Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


22. Paso Doble With A Star

A much faster update than last time so I hope you enjoy!

Congrats to the boys for winning some Brits!!! I loved Harry running onto the stage late cause he was peeing and then asking what they won. Precious.

Whoever can guess what Laurel has planned for the video will get the next chapter dedicated to them ;)

Hope you like the Lourel moments and you got a look at Louis' thoughts

Leave a comment! Tell me what you like, didn't like or what you think should happen.




Louis’ POV


“Hey—whoa! Uh, should I come back?”


I was lying on the ground when I heard Kate’s voice and turned to look, seeing her in the doorway with a confused expression. “No, you can come in.” I told her.


“What exactly is going on?” She asked warily.


Laurel huffed from her position straddling my chest and looked down at me. “Would you like to explain?”


“Not particularly.”


Laurel looked at Kate and explained how she ended up on top of me. We had finished the routine and when she wasn’t paying attention I rolled from my back onto my stomach and put my hands on the back of her knees and pushed forward so her knees buckled. I’ll admit it wasn’t my best idea because when she landed, all the air in my lungs was pushed out.


But it was worth it watching her squirm, trying to get off, but I kept my hands on her legs to keep her in place.


“And he won’t let go,” I heard when I tuned back into the conversation.


“You guys are like little kids,” Kate said.


“Thanks,” Laurel and I said in unison.


Kate shook her head, “Are you ready for lunch?”


“Definitely,” Laurel said.


She leaned to one side and tried to crawl off me, but I kept holding on. Laurel did an army crawl forward and I rolled onto my side trying to not let her get away.


“You’re pulling my pants down!” Laurel cried.


I hugged the bottom of her legs and noticed that her sweats were falling. “Stop struggling and that wouldn’t be a problem.” I told her.


“But I want to eat,” she growled as she finally escaped my grip. “You suck.” Laurel added as she stood and pulled up her pants.


“Nice shorts,” I commented.


“I’m not wearing shorts; that would be my underwear.” Laurel informed me.


I scratched the back of my neck, “Oh…sorry about that.”


Laurel shook her head, “Let’s go eat.”


The three of us walked out of the studio and towards the kitchen where a few others were already eating. I grabbed my lunch from the refrigerator and handed Laurel’s to her. We sat down at the table and Kate and Laurel talked while I tucked in.


My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out to see a text from Eleanor; she was back at school In Manchester and I was missing her.


I replied to the text and proceeded to finish my sandwich and when I looked at Laurel she was already finished and eating an apple. “Can I have a slice?” I asked. Laurel nodded and I stole one from the bag in front of her. I reached over to steal another one, but froze when she stared me down. I smiled and she raised an eyebrow before turning away.


Twenty minutes later, Laurel and I went back to the studio to put the finishing touches on the routine.




I looked at my phone which was ringing again and dropped Laurel’s hand to go pick it up. “That’s like the third time it has rung today; is everything okay?” Laurel asked,


I shrugged and looked at the caller I.D. and picking it up. “Hey babe.”


“Hi, how are you?” Eleanor said.


“Is everything okay?” I asked.


“Everything’s fine,” Eleanor replied. “Why?”


“You’ve called a couple of times and I was just worried.” I answered.


“I just wanted to see how you were doing.” El said.


I’m doing the same as I was an hour ago, I thought. “Still rehearsing,” I told her.


I must admit, I’m a bit confused. Even when I was away on tour she would only call me once a day and now this is her third call in a short period of time and we weren’t that far apart. “Oh, alright.” She said. “I’ll talk to you later then.”


“Yeah, sounds good.” I told her.


“I love you.”


“Love you too. Bye.”


I hung up and dropped the phone onto my bag and walked back to Laurel. “Everything good?” Laurel asked.


“Yeah,” I slowly said.


“You don’t sound too sure about that.” Laurel tilted her head.


I shook my head, “Yeah, I’m sure.”


Laurel pursed her lips, but accepted my answer. “We have camera blocking and the final rehearsal in an hour and then the show a few hours later.”


I held my hand out to her, “Let’s do this.”


She put her hand in mine, “Let’s.”




I licked my lips when Laurel stepped out of her trailer and headed towards me.


The entire dress was black, the torso and sleeves were sheer with beads scattered across it. The beading went from her waist, up the center of her stomach, decorating her chest and wrapping around her neck. Her legs seemed longer and tanner as they were framed by the long black skirt.


“You look amazing,” I told her.


