Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


8. Performing With A Star

Thank you for waiting for thi update, I hope you like it.

The dance they do can be found on YouTube. Just search "roshon and chelsie cha cha" and it should come up. I know it's a son y the wante but just go with it :)

dedicated to Rosiethedirectioner because she got my movie reference :)




Louis' POV


"Please, for the sake of my sanity, tell me we aren't going first," I said to Laurel as we sat next to each other getting our makeup done. 


Do you know how weird it is to be able to say I'm used to sitting in a makeup chair? After all the interviews and TV performances, I am.


"No, we're not going first," Laurel answered. I let out a breath. "We're last."


My eyes shot open, "That's almost as bad as going first!" 


Laurel opened one eye as the makeup artist added makeup to the other, "You need to relax and breathe. We've practiced so much that you know the routine by heart and if you keep freaking out, you'll psyche yourself out and mess up. Deep breaths."


I tried doing as she said and took a few deep breaths as the woman in front of me powdered my face. "I don't understand how you're so calm." I commented, noticing how relaxed the blonde beside me looked.


She shrugged, "I'm used to it, but the first performance can be a bit nerve-wracking."


"A bit?" I let out a humorless laugh. "You could say that."


"Ten minutes until show time!" A set manager called out. 


"Oh my God. Why did I ever agree to this? I'm going to mess up and be humiliated in front of millions of people." I shook my head. "I can't do this."


"Louis!" Laurel shook me. I looked up to see her standing in front of me, her hands on my shoulders. "You are going to be great, I can promise you that. You have worked so hard for this and you won't mess up." I started to shake my head, but she lifted her hands and held my face still. "I promise that I won't let you embarrass yourself, okay?" Laurel moved my head so I nodded along with her. "Let's go get into our places."


Reluctantly, I got out of the chair and followed her through the many halls backstage until we were lined up with the other stars. Max George from my not-so-favorite band, The Wanted, was in front of us and he turned to me. "I don't know why you're even here because much like singing, you can't dance." He sneered.


I opened my mouth to say something back, but Laurel beat me to the punch. "But who has won two Brit awards not to mention countless others and has been on two world tours?" Laurel pretended to think. "Oh, that's right; Louis. So if you want to beat us, you better bring it because if you dance like you sing, you won't be here for long."


Max and I stared at her; he looked astonished while I was amused and relieved. Max turned around and Laurel stuck her tongue out at his back.


"Thanks," I whispered.


"No one messes with my partner," she stated.


"And now, here are our stars!" 


I clutched onto Laurel's arm, "I haven't been this nervous since the X-Factor." 


Laurel shook her head slightly and grasped my hand. Her hand in mine sent warmth up my arm and I felt better knowing she was going to be next to me through this crazy experience. 


We waited until our name was called, the order of the names following the order of performances; so we were called last. 


"Lastly, Louis Tomlinson and his partner Laurel Weiss." the announcer's voice echoed through the ballroom. 


"Smile and wave, just smile and wave." Laurel muttered as we stepped out onto the platform and began descending the staircase. 


I was temporarily blinded by the lights, but managed not trip. Once we were at the bottom we got in the line of partners and waited as the camera moved down the line. When it came to us I rested my head on Laurel's shoulder and wrapped my arms around her waist. At the same time I pulled a weird face and Laurel just waved.




As the night progressed I was becoming more and more restless. For the most part, the stars who have already performed were good. I was worried that I hadn't practiced enough and I would let Laurel down. 


"Ready?" Laurel asked. 


"For what?" I raised my eyebrows. 


"It's our turn to perform," Laurel explained. 


"Oh, right." I shook my head.


"Follow me," she held out her hand. I took it and she led me backstage to the room the camera would cut too before they played the video package we had made. 


We got into position and the cameraman said he would signal us when we were on air. "What do you want to do?" Laurel asked.


"Let's wing it," I suggested.


"Sounds good to me," she shrugged.


"In 5, 4, 3, 2...," the cameraman counted down before signaling. 


"And for the last dance of the night please welcome singer, Louis Tomlinson!" the host, Anthony McPartlin announced. Laurel had been standing with her hands on her hips so I got behind her and loope my arms through hers. I messed with the bottom of Laurel's dress, fluffing the tutu before tickling her sides.


The cameraman signaled us again letting us know that the camera was no longer filming. Laurel then dragged me back through the halls and onto the stage. The audience was focused on the screen playing the video package to notice us on the stage.


