The truth is always harsh

The history starts off with 2 best friends fishing, where as one of them (Jake) has fallen in love with a girl from their class. Her name is Emma, and she's quite popular among her fellow students, but mainly hangs out with her friend Sophia. Even though Sophia is a freshman, and you 3 are juniors at the high school.

-This is first time i write in here, and i hope for some nice feedback! - Alcohol will be mentioned and sex is in the context!


2. Chapter 2



We’re sitting in the bus, on our way to the school. We had a week off school, so we both decided to go home. I really hate busses, but it’s the only way to and from school. My mom doesn’t have a car, and I’ve never known my dad, and Jake lives in mid-town, so they don’t need one, but I guess it’s fine anyway, I just get headaches in busses. Jake is sitting quietly besides me, because he knows how I feel about busses. But suddenly he lightens up, and looks towards the front of the bus. It’s a girl coming our way, and Jake seems like he has seen a ghost. The girl smiles our way, and sits down next to another girl, both in our schools uniform. Jake seems relieved all of a sudden, and I get the feeling, that was the girl he was talking about a few days ago.

We get off the bus, though on our way, I think some of the people in the bus were too eager to get outside and the girl next to the one Jake was staring at, fell and hit her knee. Jake quickly seizes the opportunity, to go help and try to talk to the girl he was staring at and, trying to introduce himself, but she was just trying to help her friend, and didn’t hear a single word Jake said. When both girls got up, they quickly turned to Jake. He was in the middle of talking, but suddenly froze. The two girls look surprised, and Jake just kept stuttering. Seems like I’ll have to save him this time. I introduce both me and Jake, and Emma introduces herself and her friend, Sophia. She wasn’t hurt badly, from when she fell, but we all had to hurry, if we want to unpack all of our stuff before we make it to class. Jake and I hurry to our dorm, and the girls hurry to theirs. Jake and I have rooms next to each other, which fits perfectly, as we’ve always been great company for each other. Jake knocks on my door, just as I was about to leave, he just wanted to say thanks for saving him. It was no problem for me; I had a chance to meet new people, which I’ve always been kind of bad at.

The class is easy, I’ve never had any big trouble with homework either. The bell chimes us out, and I notice Jake sitting quiet behind me, looking to his right, at Emma. I can see why he said she’s one of the popular girls, it’s like all the girls swept away to her table, like a magnet. I can see Jake is eager to talk to her again, though he might not have any luck right now, after all, everyone is leaving for the cafeteria. We leave the class too, to get something to eat, before we head home to make our homework, that’s due to tomorrow.
Though halfway down the hallway, we see Sophia running. She smiles at us, and runs past us, into our classroom, maybe to pick up Emma.

Jake and I decide to head down to a local Inn. Seems like Emma has left his thoughts, he starts to ramble again. I’ve never been a very talkative person, but Jake is nothing like that at all, he can talk about anything in ages.

Upon arriving, we see there aren’t a lot of customers. The place is quiet, but still has a really nice and smoothing charm. We both order, and Jake leads into fishing, apparently he hasn’t forgot about the competition we had, he still wants to catch more fish, also he wants to buy a new rod, so he can beat me even easier, but suddenly he freezes, and starts to stutter, he’s looking at the entrance to the Inn. Emma and Sophia had the same idea as us, they both wanted to spend some time at the Inn, and wanted something to eat. I wave at Sophia, since I didn’t get the chance before she left our classroom earlier. She giggles and whispers something to Emma, and then they both approach us, she wanted to introduce herself, since she didn’t really get the chance earlier, at the bus. I ask them if they want to sit with us. I get a deep glance from Jake, and he kicks me under the table, but I just wink at him and laugh. The girls sit down, Emma besides me and Sophia besides Jake. All of a sudden, I seem like the most talkative guy, and Jake the quieter one. And whenever Emma tries to talk to him, he blushes and can’t keep eye-contact with her. I’m also quite curious of, why we didn’t see Sophia in our class. She tells us she’s a freshman, while we’re juniors. Also, Sophia is quiet, so I guess she’s not the most popular girl, like Emma. Maybe that’s why they’re together after school. It’s like me and Jake, more or less.

Time passes by pretty fast, only the lights outside reminds us of our awaiting homework. We all leave together, Emma and Jake talking non-stop; I guess he had overcome his shyness at some point. Sophia and I don’t talk much. I think we both felt out of place. It’s a nice silence though, not the usual awkward silence. We make eye-contact for a split second, but we both look away quickly, I guess we’re not that used to each other yet. It’s kind of nice to walk like this, at night, besides a girl. It’s been a long time since I’ve ever had any girl friends. She bursts out, saying I’m a weird person. We all stop for a moment, Jake laughs, and she said I kept looking at her, but when our eyes met, I quickly looked away. I didn’t notice I was staring at her until this moment, and even worse is, she noticed. Luckily we’re at the school, and we’re going in each direction, so this won’t get any more embarrassing for me. We all take our goodbyes, Emma and Sophia walks to their dorm, Jake and I to ours.

Jake and I talk outside our rooms, he still thinks Sophia’s outbreak was hilarious, but when I told him I didn’t even notice I was staring at her, he got serious all of a sudden. He said the same thing happened to him, when he first noticed Emma, and while on the note, he thanked me, for asking them to sit with us. I said it was weird, for a popular junior like Emma to hang out with a freshman like Sophia. What’s even weirder is, I didn’t even ask why, it’s not like I didn’t have the chance. Anyways, we decide to depart here and do our homework before heading to bed. 

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