Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


15. Hip Shaking With A Star

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Laurel’s POV


“Louis, you’re not focusing!” I pinched the bridge of my nose.


“I’m sorry,” he said. “I just can’t keep a straight face.”


I bit my lip, trying to think of a way to get Louis to focus and embody the sexy persona I need him to. “You honestly can’t tell me you’ve never had to be sexy,” I looked at him.


Louis shook his head, “Not really; I’m the goofy one of the band. Sexy is more Zayn or Harry’s thing.”


“Well, the good news is that you don’t have to be completely sexy for this dance.” I told him. I snapped my fingers, “This time what you’re going to do is be a bit cocky, sassy and sexy. And I do believe you can do that.”


Louis held his hands up and raised his eyebrows at me, “Laurel, please. I am the sass master from Doncaster.”


“All right then, sass master, show me what you’ve got.” I pat his shoulder. “Take it from the body roll.”


“Good! Keep it strong,” I said as his hands were lightly on my hips as I spun. And all of a sudden I was flat on my back with pressure on my torso. “Oof!”


“Oh shit! Are you okay?” Louis asked.


My eyes focused on him as I sucked air into my lungs. “Yeah,” I groaned.


“Well that’s a relief.” Louis commented.


“I’d be a lot better if you got off of me.” I mentioned as I noticed how his body still covered mine.


Louis looked down at me and his eyes widened as if he just realized he was lying on top of me. “Right, sorry.” He scrambled off and held out a hand to help me up. “I don’t know what happened; I think I tripped over your foot.”


I waved him off, “It’s fine. Let’s try it again.”


“I feel so feminine,” Louis commented hours later.


Rolling my eyes, I looked at him reviewing the steps he learned today. “I told you, the bigger you make your movements, the more masculine you are going to look.” I repeated. “When you feel like you’re over exaggerating your movements, you’re doing it right.”


Louis plopped down on the floor next to me, “Why is dancing so hard?”


“It does get easier, I swear.” I smiled at him. “Come on; let’s go grab something to eat. My treat.”


“Sounds good to me,” Louis grabbed his bag and followed me out to the parking lot. “Would you be able to give me a ride home? I was dropped off here this morning.”


“Yeah, no problem.” I said.


The two of us climbed into my car before I drove us to a small diner that I know has really good food. Plus, it wasn’t usually that busy which was good for Louis, since I don’t think he wants to be mobbed while eating.


“What’s good here?” Louis asked, pulling his beanie further down his head.


“The pasta, the burgers and the wraps,” I rattled off. “You really can’t go wrong with the food here.”


Louis pursed his lips and I studied his features as he looked over the menu. The beanie covered his hair with only pieces of his bangs hanging out and his eyebrows furrowed as he tried to decide what to order. I smiled to myself before remembering the promise I made to myself; I had to think of him only as a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.


“I think I’m going to get the deluxe hamburger,” Louis mused. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows, “What? I need the protein if I’m going to keep up with you at practice.”


“True,” I agreed.


“Can I take your order?” The waiter asked when he reached the table.


“I’ll have the deluxe hamburger and an iced tea.” Louis said.


“And you?” the waiter turned to me, smiling.


I smiled back, “I’d like the grilled chicken wrap and a water.”


“Anything for the pretty lady,” he said before walking away.


I scratched the back of my neck, “Well, that was weird.”


“Do you not get a lot of compliments?” Louis asked and I shook my head. “I didn’t think so; you’ve turned red.”


“Shut up,” I covered my cheeks with my hands.


“He’s right,” Louis said and I looked up at him. “You are pretty.” I felt my cheeks flare again. “And I mean that in a totally platonic friend way.”




That kind of ruined the moment.


“Thanks. And even though you hear this every day, you are handsome. And I mean that in a totally platonic friend way.” I repeated his words back to him.


“Thank you darlin’.” Louis said with a Southern accent.


I rolled my eyes at him as the waiter brought us our drinks, “Here you go.”


“Thanks,” Louis and I said in unison.


“So how’s your life going outside of rehearsals?” I asked him.


“Surprisingly, it’s been relatively calm.” Louis admitted. “We did a radio interview the other day and over the next week I have to go to the studio to finish recording some vocals for the new album.”


“Well, I can’t wait to hear it.” I said.


Louis looked at me thoughtfully, “I have a question. Did you like One Direction before we became partners?”


I nodded, “Yeah. I don’t think anyone can really dislike your music, but I couldn’t say that I liked you as a person because I didn’t know you.”


“So you aren’t madly in love with us?” Louis asked hopefully.


“Nope,” I laughed.


“Darn,” Louis snapped his fingers.


