Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


10. Results With A Star

Thank you all for being so patient. I finally got my laptop back but I still don't have word so bear with me.  

Plus, I moved into my dorm. I am officially a college student, which is scary as hell. I start classes tomorrow so wish me luck!  

Hope you like! Who's Team Lourel??      


Louis' POV  


"I really hope you don't get voted off the first week," Zayn said. "That would really suck."  


"Don't even say that," I covered my ears with my hands. "You guys voted right?"  


"Hell yeah! I want to see Laurel dance every week." Harry said.  


I smacked the back of his head, "That's my partner your talking about."  


Harry rubbed his head, "So? Do you have feelings for her?" El glared at him.  


I hit him again, "No, I have Eleanor. But I don't want you talking about Laurel like she's a piece of meat."  


He frowned but kept quiet. I sat back and looked out the car window. All the boys were with me along with Eleanor and we were headed to the studio for the result show.  


Once the car parked, we all got out and I kissed El before they headed into the ballroom to find their seats.  


I went to the costume trailer and said hi to the stylists before getting dressed in the clothes from yesterday's performance.  


Tying my tie, I walked over to the hair and makeup trailer. It's weird to say, but after all this time, I'm kind of used to wearing makeup. And that's something I never imagined myself saying.  


"Oh hey Laurel," I waved at her.  


Laurel smiled back at me, "How are you doing?"  


"Pretty good and yourself?" I asked.  


"I can't complain." She said. A stylist was curling her blonde hair into curls that fell down her back.  

As the makeup artist, Rachel, moved on to Laurel, the hair stylist came over to me and began messing with my hair.  


I watched as Rachel began putting makeup on Laurel. First, Rachel darkened Laurel's eyes and put fake eye lashes on. I must have been making a face because Laurel started laughing, "You alright there?"  


"I will never understand how you wear those things," I shook my head.  


Laurel shrugged, "After years of performing, I'm used to it." Rachel handed Laurel  a tube of lip gloss and Laurel added some lip gloss to her already full lips. "Want to try a pair?" she asked.  


"Oh hell no!" I vehemently shook my head.  


"Come on, it's not like they're going to kill you." Laurel said am came closer holding what looked like a caterpillar on a pair of tweezers.  


"No, no way!" I pushed her hand away.  


Laurel pouted, "Please." She stuck out her bottom lip and widened her eyes. Her icy blue eyes looked even bluer since they were framed by dark eyeliner and eyelashes.  


I felt my resolve crumbling under her puppy dog gaze. "Fine," I relented.  


Laurel grinned and told me to close my eyes. I did and within a few seconds I felt her breath against my face. "Now stay still," she instructed. I nodded and she lightly slapped my cheek. "That was not still." She scolded.  


I felt one of her hands cup my face; the combination of her cool breath and hand against my skin made me shiver.  


A few seconds later Laurel was placing the caterpillar on my eyelid and I tried not to cringe because I really don't want tweezers in my eye. Laurel tweaked the eyelashes for a few more seconds until he announced she was finished.  


I opened my eyes and my right eye drooped. "What the hell?! These are like weights for your eyes." I grumbled as I tried to open my eye fully.  


Laurel began to giggle and I glared at her; well I glared as best as I could with one eye being weighed down. "This is not funny," I muttered.  


"Oh but it is ," Laurel laughed. "Now smile." She whipped out her phone and snapped a picture.  


"Delete that now," I said.  


Laurel smirked at me, "I don't think so." And with that she took off running.     Running after her, I chased her through the studio lot, getting strange looks from the people we passed.     "Laurel!" I yelled.  



She turned around and stuck her tongue out at me before taking off at full speed. I groaned and picked up my pace finally gaining on her before grabbing her waist and pulling her against my chest.  


"Delete that photo," I growled into her ear.  


"Never!" she laughed.  


I lifted her off the ground and spun her around. "Give it up," I said, slowing to a stop.  


"In your dreams!" she cried. "I will upload it."  


I laughed at her determination, but nearly dropped her when I heard a cough from behind us.  


Spinning around, I found my four best mates looking at us with amusement and El looking upset. I put Laurel down and noticed her cheeks were pink from running.  


"New look, Lou?" Liam snickered.  


I glared at him, "Now I know how Zayn felt when he was Veronica."  


"Shut up," Zayn muttered. "At least I was a good looking female; you look like half a drag queen."  

"Ha ha ha," I laughed sarcastically.  


"And it's going on Twitter in 3, 2, 1," Laurel counted down and I groaned. I was already questioned about my sexuality and this wasn't going to help the rumors.  


I walked over to El who still looked peeved, "Can you please get this off me?" I begged, pointing to my eye.  


Her gaze softened and she reached toward my eye and tugged the caterpillar off.  


"What are you guys doing back here?" I asked as I wrapped my arms around Eleanor's waist.  


"Exploring," Harry shrugged.  


"All performers please report to the stage," a voice over the loudspeaker announced.  


"That's our cue; go finds your seats because we usually go on soon after the announcement." I said. I kissed Eleanor before trailing after Laurel.  


Once we were backstage, all the dancers were told to get in their spots for the opening performance and all the celebrities were told to go to the skybox.  


