Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


3. Meeting With A Star

Laurel’s POV


“Aren’t you excited to see who you’re partnered with?!” Kate bounced up and down in excitement.


“Yes, but I can control myself, unlike you.” I laughed. She slapped my arm, trying to look angry at me, but failing. “Who do you want to be your partner?”


We were just told who the celebrities for this season were and Kate hasn’t calmed down since. For the guys, there was Sean Connery, Nick Grimshaw, Louis Tomlinson, Max George, Tom Daley and Alfie Deyes; for the women, there was Emma Watson, Cher Lloyd, Adele, Olympic medalist Jade Jones, Kate Winslet and Cheryl Cole.


Personally, I was really excited to be competing with Alfie; he was one of my favorite people on YouTube. And I know he’s probably going to have a major fan girl moment when he finds out he’ll be competing with Louis.


Kate grinned as she thought, “Someone cute; oh I know! Louis Tomlinson!”


“He has a girlfriend, you know that right?”


“Still, I’d love to dance with him; he is really good looking. And his biceps are huge!” Kate got a faraway look in her eyes as she daydreamed about him. “Who do you want?”


“Someone who’s a fast learner; Josh hasn’t stopped reminding me that he won last year. It’s really starting to piss me off.” I shrugged. “I mean my partner and I came in third place; it’s not like Josh was that much better than us.”


Kate rolled her eyes, “He’s just mad because you still refuse to go out with him.”


“I won’t go out with him because he’s a jackass.” I said.


“You have never said anything truer,” Kate laughed.


“Everybody listen up!” Dave clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention. “I will be assigning you a studio that will be yours for the rest of the season. Once all of the dancer’s are in the dancers are in their respective studios, we will be sending your partners in. When you meet your partners, you can do whatever you see fit.”


Dave began calling out names and next to me Kate was about to burst. “Kate, you’re in studio 10.” Dave called out. “In studio 11 will be Laurel.”


“This will be fun; we’re right next door to each other all season long.” Kate clapped her hands.


“And Josh, you’ll be in studio 12,” Dave said and I groaned. Fantastic; now he gets to annoy me every second of every day. I looked over at him and he was already looking at me with a smirk that I’d really like to wipe off his face.


Kate looked over my shoulder and saw him smirking; she rolled her eyes before linking her arm with mine. “Forget him, I’ll be right next door and if need be, I can kick his ass.” She chirped.


I grinned and being the strange people we are, we skipped down the hallways until we reached studios 10 and 11. Before we went into our studios I pulled her in for a hug. “I hope you get a good partner!”


“You too!” she smiled.


As I walked into the room, I noticed a cameraman sitting in the corner. “Hey Mark,” I waved and he looked up with a smile. Each couple had a camera-person who would film rehearsals which would then be made into a package that played before we performed. Last season, Mark was my cameraman and I guess I was lucky enough to get him again. It’s really awkward being filmed by random people, but Mark and I had become fast friends, so the awkwardness faded quite quickly.


“How are you?” Mark asked.


“Nervous, but excited.” I answered.


“Don’t worry; you’ll do great, you always do.” Mark said with a smile. If anyone knew how nervous I got, it was him. Before my first show last season, I was shaking so much that I resembled a trembling leaf. “You have a good partner, too.”


I looked at him confused, “How do you already know who my partner is?”


He shrugged, “It was on our assignment sheets.”


“Tell me!”


“Nope; he’s going to be here in 10 minutes anyways.” Mark answered.


It got quiet; Mark was tapping away on his phone and I was bored. No matter what, I couldn’t stay still for a long period of time; I had to keep moving.


I pulled out my phone and searched through my songs for something to listen to. When I pressed play the sounds of Whip My Hair filled the room. Mark looked at me with his eyebrows raised, “What? You can’t say you’ve never danced to this song.”


Standing up, I danced randomly until a certain point in the song where I actually tried to dance. A lot of people don’t think that ballroom dancers danced hip hop, but I actually learned how to hip hop dance first; even though after years of training to become a ballroom dance, I always would go back to hip hop in my spare time. The song ended and Mark began clapping; I took a bow before lying down on the floor. “Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week,” I joked.


I stayed in that position until I heard a knock at the door; I got up and straightened my shirt as Mark picked up his camera and turned it on to record our first meeting.


Mark nodded at me and I opened the door to find a pair of cerulean eyes looking back at me. “Hi, I’m Louis,” he said.


“I’m Laurel,” I told him and opened my arms for a hug. Louis stepped closer and we briefly hugged each other before he walked into the studio. “I thought it would be a good idea to get to know each other before we start to practice.”


“Sounds good to me,” Louis grinned.


I sat on the ground with my legs criss-crossed and patted the ground next to me, “Sit.” He sat down across from me and stared at me. “Well, tell me about yourself.” I gestured.


“Uh…my name is Louis Tomlinson and I’m in One Direction,” Louis said slowly.


I raised my eyebrows, “I meant tell me something I couldn’t figure out from Google.” I rolled my eyes at him.


“Shut up, I’m not good under pressure!” Louis flapped his hands. Then his eyes opened wide, “I know! Let’s play a game. We each have 30 seconds to ask as many questions as possible and whoever answers the most wins.”


“Alright, you ask first,” I said; he pulled out his phone and set the timer for thirty seconds.


“Favorite food?” he asked and started the timer.


“Ice cream.”


“Favorite animal?”




“Have you ever had braces?”


I shook my head, “Nope.”


“Any pets?”


“A shark.”


“Wait, what?”


“I was kidding.” Louis shook his head at me.


“Favorite restaurant?”




“All time favorite song?”


“I Love Rock ‘n Roll.”


“Favorite Disney movie?”


“How to Train Your Dragon.”


“How old are you?”




“Do you have any siblings?”


“Two brothers.”


“Besides me, obviously, who is your favorite celebrity on the show?”


“It’s a tie between Alfie, Tom and Sean Connery.”


Louis opened his mouth to ask another question, but the timer went off. I punched my fist in the air, “Oh yeah, ten questions! Beat that!”


“Hah! I can beat that without a problem.” Louis boasted.


“If you say so,” I answered with my finger hovering over the start button. “Favorite color?” I pressed the button.




“Favorite pizza topping?”




“Favorite TV show?”




“Do you have any siblings?”


“Five younger sisters.”


“Favorite band?”


“The Fray.”


“Favorite sport?”




“London or New York?




“Where’s the one place you haven’t visited that you want to?”




Before I could ask him another question, the buzzer went off. Louis was holding up eight fingers, one for each of the questions he had answered. “I think that means I won,” I smirked at him.


“Beginner’s luck,” he mumbled.


I laughed, “Whatever you say. And now that we know more about each other, let’s get started. Today we’ll work on stretches and some conditioning; tomorrow we will start learning the first routine.”


“Let’s do it,” Louis said confidently.

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