I sat on the couch where I started the dance and tried shaking out my arms to calm myself down. Laurel put her hands on my shoulders and slightly massaged them. "Breathe Louis, you're going to be fine." Laurel said. "Look, all your friends are here to support you." I looked up and saw my four band mates along with Perrie and Eleanor. The boys gave me reassuring nods and thumbs up while Eleanor looked slightly peeved. 


Not entirely sure why, but I hope her anger isn't directed at me. 


Laurel released my shoulders as the video faded and we both got into our starting positions. "Dancing the cha-cha-cha, Louis Tomlinson and his partner, Laurel Weiss." The announcer said. 


The beginning notes sounded and I could hear Laurel's voice in my head counting off the steps. At the right moment I did the hip thrust and the crowd went wild. We cha-cha'd and I pulled her back toward me before she dropped into a split.


I picked her back up and after we did a body roll we went into a series of complicated arm movements into where she stood in front of me and she whipped her head side to side. I had to resist the urge to cough because the ends of her hair ended up in my mouth.


We did the next set of sets in sync before I did a double spin followed by Laurel doing a set of turns as we danced together. I still don't understand how she does so many and never gets dizzy. 


The next section was difficult because it involved swiveling my hips. While our hands were interlocked Laurel did the swivel steps in a half circle before we did the steps in a line back to the stage. 


I couldn't help but smile once we finished because I cannot even begin to count how many times I've tripped over my own two feet. 


The last note sounded and I fell backward onto the couch as Laurel walked around it. As soon as the music ended, the ballroom was filled with applause. I stood up and Laurel launched herself into my arms. "You were amazing!" She yelled into my ear. 


We walked down next to Anthony and waited for the judges to give us their thoughts.


"I love the way you kept the footwork laser sharp was incredible!" Bruno said. 


"Yeah!" Laurel grinned and hugged me from the side.


"Carrie Ann, what did you think?" Anthony asked.


"That was the coolest cha-cha I've ever seen. I love the youthful and cool flavor; good work and keep it up." she said.


"Well the performance factor was very high, but the technical factor was quite low." Len said and the ballroom booed. Next to me Laurel was shaking her head in disagreement and I could hear my band mates booing the loudest. "But I'm sure you're going to develop into a better dancer." Len finished. 


"Alright, head up for your scores." Anthony told us. 


"You did a great job," Laurel said as she took my hand and we walked up to the skybox. 


I smiled at her, "Thanks. By the way, your hair doesn't taste that great." 


"What?" she laughed. 


"You're hair ended up in my mouth while we were dancing." I explained. She nodded in understanding and we waited with Cat Deely for our scores.


The cameraman signaled us and Cat began talking to us. "How was it performing for the first time?" she asked me. 


"I was so nervous I was about to pee my pants," I answered honestly. "But it was an amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again."


"Brilliant," Cat smiled. "And Laurel, how is it working with a member of an international boyband?"


"I wasn't too sure at first, but he's really down to earth and really nice. He messed around a bit, but it just makes practicing more enjoyable. I really couldn't ask for a better partner." Laurel responded. 


"That's sweet. Well good luck to you both and let's get your scores." Cat said.


"The judges have their scores. Carrie Ann Inaba." the announcer said.


"Eight." she held up the paddle. Laurel shouted and pumped her fist in the air. 


"Len Goodmen."


"Seven." I nodded and Laurel pat my back.


"Bruno Tonioli." 




"Whoo!" Laurel and I cheered. 


"A score of twenty-three; a:are you happy with those scores?" Cat asked.


"Absolutely! I'm thrilled." I smiled so hard my cheeks were beginning to hurt. 


"No matter the score they still need your votes to survive elimination. Call, text or tweet to vote for your favorite."


We went back down to the dance floor for the final part of the show before we went off the air. Friends and family came out onto the floor I congratulate the dancers and I was tackled into a hug by my four best friends. 


"Who knew you could actually dance?" Harry joked. 


"That was incredible, mate." Liam slapped me on the back. 


"Good job, babe." Eleanor came up to me and gave me a kiss. We pulled apart and I saw her glaring at someone. I turned to see Laurel turning away to hug her brothers. 


Must be a girl thing. 


"Do you guys want to go out to eat?" I asked my group. They all nodded and I turned to Laurel. "You're welcome to join us." 


Laurel turned to her family and her dad told her to go. "Come by tomorrow and we can all get breakfast." She told them. She gave each of them another hug before we headed backstage to take off our outfits. 


"I knew you would be fine," Laurel smirked. 


"Yeah, yeah. You must be some sort of genius." I quipped. 


"I know I'm a genius."



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