Love finds you when you least expect it.


6. Goodbye London

-Annabelle's POV-

It's been two days since I met Harry Styles. I had given him my note and gift, which I was really glad about. In my note I had written down a little bit about myself, a message to him telling him why I loved him and how much he means to me and I ended the note with some particulars like my e-mail, twitter username and BBM pin. He hadn't followed me on Twitter, which I was quite sad about because I always heard fans getting follows from Harry after giving him their usernames in person. Maybe he didn't read my note? Even worse, maybe he didn't even care about the note and gift and didn't even bother to take a look at it. The thought of him not giving a single care about my note to him and gift made my heart drop. Maybe he wasn't who I had pictured him to be.

Annabelle, snap out of it. Be thankful you've met him already.

I thought to myself and tried to get my mind off it. I was being foolish, I had my hopes too high and I expected too much from him. I should be thankful that I already got a photo with him and shouldn't be expecting anything more. I mean, he was one of the most famous people in the world, why would he have time for me? I guess there was this small part of me that really hoped that me and Harry Styles could become friends because he really seemed like an amazing and down-to-earth guy. 

My thoughts were interrupted by my sister shaking my shoulder. I was brought back to reality and realised I had been staring at my phone while sitting on the couch in the hotel we were in. We were still in the UK and my sister and I were packing up because we were going to start staying in my Aunt's house in Nottingham for the rest of our stay in the UK. My father was going back home and he was going to leave us with my Aunt. I was really excited about it, seeing I had been waiting for that ever since my Aunt asked me and my sister if we would like to do that at the end of the year. I soon found myself smiling at the thought of staying in Nottingham with my Aunt and Uncle till the New Year's. 

My sister reminded me to start clearing my things and packing up as we were leaving the next day for Nottingham. I got on my feet and started gathering my items and carefully placing them in my luggage. Soon, I had my luggage all zipped up and ready to be brought with me to Nottingham. We were going to spend our last day in London lazing around in the hotel room and making sure we got everything ready for the next day. I put on my headphones and lay down on the bed, closing my eyes, blasting some music into my ears and relaxing. The time I spent in London with my father and sister had been amazing but I was pretty sure a break from the bustling city life in Nottingham was something I quite needed. 

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