Down With Love

This story is about a young boy named Hazza who's been hurt to many times before and believes he could never fall in love again. Until he met Alice. Then his whole view of the world and love changed.


1. Lonely and Lost

Alice's POV:

Is it bad to wish that the summer would go ahead and end? I mean I understand that your suppose to be happy no school, no teachers, no work? Well not me. I actually enjoy school. I miss the loud noise, the work, the teachers. Not your average teen wishes. But hey, I'm 18, just finished my senior year, top of the class, and no friends. At least when I was in school teachers were forced to talk to me and students wanted to work with me for an easy A. Pathetic right? But I accepted it and let it in because I was lonely, and now that the summer is here and I really am lonely.

Hazza's POV:

"Yes Olivia." I sighed for the fifth damn time. "And you'll call me right?" she smiled that stupid grin that I found so cute last night, but that might be from the liquor. "OK I guess I'll be ____" she almost finished but the door 'accidentally' slammed in her face.  I know it was rude but I had no intentions on calling her or ever seeing her again if I could help it. She was pushy, conceded, and just like every other girl I've slept with, beautiful. I slowly walked to the kitchen and sat down in one of the hard ass bar stools. Then that's when I felt it. The loneliness creeping into my bones and I tried hard to fight it but the pain wracked through my body like a million needles piercing my skin. I couldn't stand sitting there and letting this pain go through me. I got up and made my way to the shower. "I have to get my mind off her." I murmured as the water fell over me in waves. Yes her the one who I can't bring myself to say the name of. The one who ripped my heart out and lied to me. The one who was the first I ever loved. I still can't bring myself to say her name. She's the reason why I can't stop bringing home those very pretty brown eyed, brown hair beauty's. The ones who look just like her. But I have to stop doing this. I need to go out tonight for once and not bring anyone home.

Alice's POV:

Dasher. Dasher is probably the only person who I can consider a friend. He's my next door neighbor and 2 years younger than me, but he's as close to a friend as I can get. He has a couple of rules though. We can talk, but not in public. I'm not allowed to call him my friend in public, not even in the yard of our houses. If anyone is to get suspicious about why we speak, I am his tutor. I know it sounds bad but like I said before I'll take what I can get. My uncle wants me to get out of the house today. "I'm sick of seeing your ass moping around here like your not wasting precious daylight. Get out and don't come back until the sun starts setting!" He yelled at me. I grabbed my bag, some shoes, and my wallet and rushed out to my car. I sat there for a second contemplating where I wanted to go. It was around 5 so I mapped out in my head what would be the best thing to do. Shopping and then clubbing. Maybe if I find something to wear, then I would look sexy at the club. So off to the mall I went looking forward to the night to come. 

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