The truth is always harsh

The history starts off with 2 best friends fishing, where as one of them (Jake) has fallen in love with a girl from their class. Her name is Emma, and she's quite popular among her fellow students, but mainly hangs out with her friend Sophia. Even though Sophia is a freshman, and you 3 are juniors at the high school.

-This is first time i write in here, and i hope for some nice feedback! - Alcohol will be mentioned and sex is in the context!


8. Chapter 8


The next day Jake and I walk to class together, while talking about what happened yesterday. Emma joined us in the break, she was also curious, since she hasn’t had the chance to talk to Sophia. I tell them how I forgot to give her the necklace, and show it to them. Emma immediately grabs it. She’s starting at it for a long time; I guess she’s just as much in love with it as I was at first sight. She playfully asks Jake why he never gave her a present. Jake can’t come up with anything to say, and grabs the necklace out of her hand. He asks me where I bought it, and I tell him it was at the corner of one of the stores in the city, I can’t remember which, but I have to pay the other half next month. Emma asks how much I paid for it, and I tell her I could only pay first half of 500 pounds. She grins and says Jake never spend that much on her, though they’re boy and girlfriend now. I blush because that’s right, though Emma and I are close.

After school Jake promised to go play football, but he had to ditch out. I fell like visiting Sophia, I haven’t seen her today, and I still need to give her the necklace.

She opens and invites me in, I notice she’s blushing slightly, maybe she still isn’t used to visitors. I ask her how she’s doing, if she’s okay after last night. She’s fine, but wants to know if I remember anything special. I mention the kiss. She’s now blushing more than when I entered. She tells me she’s sorry, but I interrupt her, tells her there’s nothing to be sorry for. She sits on the bed next to me. I tell her I have a gift for her, and I want her to turn around. I take the necklace out of my pocket, the emerald is still shiny. I push her hair to the side, and puts on the necklace. She looks down and stares at it for a while. I break the silence in the room and confess to her, she’s everything I’ve ever dreamt off, and I kiss her neck. She turns around and looks into my eyes; she tells me she can’t do this right now. She can’t think of a relationship right now, I’m a great friend and all, but she isn’t able to have a boyfriend right now, it’s not me, she simply can’t have one right now. I can feel my eyes getting teary; I never thought I’d feel this way. She can’t have one right now? What does she even mean with that? I try to push her and ask why, but she shuts like a clam. I can’t believe she just rejects me for no particular reason. I feel the world around me getting cold, like I’m in a shell and my soul is drifting away. She can’t deal with it right now and asks me to leave, but I won’t. I want to know why; I want to know why I’m not good enough for her! The more I push her, the teary her eyes are getting too. It’s like the bright spark we had, is dead now. A dead rose. She yells at me now, she doesn’t want it to go this way, she can’t deal with having a boyfriend right now, but she doesn’t want to lose me. But I just keep pushing her, I want to know why, isn’t that fair? She calms down, but I can hear her trembling voice, she asks me to leave, right now. I can’t get a word out of her. She won’t tell me why. I stand up and leave her, I shut the door behind me and I run.

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