Love finds you when you least expect it.


5. Annabelle, what a beautiful name

-Harry's POV-

I got home, still thinking about this girl which I just met. Why was she not leaving my mind? Frustrated that I couldn't get my mind off her, I quickly got out of my skinny jeans and loose shirt and flopped onto my bed in my boxers. I tried shutting my eyes but images of her kept flashing in my mind. What was wrong with me? Seeing that I couldn't get her off my mind, I decided that a quick shower would probably distract me a bit. I jumped up from my bed and grabbed my jeans and shirt, dropping them into my laundry basket as I walked to the bathroom. I got into the shower and sung my lungs out to a Michael Jackson song. The shower did get my mind off her a bit but soon after I got out off the shower, she appeared in my mind again. 


I decided to occupy myself with doing some house chores to get her off my mind. The house needed some cleaning up anyways. As long as I kept myself occupied, I didn't think of her that much. I walked over to my laundry basket after changing into a new set of clothes, picked it up and brought it to the washing machine. I took the clothes in the basket out and started throwing them in to the washing machine. After clearing the laundry basket, I set the washing machine to its usual settings and placed the laundry basket to where it was. I then walked over to the living room and flopped onto the couch, turned the television on and switched through some channels. After finding nothing on the television interesting, I turned the television off and leaned my head back on the back of the couch. Images of my encounter with that girl started flashing into my mind and a smile crept up my face as I remembered her being so shocked and flustered when she saw me. 


Suddenly my eyes shot open. She gave me a letter and small gift bag! How could I forget about that wow good job Harry, I thought to myself. I jumped up from the couch and headed to my car, I had left them in there. I took the gift bag out and scanned the seat for her note. That was when my heart practically stopped for a second. The note was not on the seat of the car and I knew exactly where it was. I ran back into the house, holding onto the gift bag and practically sprinted to the washing machine. I stopped it immediately and pulled out the jeans that I was wearing earlier that day. I put my hand in the back pocket of the jeans an d my heart sank and I felt a lump of wet paper. I had put her note in my back pocket when she gave it to me and totally forgot about it when I put those jeans into the wash. Now I would never know what she wrote to me in that note. It was totally drenched and torn up because of the water in the machine. I put the jeans back in the washing machine and reluctantly turned it back on.


I walked back to the living room, mentally scolding myself for being so blur and careless. I sat down on the couch and opened up the gift bad, which definitely cheered me up. There was a box in the bag and I took it out carefully. I placed the box on the coffee table infront of me as I pulled up the lid of the box and placed the lid next to it. There were the words "Tour survival kit for Harry" written on the lid of the box. When I opened the box and saw its contents, I couldn't help but let out a chuckle. There was a pair of funny glasses, an electric toy kitten, some energy bars, one or two short story books, a mini first aid kit and and envelope. I opened the envelope and saw some foreign money and a note. I pulled the note out of the envelope and started reading it. It read:


"Hi there! If you're reading this it means that you have opened up the box, which I'm really happy about! Okay I know you get a lot of gifts from fans all the time so I decided to be a bit different! I got you a survival kit woohoo! Okay let me explain the importance of each item you will find in this box:

1. The funny glasses are for times you'd like to go out without being noticed by people!

2. The electric toy kitten is for times when you miss your cat, and I know you love cats and once said you'd like to have a cat on the tour bus when the rest of them said they'd like to have dogs so here's a kitten for you! :-)

3. Energy bars to give you energy before you go on stage! (please eat them!)

4. Short story books to occupy yourself when you're bored on the tour bus!

5. A mini first aid kit because you always seem to be getting hurt on stage and I don't want you getting hurt anymore!

6. Lastly, money from my country so you can use it when you come here the next time ;)

I hope you liked this 'survival kit' and found it as fun to look through as it was for me to get it together! I love you Harry don't forget that!

-Annabelle xxx"


I folded the note back to like it was and put it back into the envelope. Annabelle, that was her name. I felt so happy that I got to know her name and wow did she have one beautiful name. I closed the box and carried it with me to my room, where I put it under my bed, so I could take a look at it whenever I wanted to. I opened my wallet and pulled out the polaroid which I had taken with her that day. She looked so beautiful in it. I was so glad she asked me if I wanted one of the pictures. I looked at it for a while, admiring her beauty and put it back into my wallet safely. Luckily I transferred the polaroid picture to my wallet when I was in the car, or else it would've suffered the same fate as the note she gave me. I placed my wallet on my bedside table again and got under my blanket in my bed. I closed my eyes, happy that I met this wonderful girl and now I knew her name. Knowing her name could bring me one step closer to meeting her, even though I had no clue how I was ever going to meet her again. Annabelle, oh how I wish I could see you again.

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