Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


23. Grinding With A Star


So I am going to try to update this story every other week since DWTS is back on TV and I want to see if there are any dances that I could use for the story.

The dance Laurel and Josh do will be in the next chapter.

Can you picture Louis doing the grind on me dance? *Fanning myself*

Anyways, let me know what you think and what you want to see, I do take your opinions into consideration!!!



Laurel’s POV


I held onto Louis as we approached the judge’s table for their feedback. I couldn’t get the smile off my face; Louis really did a great job tonight.


Looking around the ballroom, I saw a few people in the balcony waving, so I waved back before turning my attention to the judges.


“Look at the smile on Len Goodman’s face,” Anthony grinned. “Len, you start us off.”


“You said you had to up your game at this point in the competition and that’s what you did; that was one of your best dances,” Len said.


Louis was grinning when I turned to face him and I nudged him in excitement.


“Okay, Bruno.”


“Louis, you had the energy and attack of an untamed young bull.” Louis laughed and I nodded my head; you never knew what Bruno was going to say. “But one little thing, on the Spanish lines, you have to make sure that you keep your shoulders down.”


“Carrie Anne.” Anthony said.


“Well, that was a hard number to live up to because Mel performed the heck out of that number. What was so amazing about Mel when she performed it was that she was in her own power and I think you did exactly the same thing.” Carrie Anne said.


Anthony spoke into the camera, “Louis and Laurel will get their scores after the break.” I had one arm over his shoulder and lifted the other to wrap around Louis’ shoulder. We both smiled into the camera before it cut to commercial.


“Great job,” I hugged Louis as we walked up into the skybox.


“Thanks,” he replied.


“I think you’re turning into a dancer,” I ruffled his hair. Louis ducked out of my reach and fixed his hair. “I’m so proud of you.” I sniffed and chased him around the skybox.


Everyone started laughing as Louis ran away from me, climbing on top of the sofa and dodging behind people. I followed him around the room, almost falling flat on my face a few times before jumping onto his back.


Louis put his hands under my knees and I loosely wrapped my arms around his neck. “Hello.” Louis said, turning his head to look at me.


“Hi,” I replied.


Louis was told to stand in front of the camera and got into position with me still on his back. I slid off his back as Cat spoke to the camera. “And we’re back with Louis and Laurel who got positive reviews from the judges. How does that feel?”


“It always feels good to get told that you’re doing something well and we’ve been working hard this past week so it’s nice to know the hard work paid off.” Louis responded.


“What’s the plan if you get through to next week to the second half of the competition?” She asked.


“Just keep working hard and trying my best.” Louis said, looking at me and I nodded in affirmation.


“Alright well let’s get your scores.”


“Carrie Anne Inaba.” The announcer said.




“Len Goodman.”




“Bruno Tonioli.”




I hugged Louis again as Cat reminded the audience and viewers at home to vote if they wanted to see us perform next week.




“So what are you making me do?” Louis asked when we met up in the studio after the show.


“Have you seen the grind on me vines?” I grinned at him.


“No,” he shook his head.


I motioned with my finger for him to sit next to me while I pulled up YouTube and searched for the videos. I pulled one up before handing my phone to him so he could watch it. “You seriously think I’m going to be able to do this.” He looked to me with his eyebrows raised.


“Even if you look like a complete idiot, your fans will go crazy for it.” I told him.


“How would you know?” Louis questioned.


“Twitter,” I responded. “Your fans are dirty minded and hilarious. Now come on, it’s your turn to try. So you first do a handstand, but instead of stepping out of it, you almost do the worm.” I kicked up to a handstand and I bent my elbows so I rolled down onto my stomach. “Then you just have to rock your hips, like so.” I rolled my hips up and down and once I stopped I looked at Louis whose eyes were slightly hooded. “Let’s see you do it.”


Louis shook his head slightly, “Do not laugh.”


“I won’t,” I said.


Louis went up on his hands, but when he came down he landed on his feet and then fell flat on his stomach.


I covered my mouth with my hand, “It just needs a little work.”


“If by a little you mean a lot, then sure.”


“Do a handstand,” I told him. He kicked up and I held his legs up. “Bend your elbows.” I instructed. I grabbed onto his legs tighter as he bent them. “Now arch your back and roll down.” I moved with him as he rolled down and let go when his feet were on the floor.


