Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


29. Siblings With A Star




You all probably hate me for taking forever and a day to upload but it's here!!

I just haven't had time to write and I feel SO bad!!!! 

Taking 6 college courses and working is not the easiest thing, so some things fall through the cracks. Like I'm barely making sure I have clothes to wear everyday, that's where I'm at lol 

I have a few ideas for other non-1D stories, but I want to plan those out so you won't have to wait too long for updates.

I tried to make it as long as possible and I'm going to post the link to the brother's dance in the comments below and this video is what the three of them dance to together. 

If you're still here and reading THANK YOU!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU leave me a comment below!!!



Laurel’s POV


Loud knocking woke me up the next morning.


Half asleep, I put on my robe and made my way to the front door only to find it was my brothers. “You woke me up before my alarm went off,” I grumbled.


“You put your robe on backwards and inside out,” Mason pointed out as he pushed past me and went straight to raid my refrigerator.


“That’s because it is way too early,” I retorted. “Why are you here again?”


Logan raised his eyebrows, “We have to finish rehearsing for the result show later.”


I blinked. “Right,” I said. “Give me like a half hour to get ready and make some coffee in the meantime.” Making my way back to my room I washed my face and got dressed, skipping a shower since I took one last night. I pulled on sweats over my leggings, threw on a jacket and put my hair in a ponytail on my way to my kitchen.


Mason thankfully had made coffee which I had with my cereal. After we all finished breakfast, Mason drove us to the studio.


“Alright so show me your choreo,” I instructed as I began stretching.


Logan pulled up the song on his phone and handed it to me so I could play it for them. They sat next to each other, legs out straight with their arms tangled when Logan nodded at me. I began the music where there was a pause before low music beats started. Their movements made it look like their arms were being weaved together. They laid flat on their backs, each raising one leg up followed by an arm grabbing onto the other’s shoe. This was done with the other foot prior to them sitting up, sliding forward and then doing some more floor work.


While they danced, I could not look away. It was as if Mason was a duplicate of Logan and vice versa; each move was precise and executed perfectly.


I clapped when they finished, “I especially like the caterpillar move in the middle; that could be your signature move. But that was incredible.”


They bro-hugged each other before asking if I had an idea for our trio dance. It took some convincing to get them to see why song choice would be best, but once they caved in, we brainstormed choreography. “The majority of it can be synchronized, but we should have a section that isn’t to break it up a bit.” Mason suggested.


“Let’s start it slow; on the first beat we start to drop down, move and then stand back up to hit on the beat and roll back.” Logan demonstrated.


He showed it to us with the music and I counted off the beats to the next section. “There’s eight hard beats that we have to work with.” We took turns proposing moves and tweaked them until we were all satisfied.


“The hardest thing is going to be the transitions between each set,” Logan pointed out.


“You two should go first since you begin sitting, it’ll be less rushed than trying to fit it in between.” I told them. “Then Mason and I will go and all of us together will be last. We can figure out something to fill the spots separating sets.”


We perfected the routines before getting called to the stage to camera block and work with the lighting crew.


I had to leave my brothers to practice the opening dance with the professionals. Luckily, it was almost completely choreographed, just a couple a things to sort out once all the dancers are together.




I barely got to see Louis between practice, hair, makeup and the craziness that is the half hour before the results show starts. All the stage workers ushered the opening dancers to the floor and instruct us to get in position.


The show starts with the focus on the group of dancers on the main stage before it rests on Max and I on the second stage. As we’re dancing, the wall behind us begins to rise up turning us into not much more than silhouettes. A lift was done in the middle before all five couples danced together, ending as a group.


Once we got the signal that the cameras were off of us and playing highlights from last night’s show we left to change into our respective costumes. Quickly changing, I met back up with Louis in the skybox to watch some results. While I was backstage, Tom Daley and Cher Lloyd were both told they were safe and Cheryl Cole was the first in jeopardy. The show cut to commercial, but told the audience to stay tuned because Nico and Vinz were going to be performing next.


“That was a cool opening dance,” Louis turned to me.


“Thanks, it was pretty fun.” I replied.


Louis nodded, “Are you nervous to dance with your brothers later?”


“Nope,” I shook my head. “I’ve been dancing with them for so long that it’s almost a comfort zone for me. We always have fun even if one of us messes up.”


“I’m definitely looking forward to it,” Louis told me.


“Me too,” Cher popped up behind Louis, making him flinch.


