Love finds you when you least expect it.


2. London Calling

-Annabelle's POV-


I stared out the window of the train as the trees passed me by. I was on the train going from Birmingham to London. I had gone to Birmingham to meet a friend and hang out with her for a few days and was returning back to London to meet my sister and father, who were probably anticipating my arrival, eager to find out if I had fun with my friend and most importantly to check if I was safe. There was one more hour to go into the journey and I had nothing else to do other than to listen to my music on my iPod. Soon, a small smile crept to my lips as one of my all-time favourite songs started playing.


"I've tried playing it cool, but when I'm looking at you..."


Automatically, I started thinking about the lovely Harry Styles as his solo came on and how cool it would be if I could meet him during my stay in the UK for my holidays. Sadly, I knew it was near impossible for that to happen. I opened up my bag that I was holding in my hands and pulled out a small note from a compartment in it. I smiled to myself as I read it. The note I was reading was a note I brought with me everywhere during my stay in the UK, just in case I bumped into the curly-haired boy. I read through it once, slowly folded it neatly and kept it back into my bag, thinking how foolish I was to have my hopes so high up and how crazy I was to think that I could actually meet a singer from the most famous band in the world and also pass him a note.


Before I knew it, I reached the station in London and got off the train, and sure enough, saw my father and sister waiting for me eagerly. I pulled them into a hug and gave them a small nod with a smile to show that I had fun with my friend in Birmingham. They then led me to the car we had rented and my father drove us back to our hotel. Oh the bustling city of London, how I've missed you so.

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