The truth is always harsh

The history starts off with 2 best friends fishing, where as one of them (Jake) has fallen in love with a girl from their class. Her name is Emma, and she's quite popular among her fellow students, but mainly hangs out with her friend Sophia. Even though Sophia is a freshman, and you 3 are juniors at the high school.

-This is first time i write in here, and i hope for some nice feedback! - Alcohol will be mentioned and sex is in the context!


1. Chapter 1


Times like these are nice, spending time with Jake, and after all, the vacation is over in a few days. He’s rambling like usually, though he seems more into it this time, maybe because we’re fishing. He likes to compete in that manner, always ready for a competition and grabs the opportunity whenever it arrives. And I agreed to compete, for which of us could catch the most fish by dawn, though the skies are getting kind of dark, and I think Jake noticed too.

We decide to cut the competition and head home to him. His mom is a great cook, and I’m sure she can make a great dinner with the fish we caught; after all, her husband is a fisherman, so I’d be surprised if she didn’t know a few dishes. On our way home, Jake asks an unusual question, he asked if I’ve ever been in love before. I was quite stumbled at first, but I told him nay, and he barely talked afterwards. The rain started falling, so we ran the last couple of metres until we hit his home, it’s a fine house, like an ordinary white house with yellow curtains behind the windows and a little front yard. No animals. I don’t know why though, maybe his dad just doesn’t like dogs or cats.

His mom made a delicious meal, and we got stuffed, even with the small amount of fish we had taken home. We are sitting in his room. It’s not that big, but big enough for both of us. He got a desk with notes written all over it, like things he has to remember. In the beginning of Jake and I’s friendship, he used to forget a lot of stuff, but we fixed it with small notes for him, the room is silent, only with the semi-famous people on the television, trying to not act dumb, but does it anyway. He asked me again, if I had never really been in love. This time the question trembles me more, was it really that big of a deal to him? Anyway, I told him no once more. He started frowning. He is quelling his thoughts, so I ask him what’s on his mind. I can see he feels hesitancy to tell me.

It’s a girl, which he thinks he might be in love with. Her name’s Emma. She’s apparently one of the more popular girls at the high school. Weird how I never noticed her, she must be one of the quiet girls that still hang with the popular ones. Anyway he’s terrified of telling her, and I can see how anxious he was, just to tell me. Funny how I never thought of that, being in love…

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