blood glory

loads of blood fighting gory moments depending .


1. becoming a soilder

i was in the cew to join. i was near the front. i wanted to fight fight back for revenge. my famaily was slaughtered along time ago. i want to kill theses people stabbing them in the head and when done so i will watch the blood pour out and i will scatter its brain out. i shall watch him die in agony just like i watched my parents.  it leads me hear to where i am now going to get drunk and fight till i get what i want. i was now at the front of the line, they gave me a tatty uniform, which had spashes of blood all over it.

i was not shown to a room full of dust and rats. above the wooden rigid floor lay 7 bunk beds. there was many fumilar faces in the room: bailey may jimmy moo and a few more; i was not the only one that had blood splashed all over there uniforms.

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