Down With Love

This story is about a young boy named Hazza who's been hurt to many times before and believes he could never fall in love again. Until he met Alice. Then his whole view of the world and love changed.


2. What To Wear

Hazza's POV:

I decided that if I was to go out it wouldn't be by myself. I needed some form of company, and what better way to do it then inviting two of my mates out with me tonight? I called Z first. "Hey dude. What's up?" he answered after the third ring. "Nothing much." I sighed into my Iphone. "Is Lyle with you?" "Duh mate you know he's always with me" He said. Ha that is true. Lyle depends on Z for everything including a home and ride. "So whats up? Why the call?" Z asked a hint of boredom in his voice. "I wanted to see if you and Lyle wanted to head to club Karma with me tonight." I replied. "OF COURSE WE'LL COME!!!" a voice screamed in the background. Z must have put me on speaker phone. "OK I guess we'll come since Lyle wants to." Z said, the smile not hidden from his voice. "We'll meet you there around 7 yeah?" Z asked. "Of course. See you then" I replied before hanging up. With a satisfied sigh, I walked into my closet in search for the perfect outfit.

Alice's POV:

The mall was packed. Streams of people walking with confidence to the stores that they wanted to shop from, while I'm standing in the middle of the mall looking lost. I don't know the first thing about going to a club. I don't know what to wear, or how to look. Hell I don't even know what store to shop in for the damn outfit. Do I go for slutty or cute? I decide to go for the old fashioned way of things. Flip a coin. Head's I do cute, tails I do slutty. I flipped and hoped for cute, but it seems like the universe is against me because of course it lands on tails. I walked into some store named Contagious even though i have no idea why it's called that. It has all kinds of clothes but a huge section for these tight looking short dresses. To tell you the truth, I was kind of excited to see what I'd find. "Hello Miss." this short women with pretty black eyes and red hair walked up to me with a contagious shirt on. "My name is Maggie. Can I help you find something?" she said with a smile. "Ummm, I'm looking for a very sexy dress for this club I want to go to and I don't know what to buy and this is my first time ever being here and I just want to impress someone so I can make a friend and ___" She held her hand up to silence me. "Follow me Hun." she turned around and begin to bee line her way to a rack all the way in the back. She looked at me then turned around again to face the rack. Maggie picked up this very cute grey dress with a very low back line and a halter top half. The dress looked too small and looked like it showed way to much skin. "Now sweetie, you can't wear a bra with this, and I'll help you with everything else. Can I ask what club your going to?" She said looking at me with a kind smile. "Club Karma at 7" I said with a smile of my own. She looked down at her watch. "Oh dear! Then we don't have much time now do we?"

Hazza's POV:

After my shower, I put on some Calvin Klein boxers and I grabbed some black jeans, my vans, and a white button down shirt. To top the whole outfit off, I added a black vest and my lucky watch. KNOCK KNOCK! I ran down the stairs to let Z and Lyle in. Lyle who is younger of us three with green eyes and blond hair, and dimples. He had on a black t-shirts that quoted 'there's enough of me to go around', some  black skinny jeans, and some grey converse. He was able to make any girl swoon with his dimpled smile. Z however rocking a blue shirt, grey jeans, and blue Nike's was the mysterious one of the two. He had Black hair styled to perfection, and grey eyes to kill for. Every time we go out he was always the one to pick up and take home the girls. He was also famous for his one night stands. We get into my 2012 Dodge charger, and headed to Karma hopefully for the times of our lives.


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