Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


5. Learning With A Star

Alright guys, I want to know if you think the first part when Laurel is teaching Louis to dance is too descriptive or confusing. If it is I can make the future chapters different so they're clearer.

Give me your feedback!

Pretty long so I hope it makes up for the wait, love you all<333



Laurel’s POV



“I’m going to show you the steps that you’re going to be doing first and then I’ll teach it to you,” I told Louis. He nodded and pressed play on the iPod when I told him to and I danced through the song.



I had spent a little more than a day choreographing the routine before I knew who my partner was and I was worried that I would have to change the routine if they couldn’t do it. But now that I know Louis is my partner, I believe that he would be able to learn the steps rather easily. I finished the routine in the final position he would be in and looked up at Louis.



Louis’ eyes were wide, “I’m supposed to do that.”



I laughed, “Yes and you’re going to be able to in two weeks.”



He raised his eyebrows, giving me a look a doubt. “Sure,” he dragged out the word.



“Come here,” I held out my hand.



Louis got up from his seat and walked towards me. “The basic steps for the cha-cha follow the pattern: 2-3-cha-cha-cha. There are two main steps that make up the cha-cha, which would be the rock step and the chasse.” I explained and I looked at him to make sure he understood what I was saying.



“Okay, now to learn the rock step. Step forward with your left foot and put all of your weight on it without moving your right foot; then shift your weight back to your right foot. This happens relatively quickly, step forward on 2 and rock back on 3.” I explained.



I demonstrated the step and Louis followed my movements, perfectly performing the step. “Nice,” I said. “Now the chasse is when you step with one foot, then bring your feet together and take a third step.” I looked over at him and he looked confused; I’m thinking he’s more of a visual learner. “Step out with your left foot, bring your right foot in to meet it and shift your weight to your right foot; then take another step with your left. You’re going to step out on the first cha, in on the second and out again on the third.”



Louis watched my feet and tried doing the steps while muttering, “Cha-cha-cha.” I watched as he stumbled over his feet a bit before recovering and repeating the steps until he did them without messing up.



“Now try it stepping forward with your right foot first,” I instructed. He did as I said, but messed up a couple of times. “Good,” I commented once he did it five times without a problem. “Now we’re going to do it as a couple.”



Taking his hands in my own, I stepped back with my right as he stepped forward with his left. Then we chassed to the side and repeated to the other side.



“Nice, really nice.” I said to him with a smile.



Louis grinned back at me and did a little happy dance, shaking his ass around. “Boo yah!” he yelled and held up his hand for a high five. His happiness was infectious and I couldn’t help, but smile and high five him back.



“The real question is: are you ready to really learn the choreography?” I asked.



“Hell yes,” he simply answered.



“Okay, so we’re going to be starting up on stage, which I’ll explain later. Once we walk down you are going to do a little hip-hop solo,” I said and his eyes widened. “Nothing major, don’t worry you chicken. I will be standing off to the side like this--,” I demonstrated. “And you’re going to do an Usher slide over to me.”



“How do you do that?” Louis asked.



“Cross your right foot over your left and then drag your right across the floor,” I showed him. Louis attempted, but tripped over his foot and fell to the floor. I tried not to laugh, but he look shocked that he was actually on the floor, that I couldn’t hold it in. “Try that again,” I giggled.



Louis did and managed not to trip and fall. “So once you Usher slide over to me, you’re going to take my hands and when I reach your left side, spin me out and stretch your left arm up and out while your right leg is straight and the left leg is bent.” I instructed. I checked his pose in the mirror and frowned. “Not like that.” I moved his arms and legs into the position they were supposed to be. “Hit that pose every time, okay?”



He nodded and we began from the beginning, starting up on the stairs that were in the studio up until we made it to the pose. “Nicely done,” I commented. “Now you’re going to spin me back in.” I said and he did, but a little too hard because I slammed into his chest with an, “Oof!”



Louis broke out into a fit of laughter and I couldn’t help but do the same. “I don’t think that was supposed to happen.” He laughed.



“Not so much,” I smiled. “You don’t need to whip me around, just a gentle spin will do the trick.” I took his hand and had him spin me again, this time not like a hurricane. “Then we’re going to go in opposite directions, circling our hips; you go to the right first and then the left. It’s a circle and hit, circle and hit; make sure to accentuate the end, otherwise it’ll blend together.” I scolded.