“You’re a strange, strange boy,” I commented and Louis retaliated by throwing a balled up napkin at my face. I glared at him as the waiter set the plates of food in front of us. “Well, that was rude considering I was just speaking the truth.”


“Well, it’s not like your normal either.” Louis countered.


I tilted my head, “True.”




“Mason! I’ve got good news!” I called as I walked into my dad’s house.


“What?” he yelled from his room.


“Get your ass down here and I’ll tell you!” I yelled back.


I heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs and my older brother appeared. “What are you yelling about?” Mason grumbled.


“Week six you, Logan and I get to do a hip hop routine on the results show,” I grinned.


“That’s fucking awesome!” Mason high-fived me. “What are we going to do?”


“No clue, but we’ve got three weeks to figure it out.” I pointed out.


“True, but I want this to be really good.” Mason told me.


I sent him a look, “It will be. You’re a great hip hop dancer and so am I, so there’s no reason for it not to be good.”


“Fair point,” he replied. “So what dance do you have this week?”


“Salsa, but Louis is having some trouble with it.” I told him.




“No clue. I think he’s uncomfortable being close with me because of his girlfriend.” I thought out loud.


Mason pursed his lips, “Well I can understand that. At least you know he’s faithful.”


“Yes and while that’s great, it doesn’t help when we’re dancing.” I retorted. Mason nodded. “But whether or not he’s close to me, his girlfriend doesn’t like me.”


“Why not? You are just so loveable,” Mason pinched my cheeks.


I swatted his hand away. “Basically because I’m his dance partner; she told me to stay away from him. Because that’s so easy when I have to see him every day; makes no sense.” I muttered.


“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Mason said. “She’s just jealous ‘cos he’s spending all his time with you and not her. She wouldn’t be this jealous if you were unfortunate looking.”


“Mason! That’s so rude!”


“But true. She wouldn’t be jealous if she didn’t think you were pretty enough for Louis to like.” Mason pointed out.


I shook my head, “Maybe, but I have to go; we have rehearsal in twenty minutes.” I walked towards the door. “Think of a song or two that you want to dance to.” I hugged him and waved goodbye.


While driving to the studio, I thought about what Mason said. Maybe Eleanor did feel threatened, but there was no reason for her to be. Sure, I have a small crush on Louis, but it’s not like I’m actually going to do anything about it. For one, I would get hate from every Directioner across the world and two, I’m not sure I even really have feelings for him. It was probably just a side effect of spending so much time with Louis; his personality was just infectious.


I parked my car, got out and grabbed my bag from the backseat. “Hey Laurel,” a voice called. I looked up to see Kevin, one of the producers.


“Hi, how are you?” I asked and we fell into step on our way to the building.


“Not bad, just trying to plan the show, as usual.” Kevin laughed. “Speaking of which, on the results show this week would you like to choreograph the female professional’s dance?”


“Sure,” I answered immediately.


“Great! I’ll talk to you later.” Kevin waved as he headed to the offices.


I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I walked into the practice studio. “What’s up with you?” Louis asked.


I jumped at the sound of his voice. “I did not see you there,” I said.


“Didn’t mean to startle you,” Louis apologized. “Why are you so smiley?”


“Because I get to choreograph the ladies’ routine for Wednesday,” I grinned.


Louis hugged me, “That’s cool! I can’t wait to see it. What song are you doing?”


“Whoa, slow down. I just found out like two minutes ago, so I have no clue.” I held up my hand.


“But it’s in three days, what are you going to do?” Louis asked.


I shrugged, “Don’t know yet, but it’s going to be sexy and fun. Now back to our dance. I’ve noticed that you are still having an issue connecting to me during the dance. What’s going on?”


“I don’t know, it just feels weird touching you so intimately when we’re friends.” Louis stated. “Plus, I have a girlfriend.”


“You don’t have to be afraid to put your hands on me because we are friends. I’m not looking into it because it’s just a part of the dance. And I know you would never do anything to hurt your girlfriend.” I put my hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes. “When you dance, you don’t have to be yourself. Think of it as a role; pretend you’re a suave guy who’s not afraid to show a girl what he wants.” I shook his shoulders. “Got it?”


Louis nodded, “Got it.”


“Alright, let’s try the beginning of the third section again; keep in mind what I just told you.” I said. Louis nodded. “Five, six, seven, eight, go. Pull me in, dip around, up and stretch. And shake and kick. Good, just like that. Now slide step and drag your hand up my leg and rock.” I smiled as I stepped back before he pulled me close to him. “Now give me sexy.” I said as we shook our hips down and back up, foreheads touching.


“Was that better?” Louis asked when I said stop.


“Yes! That’s what is going to get us a higher score.” I said. “Keep bringing the sex appeal.”

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