blood glory

loads of blood fighting gory moments depending .


2. gased

the next morning we woke up we were forced to stand in rowes of 4 20 on each row. there was a big room ahead wheer a few people at a time were sent in and they came choking out. then they were sent to breakfast, i was going into the big  room we could see nothing but darkness then someone oped a hole feom the top and pored gas in it we had knwe that we had to hold our breaths for 30 seconds casue that was aslon the others were in there for. choking and struglling to breath we were now let out we thought we would not make it but we did just in agony and pain. i was scared at this point because we had guns in our hand and peple infront of us people that ahd been the wrong for messing around last night. the sarjant came in and gave them a beating they really did suffer that and now we have to shoot them. jimmy moo and baylee may. they were tied to a metal post by there hads and a piece of white cloth were  sewed to their heart and we had to shoot wright in the center of the cloth. i felt sad having to shoot my friends but if i did not i would be the next one to be shot, 321 then a whistle blew we all picked uo the guns and shot i killed them both right in the center; guilt swam about in my stomach, i stayed after sarjant told me to move but i did not and he understood he gave me a quick nod and walked off. i said a few words and dragged my feet, to my dorm. i cried myself to sleep that night. it felt weird that night without them. no fighting no screaming no nothing but silence. there was only 7 people left now including me, i thought to myself its just life and i will get used to it. that evening mail came for me, from the srajant... what have i done.............. 

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