Obediently, he repeated the move until I thought he had it down. “Then we’re doing the same thing, but in sync, circling to the left.”



We did the move, but Louis was about 10 feet away from me as we were doing it. I turned to him and he gave me an innocent look, “What? What’d I do?”



“Please tell me that is not how you dance with your girlfriend at a club?”



“No, why do you ask?” he questioned, puzzled.



“Even though it might seem strange to dance with me that closely because I’m not your girlfriend, but Latin dances are hot and sexy and about the chemistry between two partners.” I explained. “So don’t be afraid to get closer to me, I don’t bite.”









“Really, really good job today,” I told Louis after finishing after we finished the first two sections of the dance without any mistakes. “You have the potential of becoming a really good dancer.”



“You serious?” Louis asked.



“Yup; trust me if you sucked, I would tell you.” I said and he laughed.



“Hey, if you’re not busy later, do you want to come by my house? The boys have been bugging me to introduce you to them.” Louis asked hopefully. “And Eleanor and Perrie will be there so you won’t be stuck with us.” He added.



“Sure,” I answered and he smiled at me. “I just need to shower first.”



Louis looked at himself in the mirror, bangs against his forehead with sweat. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.”



“What time should I be there?”



He thought about it for a second before answering. “Uh, 7:30-ish. We’re just going to do some cooking and hang out together.”



I nodded. “Can I bring Kate?”



“Of course,” was his reply. “I’ll see you then.” Louis waved as he left the studio.



Since today was Saturday, and because he was learning so quickly, I decided to end practice early. I gathered my things and left to go see Kate and Alfie. Before I could make it into their studio, I was stopped by Josh.



“Hey babe,” he smirked at me.



“Don’t ‘hey babe’ me. What do you want?” I snapped.



“The same thing as before, a date.” Josh answered, not even fazed by the glare I was sending his way.



I raised my eyebrows, “And like I said before, not going to happen. Not now, not ever.” I went to walk past him, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back towards him.



“Come on babe, don’t be like that.” Josh leaned towards me and I shoved him, causing him to stumble over his own feet.



“Touch me again and I’ll break your hand,” I snarled before entering Kate’s studio.



Alfie and Kate were still practicing and neither noticed me come in, so I slid to the floor while leaning against the wall for support. I pulled out my phone and was playing some games when I heard a bang; I looked up and burst out laughing as I saw Kate on top of Alfie, both on the floor. Kate rolled off of him, trying to stand; Alfie groaned and I winced as her knee hit him in the groin.



“What are you doing?” Kate asked.



“What does it look like? I’m sitting,” I replied.



“Hardy-har-har, my best friend is a comedian.” She stuck her tongue out at me.



I bowed once I was standing, “Thank you, I’ll be here all week.”



“Hey guys, can I get a couple pictures before we leave? My followers have been asking for a vlog, but I think some pictures

will hold them,” Alfie asked us.



“Yes!” I answered enthusiastically.



Kate just shook her head at me and she stood on Alfie’s right while I went on his left. We took three pictures; the first was a normal one, the second we all pulled a funny face and in the third, Kate and I pressed our lips to his cheeks.



“Laurel, what’s your twitter?” he asked.



“It’s @Laurel_Weiss,” I answered and a couple of seconds later my phone notified me that I had a new follower. “Be jealous everyone, Alfie Deyes follows me on Twitter!” I cheered and Alfie laughed.



“He followed me first,” Kate bragged.



“Alfie had to do that based on principle; he followed me willingly.” I retorted.



Before Kate could respond Alfie laughed, “I could get used to girls fighting over me.” Kate and I grinned at each other before crushing him in a hug.



Together, the three of us gathered our things and walked out of the building towards our cars. Alfie bade us goodbye and

hopped into his car; Kate turned to leave, but I caught her arm. “Louis invited me to his house later; apparently he and his friends are having a small party and he said I could bring you. Do you want to come with?” I asked.



“Most definitely,” she said as her eyes lit up.



“Come by my house at seven and after you can stay the night,” I told her and she nodded before walking towards her own car.



I drove back to my flat and as soon as I stepped through the doorway, I dropped my bag on the floor and trudged towards my bathroom.



Quickly, I stripped out of my sweatpants and T-shirt before stepping under the streams to wash away all the sweat from practicing all day.



