Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


18. Lifts With A Star

Happy Birthday to Louis!!!

I can't believe he's 22 and tomorrow is Christmas!!

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I love you all so much!!!



~~Louis’ POV


I was about to pee my pants.


There was only four couples left, including Laurel and I, that had yet to find out if we were safe or not. And two of the four left were going to be in jeopardy and one was going home. That could be us no matter how badly I didn’t want it to be us.


“And the next couple safe is…David and Taylor.”


Sucking in a breath, I squeezed Laurel’s waist tighter and she tightened her grip on my hands.


“The next couple that is through to compete next week is,” Anthony paused. “Louis and Laurel!”


Simultaneously, we let out the breath we were holding and she turned around and hugged me. “That was close.” She breathed. I let out a short laugh and nodded in agreement.


The show ended after another couple was eliminated and I was soon surrounded by my family and friends. “For a minute there, I was worried I was going to lose the bet,” Zayn clapped my back. I just rolled my eyes at him.


“Nope, we’re sticking around for another week.” Laurel grinned.


“Can’t get rid of us that easily,” I agreed.




I walked into the studio and stopped in my tracks. “Well you look almost as good upside down as you do right side up.” I said. In the middle of the room, Laurel was doing a handstand.


“Good morning,” she said as she took a couple of steps to keep her balance.


I dropped my bag and sat on the floor; it was a minute or so before Laurel stepped out of the handstand and came to sit next to me. “So this week we have contemporary for our dance.” Laurel told me. “Which means a lot of lifts.” I think I might have paled a bit because she asked me if I was alright and I nodded. “The theme this week is the best year of your life. What do you think the best year for you has been?”


I thought about that for a moment, “I would probably have to say it was 2010. That was when we were put together as a band and when everything started for us. Because of that I’ve been able to do so much and I can provide for my family which is something I’ve always dreamed of being able to do.”


Laurel smiled at me, “What song do you want to dance to?”


“Does it have to be slow or fast?” I asked.


“Honestly, it can be either. But try to choose a song that’s somewhere in the middle.” She answered.


“I think Little Things would be good,” I chose.


Laurel nodded, “Sounds good. Would you want the boys to sing it live?”


“That’d be cool.”


Laurel plugged her iPod into the stereo and began playing Little Things. “So your part will most likely be cut out only because you’ll be dancing, but when the boys are here we can discuss that. Later, a contemporary dancer is going to come and teach you some of the techniques that are going to help you with the dance. But for now we’re going to see what kind of lifts we can incorporate into our routine.”


“If you say so,” I replied.


She went to the corner of the room and pulled out a mat and unfolded it on the floor. I stepped on it and it felt pretty soft, so if I did end up dropping her, it shouldn’t hurt. I hope.


“Let’s start off simple.” Laurel stood facing the wall while I faced the mirror; she took my right arm and placed it across her stomach so I was holding on to her right hip. “What you’re going to do is put your hand behind my knee and flip me over.”


“I’m sorry what?” I looked at her.


“It’s really not that hard,” she told me. “I know how to do a flip on my own so you won’t drop me. Just put your hand behind my knee and push me up and over.”


“Shit.” I muttered.


“On three; one, two, three.” She counted down and she jumped as I pushed her up and over the arm that was across her stomach. “See, not so hard.” Laurel said as she landed.


“Says you.” I retorted.


“Now the next one is similar, but I won’t be flipping. I’m going to hold on to one arm and you’re going to have the other under my knee. I’m going to lean back and kick my leg up before righting myself; I’ll be leaning back to where my head almost touches the ground, so you have to keep your arms tight and unmoving.”


“Fan-fucking-tastic,” I grimaced.


“Don’t worry, I trust you. And you’re strong enough that you can lift me without a problem.” Laurel touched my shoulder.


“Well it doesn’t hurt that you’re so light. But what scares me is that there’s so many things that could go wrong.” I admitted.


“I know, but at least you’re not the one being flipped.” Laurel joked.


I glared at her before smiling because what she said was true. “Let’s do it.”


Laurel wrapped her hands around my arm and I held the back of her knee in my hand. “One, two, three.” She leaned back and at the same time kicked her leg straight up and before I could even blink, she landed right side up.


“The next one is just a bit more difficult. Lay down and I’ll show you what you have to do.” I lie on my back and put my feet in the air like she told me to. “What I’m going to do is lift my legs and put them on your hips so just my shoulders are on the ground.”