I walked up to the sky box and we talked about everything that ha happened for the both of us since we had been on the X-Factor together. We both have had good luck with our careers since then.  


Within a few minutes, the lights went down signaling the start of the show.  


"I wanna dance with somebody..."     As the music played two couples were slowly dancing and doing lifts that looked cool.  


Then they disappeared off stage and a girl and four guys were put in the spotlight and danced as the music sped up.  


Watching all the professionals dance together was amazing; they were perfectly in sync and moved in ways I'd never be able to.  


I leaned forward as I saw Laurel lead a group of dancers from the stage to the front of the dance floor. I watched her transition effortlessly from hip hop to ballroom dancing and back.  


Laurel went up close to the camera before going back to the stage and a guy jumped over her head.  


The music ended and I clapped along with everyone else in the ballroom. I looked down and happened to catch Harry's eye. He pointed at Laurel and mouthed, "Hot."  


I shook my head and left the sky box with the other celebrities to meet up with our partners.  


On the big screen, there was a recap of a few of last night's performances for the first four couples who were going to hear if they were safe or not.  


I went to the room off to the side of the stage and waited for Laurel to join me.  


Laurel entered the room in her outfit from last night and sat next to me on the sofa. I held up my hand and high-fived her, "That was great!"  


"Thanks," she smiled. "Are you nervous?"  


"Not as much as I was last night, but I  really hope we get through to next week." I said.  


"I have faith in both your dancing skills and your fans." She told me.  


"Yeah, I do have pretty amazing fans," I agreed.  


"Did you see the tweets last night?" Laurel asked.  


"No, why?"  


"Apparently they like seeing you shake your ass an can't wait to see more," Laurel said while trying to suppress a laugh.  


"What can I say? They just can't get enough," I wiggled my eyebrows and Laurel rolled her eyes. "Do you have to dance again?"  


Laurel nodded, "Yup. Taio Cruz is performing and I will be dancing then."  


"If it's half as good as the opening, it'll be amazing." I said.  


Laurel looked over at me, "Thanks."  


As I looked at her, a smile crossing her lips, I thought to myself that I wanted to see her smile as much as possible.  


I frowned to myself. I mean that's not a strange thought because I like people smile, but the only person I specifically wanted to make smile was El.  


I shook my head and focused on listening to the results. Three couples were safe and one was in jeopardy.  


Laurel rested her head on my shoulder, so I asked, "What are you thinking about?"  


"Nothing, you just have a comfortable shoulder," she tilted her head and looked at me through her lashes.  


"My shoulder appreciates the compliment," I replied.  


"Smart ass," she muttered.     In the background, I could hear that the show had gone to commercial.  


Laurel pat my knee, "We're up."  


"We are?" I asked.  


"Don't be a scaredy cat." She teased.  


I stuck my tongue out at her, but followed her to the stage where we were positioned on stage next to Kate Winslet and her partner.  


All of a sudden, the lights dimmed and the show was back on air.  


"And we are back with the results of Dancing With The Stars! Up on stage now waiting for their fate is Louis and Laurel with Kate and Sean." Anthony said into a camera.  


Laurel stood in front of me and I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her hands.  


"One couple is safe and the other is in jeopardy." Anthony added.


"The couple who is safe is...," Anthony paused.  


I tightened my grip on Laurel's hands and held my breath as we waited for him to finish his sentence.  


"Louis and Laurel!" he said.  


I let out a breath and hugged Laurel as she spun around with a huge grin. "We made it!" she said into my ear.  


"Unfortunately, that means Kate and Sean are still in jeopardy." Anthony reminded everyone and the light above them turned red.  


"And now let's go up to Cat who is with two couples who already know their fate." Anthony said.  


Laurel and I walked off stage when Kate congratulated us on making it through to the next week. "Good luck," I replied to her.  


Once we got backstage Laurel ran off to the dressing trailer to change.  


I went back up to the skybox where other couples were and after a commercial break, the lights dimmed again.  


Cat and Anthony stood on one of the balconies and Anthony began the introduction, "And now we are happy to have one of  England's talented artists back with his second number-one single on the UK chart. Here he is, Taio Cruz!"  


Taio started singing and it wasn't until the chorus when the dancers came out.  


Laurel and her partner went onto the floor from a spot below the skybox and then walked to the middle with a bit of an attitude.  


Then Laurel bent backwards, nearly in half, and her partner supported her before she righted herself.  


Laurel spun around and the guy lifted her leg so she was in a split with her leg almost over her head. Then the three couples did some fancy footwork, circling each other until all but three dancers were left on the floor. Then another guy joined them before spinning and handing Laurel off to a dancer on the opposite side.  


As if that wasn't complicated enough, each girl then dropped into a split. God that must hurt.  


The next time the dancers entered on the floor, it was only the girls.  


I narrowed my eyes as I saw them dancing around Taio, especially Laurel who was all over him. And he looked way too happy about that which pissed me off.  


Then the male dancers joined before spinning the girls over their shoulders, laying them on the ground and finally ending the dance.  


All I could say after that sexy and sassy performance was that Harry was right; my partner is hot.

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