The truth is always harsh

The history starts off with 2 best friends fishing, where as one of them (Jake) has fallen in love with a girl from their class. Her name is Emma, and she's quite popular among her fellow students, but mainly hangs out with her friend Sophia. Even though Sophia is a freshman, and you 3 are juniors at the high school.

-This is first time i write in here, and i hope for some nice feedback! - Alcohol will be mentioned and sex is in the context!


5. Chapter 5


Over the last few days, Jake has been a bit more absent than usual. He’s spending a lot more time together with Emma, both in lunch breaks and after school. He isn’t playing football outside anymore; he’s just sitting in the Cafeteria with her, and not even Sophia is with them anymore.

After school I decided to see, what was up with him. I knocked on his door and as always, he comes and opens. No he didn’t open the door. Emma did. She giggles; like it’s funny I would be here. I really hoped I could have a chat with Jake, but I can read the context. I ask them if they’re a couple now, and they both nod in agreement. I should’ve guessed, but I just thought it all went too fast. Jake apologizes, for not really being together as we used to, I just tell him he shouldn’t apologize for that. I ask Emma, where Sophia is, since she’s always with her. She tells me she’s in her room, probably doing homework. I just turn around and shut the door behind me. Ever since they got together, I felt left out, and I’m sure Sophia did too. We really aren’t as different as I thought at first we might be. I find my way to the girl’s dorm. I’ve never been in here. It has a smooth scent of lavender. I quickly find my way to the freshmen part of the building, but it’s hard to find out where exactly Sophia lives. I bump into another girl, I’ve never seen before. I guess she’s a freshman too. She seems petrified, she probably never saw a guy in the girls dorm before. I ask her for directions, and with some stuttering, she gives me the directions, I need to go, to find Sophia’s room. I thank her, and introduce myself. Her name is Michella; she’s from the same class as Sophia. She tells me they never really spoke, and Sophia is pretty timid, and seems very fragile when it comes to how people react around her. She also tells me, she hardly believes a visit from a junior boy would help her in any way, or that she would even let me in. I decide to ignore the last words, thank her, and then head off to where she said Sophia’s room would be.

I knock on her door, and I can hear some noise behind it. I hear the door unlock, and the door slowly opens, so she can see me, but I can barely see her. She gasps and quickly shuts the door. I understand her weird reaction, a boy in the girl’s dorm, after school. I can hear some more noise coming from her room. She opens the door once again, and lets me inside. She asks what I’m doing here, at this time, in the girl’s dorm. I notice how she blushes, I guess Michella was right, she isn’t used to visitors. I wonder if her parents ever visit her. I simply tell her I felt like visiting her, though I know that wasn’t the case. She smirks and says I just came because I felt lonely, now that Jake is with Emma. She got me on that one. I guess she noticed too. I ask her if she feels left out too, now they’re always together. She simply nods as a response. I guess we both do feel the same. I look around in her room, there’s not a lot of stuff, but I guess since she’s a freshman, and she haven’t had the opportunity to take all her stuff here yet. The first thing I noticed was a brown teddy bear, lying in her bed. She asks if I want some tea, though I’m more of a coffee person, I accept her kind offer. The weather outside is getting pretty dark, and it started raining too. I like the rain; it makes everything seem so calm. I keep looking out her window, like I’m longing to get out, but actually I’d much rather sit here, inside, look at it. It gives some nice chills when you listen to it. I don’t know if I should break the silence, or if Sophia enjoys the sounds from outside, just as much as I am. The only sound breaking the relaxing motions of the rain drops pounding on the roof is when we sip our tea. Sophia is definitely enjoying the rain just as much as I am. We both finish our tea after a while. She says she’s sorry but I have to go now, she didn’t make her homework yet so she has to do it before it’s too late. I thank her and tell her it was nice with some company. She says I can come back any time I want, she enjoyed it too. The moment I step outside, and close the door behind me, I realize it’s really late, and I pray I won’t be spotted by anyone on my way out. I only feel relieved the moment I close my door to my own room, and I start to relax again. It’s still raining, and I have no problem falling asleep.

Today in school, our principal visited class. Her name’s Samantha, and she wanted us to help make signs and posters for an upcoming school party and our parents could visit if we so desired. I noticed Jake leaving our table, and going straight to Emma’s, probably asking if she wanted to team-up and do the signs together. Why didn’t he ask me? I mean we’re still friends, right? I let it go, if Jake wants to spend more time with Emma, it’s totally fine, after all, it’s just a few posters, and we still got whole week. So I just sit in utter silence for the first 3 hours. And I would probably keep sitting there making some of the signs, if it wasn’t for the bell, calling us for lunch. I am getting hungry. I ask Jake if he wants to come eat, since I don’t plan on going outside to play football today, I don’t really feel like it. He smiles and tells me all 3 of us can go together. Sitting at our table and eating, I ask Emma if she often visits Sophia. She doesn’t, they usually hang at the mall or in the cafeteria or her room. But she has seen her room once. Just like me I guess, that’s also probably why she seemed so surprised at seeing me. It’s mostly Jake and Emma talking from there on, until the bell chimes. I head back to our class before them. I guess they really are in love.

After school I decide to head for my room, I’d like to make some of the signs and posters before tomorrow. It’s like homework, but with a kick of fun. Someone knocks on my door; I guess its Jake, since we haven’t been talking much lately; maybe he wants to ask if I want to team-up with him and Emma? I open the door and to my surprise it’s Sophia. She stumbles upon the words and blushes, I can’t tell what she’s trying to say, but I ask her if she wants to come in anyway. She hesitantly says no thanks. She asks me if I’d help her buy some stuff in the city, she’s still quite new here, and Emma isn’t around, so she’d be happy if I’d show her around town. I tell her I’d love to do that. She smiles and hugs me, while saying thank you. I thought she’d have made a lot of friends by now, seems like she’s still alone. It’s kind of depressing. I’d hope she’d made some, though I don’t judge her, I was bad at making friends in middle school too, except for Jake.

She told me she likes to cook, and wanted to buy groceries, but didn’t know where. I showed her the only grocery store I knew of. She was ecstatic and bought all different kinds of foods and ingredients, she wasn’t kidding when she said she liked cooking. I feel close to Sophia, but every time I do that, I feel like we’re just as apart, as we are close. We don’t know much about each other. I decided enough is enough, we hang out, we’re totally chill about each other, but I’d like to know her more, maybe she feels the same with me? I can only hope. I want to ask her out.

At the end of the day, we settle ourselves at a nearby restaurant. While crying for how hard the day has been to our legs, we order our food. She orders juts as much as last time, I guess she was really hungry after all. It feels like a date, though, I don’t know if you can call it that. After all the intention was to go shop, not eat her out at a restaurant. She even tells me I ordered a lot, is she serious? She ordered at least as much as me! I jab her back and tell her she ordered a lot for one her size. It’s nice to be able to jab around like that, though I think she took that kind of harsh, but we still joke around with it, she seems to enjoy it too.

On our way back, really stuffed up, she wants to cook for me one day, and she says she owes me that much, after treating her twice. I smile at her, and tell her the pleasure was all mine.

When we return, I follow her to the girl’s dorm; we hug, and tell our goodbyes.

The moment I step into my own dorm I can hear Emma screaming. I don’t know what’s going on, and I’d rather not, but I stumble into both of them on the hallway anyway, Jake is running after her with a towel… Emma is screaming of laughter, she got a towel too, I guess they’re just being all lovey dovey. I sigh and enter my room; I guess that’s how love is.

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