Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


24. Tardy With A Star


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Louis’ POV


I lifted my head up from fiddling with my phone when I noticed the lights turning off and Cat began to introduce the next dance. Wedging myself in between two people, I leaned against the railing to see only the screen at the top of the staircase lit up.


Two silhouettes were outlined against the screen before the two dancers began stepping down the stairs; each stair lit up when they stepped on it.


A spotlight was turned on so everyone could see Laurel and that guy, Josh, making their way down the staircase. Watching Laurel dance with a professional that was at her skill level was very cool; I mean usually she has to dumb things down so I can do it, but seeing her full potential is remarkable.


I winced when Laurel flipped Josh and it looked like he slipped a bit before he lifted Laurel onto the judges table. He helped her down before they began dancing again and then he flipped Laurel over his shoulder.


The dance ended with Laurel pushing Josh across the floor and then he dipped her and finished on one knee. Laurel and Josh stayed in that position while the ballroom cheered; he then lifted her back up and they hugged while Anthony and Cat started their next spiel.


At the end of the night, Kate and Alfie were one of the couples in jeopardy; I hoped he got to stay because he was a pretty cool guy. I know Laurel wanted them to stay because she wanted Kate to have a chance at winning. “The couple that will not be moving to the next week of competition is…Alfie and Kate.”


Laurel and I clapped while they went to talk to Anthony and Cat before they stepped into the middle of the floor for their last dance.


The remaining couples surrounded them on the floor, Laurel being one of the first to hug them both.


After the show ended, I changed out of the clothes and met Laurel in our studio. “So, what dance our we dancing this week?” I asked.


“We have the Argentine tango,” Laurel answered. “The Argentine tango is different from the ballroom tango because instead of arching away from each other we’ll be holding each other close. It’s all about the passion; the love hate relationship between the two dancers.”
I turned away from her, “I hate you.” Then I quickly turned back to Laurel and pulled her close. “I love you. Is that what you mean?”


“You have quite the flare for dramatics, but essentially yes.” Laurel laughed.


Laurel taught me the basics of the Argentine tango and by the time we were almost done, my arms were sore from keeping them in the frame that Laurel deemed good. We stayed in the studio for another hour and a half before calling it a night and parting ways.


While walking to my car, I had to shield my eyes against the camera flashes from the paparazzi standing behind the gates. I quickly got into the car and drove home; once I was home, I put a load of laundry in the machine before getting into the shower.


I rolled my shoulders under the warm water as I tried to soothe my muscles. I just can’t believe that we’re only halfway through the competition and I’m this tired. My joints and muscles ache when I finally lay down and I have never felt older than I do now.


Once out of the shower, I pulled on a pair of pajama pants and sat on the edge of my bed while I towel dried my hair. I draped it over my chair and then dropped face first onto my bed.


Halfway between sleep and consciousness was when my phone decided to start ringing. I groaned as I rolled over and slapped the table, looking for my phone. When my fingers grasped it, I ran my finger over the screen and brought it to my ear. “Hello,” I mumbled.


“Hey,” Eleanor’s voice greeted me.


“What’s up, love?” I asked.


“Just working on some homework,” She answered. “Good job dancing tonight.”


“Thank you,” I smiled faintly. “How are your classes?”


“As good as they can be,” she responded. “You sound tired; don’t work yourself too hard.”


“Well, I have to work hard if I want to win and I definitely want to win.” I told her. “It’s just a lot harder than I imagined.”


“You’re doing great though, you could take a break.” Eleanor said.


I sighed, “Babe, I want to do well and that’s why I’m working so hard.”


“Alright, I’ll let you get some sleep. I’ll be coming back to London Thursday night and I was thinking we could celebrate you making it halfway through the competition.” El informed me.


“Sounds good,” I answered her, desperate for some sleep. “Love you.” She hung up after repeating the sentiment and the phone slipped and landed somewhere on my bed, but I was already falling asleep.




“So the song we have been given this week is Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls.” Laurel told me while we were warming up.


“Sexy,” was my answer.


“That it will be.” She answered. “You’re footwork needs to be very sharp and precise. A main part of the Argentine tango is the footwork between the two dancers. So let’s try and clean up the first pass across the floor.”


