The truth is always harsh

The history starts off with 2 best friends fishing, where as one of them (Jake) has fallen in love with a girl from their class. Her name is Emma, and she's quite popular among her fellow students, but mainly hangs out with her friend Sophia. Even though Sophia is a freshman, and you 3 are juniors at the high school.

-This is first time i write in here, and i hope for some nice feedback! - Alcohol will be mentioned and sex is in the context!


4. Chapter 4


The week is snailing away, though with a lot of time spent with Jake, and Emma in the class. We haven’t seen much to Sophia lately, even if she usually hangs out with Emma. It’s Thursday, and Jake hasn’t decided what he want to do, after all, this was meant to be his date with Emma, and I would be his sidekick, his wingman. He asks me if we should go see a movie, or have dinner at a fine restaurant. If we went to see a movie, we would avoid awkward silence between me and Sophia. Movies it is, he says with relief in his voice. Now the next big question, which movie?

Both Jake and I are in a little bit smarter clothes than our usual clothes, we couldn’t allow ourselves to come in our casual clothes, at least not Jake. We head off together; Jake’s smiling and being enthusiastic about everything since they agreed to go out with us. It doesn’t seem to bother him, Sophia and I will be there too. We’re both standing outside the girl’s dorm, while we wait for them; Jake takes his time to check his hair once more in one of the windows. I tell him he looks fine, and in a matter of seconds, the girls arrive. Sophia is astounding in her red plain dress; it matches her smooth dark brown hair. Jake has an eye for Emma’s white dress too; it also fits her blonde hair, she made an updo with. Both of the girls smile and I can’t help but smile too. I’m already happy I made myself ask Sophia out.

In the bus, Jake and Emma sit at the seat in front of me and Sophia. Even if we had the weird silence on our way home from the Inn at Monday, now is a completely different atmosphere. We’re having a casual talk, about how she started here, on this high school. I want to approach her why she isn’t hanging out with the girls from her own class, but decides it’s too early. Jake turns around in his seat, saying we’re going off next stop. Sophia and I Nod.

At the cinema, Jake fiddles up 4 tickets from his pocket. “THE NOTEBOOK” is written on them. I’ve never heard about the movie, hopefully it isn’t a too romantic movie.

Boy was I wrong. The movie was about a poor but passionate man, falling in love with a rich woman, but gets separated by their social differences. I guess Sophia liked the movie, and it wasn’t THAT bad either. Though, I think I caught a glimpse of Jake and Emma holding hands at one point, though I’m not sure. Sophia says she’s starving the moment we get outside the cinema. Emma says she wants to go to the park. Jake whispers to me and even if I only catch a few of the words he’s saying, I get the message. I tell them I’d like to treat Sophia at a nearby restaurant, then they can go and have some fun at the park, and we could meet here in an hour and a half. Emma and Sophia agree, and all of a sudden Sophia seems eager to get away from Jake and Emma. I wink at Jake one last time before Sophia and I head for the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant we get located to a table for 2 and a bouquet of flowers. I think again, why we had chosen a romantic restaurant, not that there’s anything bad about being alone with Sophia. And I started liking our friendship. When she said she was hungry, she wasn’t kidding, she ate at least twice as much as me, though I didn’t bother to say anything. Hopefully Jake and Emma are having a good time, alone. I think Emma is just as happy being a bit away from Sophia, as Sophia is, being away from Emma. They’re always together, except for classes. Finally I get the guts to ask why she’s never doing anything with the girls from her own class. She tells me she’s a very timid, of being rejected. And she’s been like that since elementary school. She asks me why I only hang out with Jake. She got me on that one; maybe we’re not that different. I tell her that Jake and I go way back, we were best friends in elementary school, and we’ve kind of just been stuck together ever since. Even if she keeps talking, it’s not about herself; I think I might’ve hit a bad spot, when I asked why she always was with Emma.

I paid the waiter for everything, though Sophia didn’t want me to, but she didn’t have money with her either, so it was inevitable, also she wants to make up for it somehow. It’s very dark the moment we step outside, and we should probably head back for the bus, but Emma and Jake hasn’t returned yet so we head for the park. A bit from the park, we can hear laughter, Emma’s laughter. She’s sitting on a swing, while Jake is pushing her. It would be really sad to interfere, but since they lost track of time, we can’t do anything else. I wave to Jake, and their laughter suddenly drops, Emma gets off the swing, and they both walk towards us. I nudge Jake in his side, but all he does is laugh in response. We get to the bus, but nobody is talking on our way home, although, Emma’s head is resting on Jakes shoulder.

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