“This is ridiculous,” Louis stated.


“Trust me, your fans won’t care what it looks like, they’re going to love that you did it in the first place.” I said to him. “Half of them will probably pass out from watching it.” Louis made a face at me and I just grinned back at him. I motioned for him to try it again and he did so, reluctantly if I might add. “Okay, that wasn’t bad. You just want your body to move more fluidly, like a wave.”


I watched as Louis practiced, while simultaneously scrolling through Twitter on my phone. I was thrilled to see compliments from his fans and tweets telling everyone to vote.


“By George, I think I’ve got it!” Louis cried and I looked up at him.


“Let me see,” I said. Louis stood up before kicking up to a handstand before rolling down onto his chest and then rocking his hips. I clapped when he was finished, “Sexy, very sexy.”


“How are we going to film this?” Louis asked.


“Hmm, we need a third person. I was thinking we could do it together and post it to Vine and Twitter and try to get it to spread.” I answered. “I’ll text Kate.” I sent a message to her, telling her to get her ass here as quickly as possible; she responded saying she would be here within ten minutes.


While we were waiting Louis was looking at other grind on me videos. “Do people really do this with someone lying under them?” Louis asked in disbelief.


I shrugged, “I guess so, but I think that would be awkward.”


“All the more reason to try it.” Louis pulled me by my ankles further out onto the floor. “Stay still.”


I lay on my back and looked up at him as he stood with his feet on either side of my feet. I pressed play on my phone and as the song came on Louis leaned down and put his hands on the sides of my face. Louis ruined it by laughing and falling to the left before he even came out of the handstand. “You’re right this is awkward.” He admitted.


“I didn’t tell you to try,” I laughed.


“One more time,” Louis said as he stood up.


I hit play again and he did the same beginning steps, but this time he actually managed to follow through.


His chest pressed against mine, I could feel the entirety of his torso rolling down against mine before he held himself off of me. Then he began rocking his hips; Louis’ hips were barely coming in contact with mine, but the whole thing was pretty sexy.


The song clip ended and my eyes trailed from his chest up to his eyes which were locked onto mine. I wondered what he was thinking because he was just staring back at me, unmoving. He looked confused about something and I wondered what it was, but when we heard footsteps coming down the hall, he moved off of me.


Kate opened the door and Kate walked in, dropping her bag on the floor. “What did you need that was so important?” She looked at us expectantly.


“Your filming skills,” Louis said when I didn’t respond.


She wrinkled her nose, “If you’re filming a porno I do not want to be here.”


I took my shoe off and threw it at her. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” I asked after she dodged the flying shoe.


Kate shrugged innocently, “It was the way you phrased it. What are you doing?”


“A Vine video to try and get more votes.” I answered.


“Sneaky,” Kate wiggled her eyebrows at me.


“I try.” I stood up and faced Louis. “Ready?” We were standing far enough apart to where we could both do it without hitting each other. I placed my phone on the ground before nodding to Kate and pressing play.


Louis and I started at the same and rocked our hips until the music ended. I took Kate’s phone and edited the video before posting it. Then opened twitter and tweeted: “Who do you think is sexier? RT for @Louis_Tomlinson and fave for me. Don’t forget to vote! If we make it through to next week you’ll get another video:)”


Louis tweeted as well and within a few minutes twenty thousand people had retweeted it.  I hugged him before saying, “Go home, get some sleep and cross your fingers and hope we make it through.”


He gave me a smile before grabbing his stuff and leaving the studio. Kate then turned to me smirking with her eyebrows raised. “What happened in here? I know I missed something and you’re going to tell me.” Kate’s grin grew wider.


“What are you talking about?” I stuffed my water bottle in my bag and picked up my jacket.
Kate trailed after me, “Oh come on, there was so much sexual tension in the air, and it was almost suffocating.”


“I think your imagination is in overdrive,” I retorted.


We exited the building, heading to the car when the paparazzi began taking pictures. Kate and I waved when they called our names before getting into our separate cars.


When I was getting out of my car at my home, my phone beeped telling me I got a text message. I opened it to see it was from Josh saying, “Can’t wait to dance with you tomorrow.”


Well, that’s going to be interesting.