I stood up to hug her, “Congrats, babe! You’re stuck with us for another week.”


“Such a travesty,” she answered drily. “If I were single, I’d never leave, with all these fit guys hanging around.”


I laughed, “It’s just one of the perks of the job.” As I said this I noticed Louis’ hands ball into fists, but was distracted by Cher’s next question.


“Have you ever dated anyone from the show?”


“Me? No, but there have been some show romances. I just think it would be awkward if a breakup were to happen.” I explained. “Not that it’s stopped me from wondering.”


“Oh about who? I need to know this important information,” Cher pried. I just winked at her. “Louis, is our girl talk bothering you? You look ready to shit a brick.”


Looking at him, he did seem perturbed about something. “Everything alright?” I asked.


“Uh, yeah. Just nervous about the results.” Louis muttered.


“If half the people who watched your video voted then there shouldn’t be a problem,” Cher piped up.


“Liked that did you?” Louis grinned.


“Oh you know it,” Cher wiggled her eyebrows. “It used to be Harry that was always getting naked; I guess he passed that on to you.”


Louis pointed at me, “Nah, it was all her.”


“What can I say? I know what girls want.” I shrugged.


We got the signal the show was going back on air so the three of us, plus Cher’s partner Matt, stood at the edge of the skybox to watch Nico and Vinz perform. Three pros danced while they sang and it was a mix of multiple dances styles and so fast paced it was hard to know where to look. But halfway through the performance, Louis and I were told to go backstage and get ready to go on stage to get our results.


“Amazing performance by Nico and Vinz accompanied by our pros,” Cat spoke.


“Now let’s take a look back on what last had in store for Louis, Emma and Max.” Anthony added.


While the video was playing on the screen, we made our way onto the stage and onto our markers. Cat began to speak once the video finished, “Last night all three couples received praise from the judges, but one couple did not get the votes to keep them out of jeopardy.”


“Emma and Josh, last night Carrie-Ann said you have the best lines of the female stars and Bruno added that every step was on point. But did your fans vote to put you through to next week?” Anthony asked.


“Max and Sarah, last night the judges complimented you on your improvement and Len said it was his favorite performance of the night. Did everyone at home agree?” Cat added.


“Louis and Laurel,” Anthony paused as audience members shouted out. Louis wrapped his arms around my waist and I clasped his hands in between mine. I know I told him not to be worried, but I was because you just never know who will get sent home. “You got Bruno all hot and bothered and he called it slick and sexy. Did your fans vote enough to push you to perform next week?”


“The first couple safe is,” Cat waited to keep everyone in suspense before announcing, “Louis and Laurel!”


I threw my hands up as Louis picked me up and spun me around; when he placed me down we hugged and he whispered in my ear, “I guess you really do know what the fans want.” I smiled back at him and stood facing the audience again as the light above our heads went out. Louis kept his hands on my waist, his fingers tapping to a random rhythm as the results for our competitors were announced. Sadly, Emma and Josh were in jeopardy and I say sadly referring mostly to Emma.


“After the break, the fates of more couples will be revealed as well as a performance by a very talented sibling trio.” Cat said to the camera.


“I guess that’s my cue,” I said to Louis.


He kissed my cheek and wished me good luck before walking off the stage and I was frozen for a few seconds.


I shook my head as I walked off to get changed for the performance. In the hallway I ran into Mason and Logan who wore almost identical clothes, it looked like one was the reverse of the other which matched their choreography perfectly. “Hey, I’ll be right out.” I said to them before walking into the changing room. I stripped then pulled on the shorts and shirt for the last choreography with both of my brothers. Then I pulled on the pants for my dance with Mason. The boots were the last item I put on before grabbing a jacket that I would put on later. “Ready?” I asked my brothers.


“Hell yeah,” Logan grinned.


As we walked to the stage, both Mason and Logan complained about getting makeup put on for the show to which I rolled my eyes. “Let’s do this,” Mason declared. We bumped fists with each other, sort of a ritual for us, and they went to the middle of the floor and got ready.


I walked to the other side of the stage where a paper screen was set up. I was going to be dancing behind it, casting a shadow, after Mason and Logan’s performance which gave them both enough time to get to their next position. Once my music started, I was going to break through the screen and dance with Mason.


“Welcome back to the show, ladies and gentlemen.” Cat spoke. “Now we’re going to have a performance from a talented sibling trio.”


