How to get an F in Class


1. How to get an F in class

Contrary to what teachers think, getting an F in class is no easy ride. You have to bear with many a hardship, work hard and concentrate on things that really matter in your life at this stage. Below are few tips you can follow to achieve this noble task.

Miss as many classes as you possibly can, which I believe is not going to very difficult. When you do have to take class, make sure you are coming late. Bring your breakfast with you to eat in the class, as breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you cannot afford to miss it.

Friends are an important part of academic life, not only are they fun to live with and they help you with assignments, but they are very useful during exams. So always treat them with respect. Greet them, no, hug them when you enter in the classroom.

I understand your need to socialize with peers, and I suggest please feel free to do so. Party hard all night, because all work and no play has a tendency to make Jack a dull boy. Need not worry about your sleep; you can always catch it up in class, as classrooms do provide a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Do not feel bored in class; surf the net on your iPhone, tweet the lame joke your teacher tried to crack, comment on your friends’ photos. I need not tell you what to do as the possibilities are endless. If you have nothing to do, you can always play Angry Birds, but don’t forget to turn down the volume, ‘because I have a feeling your teacher won’t be thrilled to hear the cute little birds chirping as you are!

Everyone knows how important it is for a student to stay updated on current affairs. Spend a good portion of your time to do so. Read the reviews current movies have got, check out the latest song by that artist who really can’t sing (and tweet about it!), and watch the latest episode of your favorite TV shows.

Following these few, albeit difficult, steps will help you get an F in class and a standing ovation from your pals in class!

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