After about a half hour in the shower, I got out and walked around in my bathrobe and my hair up in a towel. I cranked up the music playing from my iPod and danced around my apartment, making my way into my bedroom.



It may sound weird, but I could stay in my room all day if I had the chance. I had a queen sized bed, decorated with my favorite colors, silver and turquoise. The walls were white decorated with swirling patterns of purple and turquoise and on the ceiling I had silver glitter. My dad had done the same thing with my room when I was younger and I guess I had fallen in love with the look.



The phone began ringing and I stopped the music and picked it up. “Hello?”



“Hey darling, how are you?” I heard my dad’s voice come through the phone.



“I’m doing well how have you been?” I asked him.



“Oh you know, the usual: work and trying to control your crazy brother.” He laughed.



I smiled as I pictured my 16-year old brother, Logan, giving my dad a hard time. Out of the three kids, Logan was definitely the hardest to control; occasionally amusing, but ultimately annoying. “What has he done now?”



“Oh you know, just setting up buckets of water to fall on his teacher,” my dad wearily replied.



“Did he really?” I laughed.



“It’s not funny!” he protested.



I covered my mouth with my hand, “What teacher did he get?”



“Mrs. Winters,” my dad told me and I burst out laughing. I fell onto my bed holding my stomach, I was laughing so hard.



“Come…on,” I choked out. “I bet she deserved it!”



Dad began chuckling and even though I could tell he was trying not to laugh, I could still hear the shake in his voice. “Don’t laugh! It really isn’t funny; he’s lucky he wasn’t suspended.” Dad scolded me, but I continued laughing. “Stop—,” he protested, but soon we both were laughing. I had Mrs. Winters when I was in school and she was the devil’s daughter; she would yell at you if you so much as breathed. Her classes were extremely boring with her monotone voice and I had to pinch myself to stay awake to avoid her wrath. “How have the rehearsals been going?” he asked once we calmed down.



“Really well, actually; Louis’ catching on pretty quickly.” I answered.



“He’s not being too touchy or anything?” he questioned suspiciously.



I slapped my forehead, “Dad, you ask me this every time and it’s always the same answer; no. He’s actually really nice and he has a girlfriend, so there is nothing to worry about.”



“Good,” he replied and I rolled my eyes. Living with three boys took its toll; my dad, obviously, was always protective of me because I’m his little girl. Then having a brother that’s two years older than me meant having another person who was ridiculously protective over me; especially because Mason knew how teenage boys acted as we went to the same school. My younger brother, Logan, even though he was younger than me, he tried to be protective over me. One time when a boy came over to pick me up for a date, Logan interrogated him which led to an extremely awkward car ride.



“You’ll have to come to some performances; I can get tickets for you, Mason and Logan. Just tell me when you guys are available.” I said.



“Sure thing and I want you to know that I’m so proud of you,” Dad told me.



I nodded even though he couldn’t see me, “I know.” The doorbell rang and as I looked at the clock, I realized it was Kate. “I have to go, dad, Kate’s here.” I said. “I love you.”



“Love you too, sweetheart.” He said to me before we hung up.



Quickly, I threw on a shirt and shorts before opening the door and saw Kate grinning at me. “That better not be what you’re wearing over to Louis’ house.” Kate frowned at me.



“Of course not,” I stepped aside to let her in. “I was talking to my dad and lost track of time.” Kate followed me into my room and began searching through my closet. “Yes, help yourself.” I said sarcastically.



After a couple of minutes she tossed an outfit on top of me; I looked down and saw a pair of black liquid leggings and a beige sweater that had an open pattern in the back. I stood up, but was hit in the head with a flying article of clothing. I looked down and saw a tribal patterned bandeau to go under the sweater. Walking into the bathroom, I changed into the designated outfit before applying some makeup.



Once I had put on liner and mascara and messed with my hair, finally deciding to leave it down, I found Kate on my bed reading a magazine. “You ready?” I asked.



She looked towards me, “You bet your ass I’m ready; finally, I get to meet One Direction.”



I smiled back at her, but inside I wasn’t as excited; for some reason I didn’t think tonight was going to be all fun and games. My celebrity partner last year had a girlfriend and she accused me of being a slut and sleeping with him, which wasn’t even remotely true. Louis and Eleanor are perfect for each other and I don’t want to be the one to ruin things for them.

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