Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


1. Prologue

“You need more emotion; the tango is a passionate, romantic dance. I need to see it in your face. Let’s try that again,” I instructed.


In sync, we took two steps before he wrapped my arm around his neck and spun me to face him; I hooked my leg around his waist, his left hand gripping the back of my knee. Louis’ right hand gripped the middle of my back as I dragged my hand down his chest before I arched backwards, leaning my head back and stretching my arms behind me. As I came back up, our foreheads touched and my hand rested over his heart.


Louis’ turquoise eyes met my blue ones and I watched as they flickered to my lips and back up to my eyes. He bit his lip and my eyes traveled down his features to his lips and up to meet his eyes once more.



We both leaned in…

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