“You had to pick me didn’t you,” I said as I entered the ballroom.


“Good morning to you too, sunshine.” Josh replied sarcastically. “I’m good, how are you?”


“Hungry,” I answered. Josh searched through his bag before tossing me a bag of apple slices. “Oh, thanks.”


“So we’re going to do the jive to Shake Your Tail Feather.” Josh informed me and I nodded.


“We’re going to start at the top of the staircase and then we’re going to end on the stage and that’s where the choreography will really start.” I took another bite of the apple slice and nodded for him to continue. “Come on, up you go.” 


I groaned as he pulled me to my feet before teaching me the choreography for later. “Eleven spins? Are you trying to confuse me into letting you take me on a date?” I checked.


Josh laughed, “Shut the fuck up.”


We then did a lift where he spun me over his back and shoulder before I landed on my feet. The next lift he had us do began by him lifting me by my hips. I lifted my legs into a straddle and his arms went under my legs, gripping my thighs. Then I leaned forward and under his legs before grabbing the back of his waistband to pull myself up. “I could totally pull your pants down or give you a wedgie in this position.” I said.


“But you wouldn’t,” Josh looked at me.


I smirked, “Then you don’t know me at all. Be afraid, be very afraid.”


“You drop me in this flip and you will be the one who should be afraid.” Josh retorted.


“Got it.” I gave him a thumbs-up.


We made it through rehearsals without dropping each other and then it was time for the show. I got my hair and makeup done before I put last night’s outfit back on. I waited inside the studio, scrolling through Twitter when someone plopped into the seat next to me; looking up, I saw it was Louis.


“That video got a good response, huh?” Louis commented.


“You could say that,” I replied. “You’re fans are quite creative with their tweets.”


Louis just rolled his eyes at me and I leaned back into the sofa and closed my eyes. Suddenly, my hand was picked up and I cracked an eye open to see Louis playing with my fingers. I curiously watched him as he picked up my fingers one by one before sandwiching my hand between his. Louis’ eyes lifted to mine and then his face split into a wide grin. Shaking my head slightly, I just looked at him amused. He got distracted and looked around the room, keeping his hand around mine, his fingers linking with mine.


I couldn’t help but smile as we sat there, my hand still in his; and yet at the same time, it was kind of disappointing because I knew this was nothing more than friendly for him. But I would take what I could get because Louis was a great friend to have.


All too soon, the show was starting and we had to line up for the first results of the night. On stage, Louis had his arms wrapped around my waist and his chin resting on my head.


The lights dimmed and I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “The first couple who is safe is Tom and Julia.” Anthony announced. I clapped with everyone else until the light over them shut off and the room was quiet again. “Louis and Laurel, Max and Sarah; one of you is in jeopardy and the other is moving on to next week.”


Louis’ hands tightened and I gripped his arms tighter; I think we’d both be pretty pissed if we were in jeopardy and they weren’t.


“Louis and Laurel,” Cat paused. “You are…safe.”


The tension in my shoulders loosened and I felt Louis’ breath on my neck. He turned me around and wrapped his arms around my neck, nearly strangling me. I squeezed back as the light above us turned off and the show cut to commercial.


“That was fucking nerve-wracking,” Louis let out a nervous laugh.


“All thanks to the fans,” I added, resting my head on his chest. I stepped back and grinned at him. “You’re stuck with me for another week.”


“Good, I’m glad.” Louis smiled at me.


I was smiling way too wide to be considered normal so I looked down before telling him I had to go change. I passed Kate on my way to the dressing room and raised an eyebrow at my smile, but didn’t question me about it.


Quickly, I stepped out of my heels and dress before pulling on the black pants, white collared shirt, suspenders, jacket and hat. The seamstress tied up the front of my shirt and slipped the tie over my head and I tightened it. “Am I good?” I asked.


“Shoes,” she pointed at my feet.


“Yeah, those would be helpful.” I joked and once they were on my feet I ran out of the room, thanking her for her help.


As I walked to the stage, I bit onto the brim of the hat as I rolled my hair into a bun and placed the hat over and made sure my hair was securely tucked into the hat. I went the back way up to the top of the staircase where I found Josh already waiting for me. “Aw, we’re matching,” he cooed.


“And yet, I look so much better than you.” I retorted.

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