Love finds you when you least expect it.


3. The Day

-Annabelle's POV-




My alarm clock sounded and I woke up to the sound of it. I checked my handphone and the first thing I did was to go on Twitter. One tweet I saw while surfing Twitter made me jump out of the bed almost immediately.


"@1DWhereabouts: The boys are rumoured to have a day off today and they will most likely be spending their day off in London!"


Almost immediately, my mind started making up scenarios of me bumping into any one of the boys, especially Harry, and that was enough to get me ready to set out for the day in less than half an hour. I rushed to my sister, who was still sleeping soundly in the bed, and woke her up eagerly. 


"Wake up! Wake up! We need to leave as soon as we can, my life depends on it!"


I shook my sister until she got out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready, annoyed with my sudden outburst early in the morning. I rushed to my father who was lying in bed reading the newspaper, occasionally eyeing me because of my sudden weird behaviour. I explained to him and as expected, he rolled his eyes at me and went back to reading the newspaper. My father believed that I spent too much of my time on a boy who didn't even know I existed and clearly could not understand how excited I was. I ran all over the hotel room, collecting things that I thought would be important for the whole day as I ran all over the room. I made sure that I brought my camera, the note, and a small present that I had bought for Harry with the hope of meeting him one day. 


"This could be the day. Annabelle, you are finally going to meet Harry Styles!"


I thought to myself as I ran over in my head what I was going to do if I were to meet him. My sister soon came out of the bathroom, all ready and set to go. I took her hand and pulled her out of the hotel room as we bid goodbye to our father. My sister was not a fan but she understood how excited I was. We had run over what we were going to do if we met Harry, she would help me get as many photos of me with him as she could as she had no interest of getting a photo with him. Right now, you must be thinking how come the only person I talk about is Harry when One Direction is clearly made up of five boys? Well, the thing is, I'm not really a Directioner. I loved the boys but Harry was just someone who caught my eye from the very beginning. I loved him as a person and not because he was in One Direction. 


Soon, my sister and I were out of the hotel and braving the cold weather of December. We decided to spend the whole day out in London and also decided to try out looking around the more famous parts of London, hoping that Harry would spend his day in those parts of London. We walked to the bus-stop, from which we took the bus that brought us in to the heart of London, the place I hoped would make my dream of a lifetime come true.

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