Laurel’s cheeks flushed pink before thanking me. I motioned for her to lead the way into the studio and regretted the action almost immediately when I saw her bare back under the sheer black fabric of the dress. I swallowed thickly as it was that moment that I realized the only thing covering her was the beading on the dress.


I shook my head to try to clear my head of wandering thoughts when my phone rang. “For the love of God,” I grumbled to myself as I pulled out my phone and saw it was Eleanor.


I was feeling guilty and frustrated all at the same time.


Guilty because it felt like I was cheating on Eleanor for having these thoughts about Laurel.


And I felt frustrated because Eleanor was beginning to get on my nerves and I’m not sure why.


“Lou?” I lifted my head to see Laurel a few feet ahead of me. “Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I’ll meet you inside. I have to take this.” I waved her on. I hit answer and greeted Eleanor. “I can’t talk right now babe, we’re getting ready for the show.”


“Oh, okay.” She sounded put out. “I’ll call you later then?”


“How about I call you after the show?” I suggested.


“Fine, good luck tonight.” El said.


“Thanks,” I replied.


I powered my phone down and trekked into the building quickly finding my partner. “You know, I’ve been thinking.” Laurel said as I sat beside her.


“I thought I smelt something burning,” I teased her.


“Fine then I won’t tell you.” She pouted.


“Tell me,” I smiled.


She sniffed in indifference, “I don’t think I will.”


I put my finger under her chin and turned her head so she was looking at me. “Pretty please,” I gave her the puppy dog look.


I could see her resolve crumbling and she stuck out her tongue. “Well, I was thinking that to encourage your fans to vote we could put out a short video every week.” Laurel suggested.


“I’m intrigued. What kind of video?” I asked.


“Anything really,” Laurel shrugged. “It could be a dance, sneak peeks or us being random; whatever you want to do.”


“Let’s do it,” I agreed. “Are we doing one this week?”


“I mean we could do one after the show,” she said.


“Sounds good to me. But what to do?”


Laurel smirked, “I have a great idea.”


“Should I be afraid? What is it?” I questioned. The stage manager came to gather everyone to line up for the show. “Wait; tell me what you have planned.”


“We have a show to get to,” Laurel grinned mischievously and walked away.


I was preoccupied with trying to figure out what Laurel had planned and pestering her to tell me that I was shocked when it was announced that it was our turn to perform.


“C’mon, just tell me.” I trailed after her.


“You need to focus,” she scolded.


“How can I focus if you won’t tell me anything?” I countered.


“It’ll just be a dance, nothing to worry about.” She implored. “Now let’s get into position.”


My mind was slightly at ease as I stood face to face with Laurel as the video package played on the screen behind me.


I straightened out my jacket as the guy announced our names and the dance we were doing. The music started and Laurel and I raised our arms in unison before I put my hands on her waist. She in turn put hers on my neck before I removed them and we stepped away from each other.


Laurel walked down the stairs and across the floor, her skirt and hair flowing out behind her. I ran to her and she turned around before kicking her legs, stepping forward as I stepped backwards. To be honest, I was not thrilled about this part in the routine, mainly because Laurel’s foot was about a centimeter away from my face the first time we tried it.


We took three steps forward before taking three steps back. After, she spun around, facing me again to take steps in a semi-circle keeping our arms in a matador-like position. We linked hands again so I could help her do what she called an illusion turn, if I’m not mistaken which is quite possible.


More steps were done until Laurel hands were on my chest to push me backwards. Laurel spun past me before I grabbed her hands and we danced into the corner of the dance floor. Her hands came up to my neck, cupping my face and I looked into her bright blue eyes as I ripped her hands off me and threw them back. I reached my hand above my head where she gripped it and I spun her around to where she was standing behind me, one hand on my wrist and the other on my shoulder. Laurel twirled again and we crossed the floor diagonally.
I did as Laurel told me during practice and kept my hip glued to hers as we spun in an arc, lifting our arms above our head as we turned.


Laurel and I stepped apart, reaching to the side before coming together once more, Laurel’s hands resting on my waist, eyes blazing with passion as she looked into mine. She pushed me away and I jumped, feeling silly as Laurel bent backwards. I ran behind her and when she stood up we gripped each other’s hands dancing to the middle until she pushed me forward and I landed on the floor.


The room erupted into cheers and clapping and Laurel hugged me tightly, “That was so good.”


I looked around to see everyone giving us a standing ovation. Laurel was smiling at me and suddenly my day was looking up.

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