I counted in my head while Laurel was counting the steps out loud. The first seven steps were us dancing diagonally while swiveling our hips and our foreheads almost touching. “Around one, two, around three, spin. And down…up.” She did two kicks in between my legs before we stepped forward at the same time; I had stepped on her foot learning this part more times than I care to admit. “Hook, back, up and drag.” Laurel said as I began walking backwards with her holding onto my neck. “That was good. Let’s do it again.”


I sighed, smiling when Laurel gave me a look, before getting ready to start all over again.




“Is it alright if we end practice a little early?” I asked Laurel.


“Yeah, no problem. We’re basically done anyways; let’s just go over this section one more time and then you can leave.” Laurel told me. 


We danced through the section I was having most difficulty with before Laurel called it a night and I left the studio.


I made it home before Eleanor arrived and I had enough time to take a shower and get dressed before I heard Eleanor calling through the house. “I’m upstairs,” I yelled.


Soon enough, I heard her footsteps on the stairs and she appeared in the doorway of my bedroom. “Hi, how was the trip?” I asked.


“It was alright,” El said. “I was sat next to a really friendly woman who was telling me stories about her grandchildren. It was quite entertaining.”


I smiled at her before hugging her and spinning her around. “So what did you want to do tonight?” I questioned.


“I’m not entirely sure, but I was thinking we could go to a club, drink a little and just have some fun. I know you’ve been working hard for this show and I think you deserve a break.” Eleanor explained to me.


“Sounds good,” I replied. “When will you be ready to leave?”


“Give me like fifteen minutes,” El replied before digging in her bag for an outfit.


“I’ll be downstairs,” I told her. I sat myself on my couch and turned on the TV to pass the time until El was ready. Before the fifteen minutes was up Eleanor was coming back down the stairs, ready to leave.


The car took us to Eleanor’s favorite club and within minutes we were in the middle of the floor, dancing with a bunch of other people. I pulled El closer to me, enjoying the feeling of her body close to mine. El was smiling and having a good time, but my head was elsewhere. I could recognize the difference between El’s body against mine and Laurel’s body against mine. And that irritated me.


I shouldn’t notice that Laurel was a better height match for me; that she was just the right size to fit against my body. I just shouldn’t be noticing things about girls that are not my girlfriend.


All I should know is how Eleanor was the right match for me. Ever since I started the competition and began spending more time with Laurel, my thoughts have been all over the place.


And what better way to forget everything than getting drunk.




Water. I needed water.


That was the first coherent thought that ran through my mind when I woke up. Trying to lift up my head was like trying to lift a ten pound weight; a ten pound weight with a pounding headache and a mouth full of sand.


I pushed myself up onto my elbows and attempted to locate my clock, but everything was blurry.


Son of a bitch. How much did I drink last night?


When the clock came into focus, it read two forty-eight. I lay back down before immediately sitting back up.


Shit, shit, shit. I was late, extremely late to rehearsals.


In my haste to get out of bed, I got tangled in my sheets and nearly fell on my face. “Fuck,” I muttered, getting to my feet.


I covered my mouth and ran to the bathroom, making it to the toilet just in time. “Babe, are you alright?” Eleanor asked.


I gave her a thumb up and proceeded to brush my teeth. “Why didn’t you wake me up? I’m late to rehearsal.” I asked her.


Eleanor shrugged, “Well you were drunk and I thought you needed some more sleep.”


“You shouldn’t have decided that for me; I need to be at practice every day.” I said while pulling on some clothes. I picked up my phone and saw a few missed calls and texts from Laurel, asking where I was and if I was alright.


“I’m sorry; I was just trying to help.” El told me.


“I have to go,” I said as I ran out the door and to my car.


By the time I got to the studio, it was a little after three and I was certain Laurel was going to be pissed. And I wasn’t really looking forward to being on her bad side.


When I opened the door to the dance studio, I spotted Laurel and Mason dancing. They both looked at towards the door when it was opened and the smile on Laurel’s face dropped.


And her brother didn’t look thrilled either.

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