“You already know that Laurel Weiss is a fierce competitor, but let’s find out what her brothers had to say about her being our youngest professional dancer ever.” Anthony continued.


Groaning, I covered my eyes fearing what my brothers had said. There were clips of the three of us rehearsing; us actually dancing and when we just messed around with each other. The person off camera asked Mason and Logan what I was like as a child and I braced myself for embarrassing stories to be revealed.


“Annoying,” Mason said seriously. “Nah, she was the happiest child I’ve ever seen. Almost nothing could bring her mood down. I think she started dancing because her body just couldn’t contain all of her energy.”


“Everyone loved her growing up so we had to make sure she didn’t get too big of an ego,” Logan added. After his words a picture of them holding me upside down by my ankles flashed across the screen. “But whatever we dished out she gave right back. How many pranks has she pulled on us?”


Mason shook his head, “Too many, but dad never believed she was behind it.”


I grinned; daddy’s little girl could get away with anything, well almost anything.


The video finished and a spotlight shone on my brothers, sitting back to back in the middle of the dance floor.


When their music faded, the light behind me flashed on and I began to move. “I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed; get along with the voices inside of my head.” I moved my body in a way that used the light and shadows to make me looked possessed. I broke through the screen and snarled at the camera. “You’re trying to save me, stop holding your breath. And you think I’m crazy, yeah, you think I’m crazy.” I pushed at Mason’s chest on the last words and we scowled at each other before it was our cue to dance. “Now, I ain’t much of a poet but I know somebody once told me to seize the moment and don’t squander it.” Eminem rapped.


Mason and I danced through the song and we ended the dance differently than we had planned with him dropping to the ground, after I pretended to knock him out. The camera followed me before panning around the ballroom and focusing on the second stage. This gave me enough time to literally rip off my pants and pull on my blazer, running to the stage and standing in between my brothers.


During the downtime, an instrumental version of our next song was playing.


Let me hear you say hey, Miss Carter.” The screen in front of us lifted. “Say heeey, Miss Carter.” The camera panned up from our feet. “Gimme something.” I mouthed the words and gestured to the camera. On the next beat, we all lowered into a squat and in a few beats, stood back up. “See me up in the club with 50-leven girls, posted in the back diamond fangs in my grill.” We took a few steps before spinning halfway around, and then back the other way, facing forward again with one arm above our heads and the other near our hip.


We went back down into a squat and I licked my finger when Beyoncé sang “grill” and we went into floor work, grinding into the floor on the line, “my eyes sittin’ low”.


And every girl in here gotta look me up and down.” We did exactly what was sang and gave the camera a once over, like it was a person. During the breakdown of the song, we had our backs to the camera for a bit, keeping our bodies loose and sexy. “And tell me how it’s lookin’ babe…and tell me how I’m lookin’ babe.” I brought my hands up my torso while Mason and Logan swooped their arms around, touching my arms. I brought my arms out to the side, then up above my head and back to my middle one at a time.


At the same time, Mason and Logan crouched down, turning their leg in, out and then they were back to standing. “Drop the bass, man, bass get lower; radio say, ‘speed it up’, I just go slower.” We did three hip drops, shaking our arms and stepping in place. “High like treble, puffin’ on them mids, the man ain’t ever seen a booty like this.” We shifted our weight in a slow circle; the boys moving a little lower than me. We raised one arm and dipped, quickly shifting our legs three times and following that by hitting our hips to the right, the front and the left.


On the next bass beat, Mason and Logan raised their hands, rolling their bodies in sync when I had my arms out to the side and fisted my hands. It would like I pulled their chests forward and rolling our bodies.


Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor.” The third beat after the line was when we hit our ending pose and the music stopped.


Mason and Logan trapped me in the middle of a hug as the crowd roared. “Was that amazing or what?” Cat spoke to the camera.


Mason and I took that time to pick Logan up and drag him around the room; I had Logan’s legs while Mason carried Logan under his arms. I lost my grip on Logan’s legs, dropping them to the floor and that caused me to trip over him. Mason joined us on the floor and I looked up and caught Louis’ eye from his perch in the skybox.


I waved at him before a camera caught our sibling antics as the outro before the commercial.


Going backstage, I passed Louis in a hallway. He surprised me by gripping my waist and pulling me to him. I could feel his lips ghosting across my ear as he whispered, “That was fucking hot.”




He let me go as quickly as he grabbed me and walked away, leaving me dazed and confused. That was fucking hot. 

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