“Whoa.” I said as she grabbed my feet and pulled so my knees were on the side of her hips.


“Then you will push up on my thighs and lift me up.” I nearly jumped as she put her hands on the tops of my legs, a little closer then I would’ve liked. She removed her hands and I rolled back down so I was lying on the floor again. “Want to try?”


“I suppose,” I said.


We switched positions so I was standing over her head and she made a face at me. She placed her hands under her shoulders and lifted her legs up and placed her knees against my hips. “And lift.” I pressed against her legs as she pushed off the ground and arched her back. I was looking over her shoulder at her in the mirror and I spun around a couple times and I saw her grin. I moved one arm to wrap around her stomach and held her against me as she loosened her legs and slowly moved dropped down the front of my body, her body coming in full contact with mine until her feet were on the floor.


I bit my lip as I held her to me, her small body fitting well against my own. I let out a breath before releasing Laurel and stepping away, her not realizing the thoughts that shouldn’t be going through my mind.


At that moment there was a knock on the door before a man stepped into the room. “Hey Jerry, thanks for coming.” Laurel said as she hugged the guy.


“My pleasure,” he hugged her back.


I narrowed my eyes on his hands that were on her back before they pulled away. “Louis this is Jerry and he’s going to be giving you some tips. Jerry this is my partner, Louis.”


“Nice you meet you mate,” Jerry held his hand out for me to shake.


“You too,” I shook his hand.


“I have an idea for the beginning of the routine and I think it’s going to lean more towards ballet, so I was thinking you could start by teaching him arabesques and turns.” Laurel said to him.


“No problem.” He answered.


Laurel walked away from us and put headphones in before slowly moving to the music in her ears. “So do you know anything about choreography?” Jerry asked me.


“Nope,” I shook my head.


“There’s no specific definition for contemporary dance and it’s always changing. But since Laurel wants it with more ballet style, I’ll show you how to control your body so you won’t lose your balance during the dance.” Jerry explained. “Start by standing on the balls of your feet with your hands above your head and stay like that.”


I followed his instructions and held it until he told me to stop. Next, he had me stand on one leg on my toes and hold that for a minute and then switched legs.


“An arabesque is pretty simple to do,” Jerry said. “You’re going to stand on your good leg and then lift the other as high as you can without dropping your chest. Like so.” I did as he said and wobbled a bit before I steadied myself. “Chest up; keep your leg up as well.”


“Is that even possible?” I asked. Jerry laughed before he pushed my leg up and pulled my shoulders back at the same time. “Yeah, definitely impossible.”


Every time I would lift my leg up, my chest would fall and when I lifted my chest, my leg would fall. I just couldn’t win. “It just takes some practice.” Jerry encouraged.


It was a while before Laurel rejoined us and let me sit on the side while she taught Jerry the parts of the routine she had so far. “Just watch for now and then I’ll teach it to you cause it’s still pretty rough.” She said.


Before I sat down, I went over to the mini fridge in the corner and pulled out a water bottle and an apple. I slid down the wall and bit into the apple as Laurel started to teach Jerry the steps. As I watched, I could feel my stomach drop. There was no way I was going to be able to do this dance and look as good as Jerry does. Granted, I’m not a professional dancer, but still.


I raised my eyebrows as Laurel pulled her sweats off revealing a small pair of shorts. “Do you think it’s possible?” Laurel asked.


“Yeah, it’ll just take him some time.” He answered.


“Take who some time?” I asked, hoping they weren’t talking about me.


“You’re going to be learning the lift we’re about to do,” Laurel said. She walked away from Jerry before turning to face him. “Ready?” Jerry nodded.


Laurel took a few running steps before reaching Jerry and he bent down slightly, his hand on her leg. Her hands were on his shoulders as he pushed her leg up and over his head; Laurel spun in the air and Jerry caught her before spinning.


“You’re insane.” I stated once Jerry had set her down.


“Quite possibly, but that lift is what’s going to set us apart and give us an edge over the other couples.” Laurel said.


“No, what’s going to set us apart is if I’m the only person who drops their partner.” I retorted and tugged my fingers through my hair.


“Hey,” Laurel took her hand in mine. “When learning how to do lifts, falling a few times is inevitable. I’m not saying that you won’t drop me, but you’re not going to hurt me. I trust you, okay?”


The look in her eyes told me that she meant what she said. Even though I might regret this later, I stood up and said, “Let’s do this.”

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