! We’re both crying, but she ends up turning around, to face me, and she kisses me. Even if it only lasts a brief moment, we both end up being happy about it.

We both stand up. None of us says a word. We just stand there. Looking at the gravestone, holding hands.


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