Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


28. Getting Hot With A Star

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Louis’ POV


I stared at Laurel, not trusting myself to speak after Laurel’s words sunk in.


I know how her words were intended but that’s not how they registered in my head. The part of me that was controlled purely by desire wanted to pull her close and do things to her that really shouldn’t be crossing mind.


The other half, and thankfully the part in control, kept me from moving. I swallowed thickly and tried to clear the images of her and me from my mind.


“You still in there?” Laurel snapped her fingers in front of my face.


“Yeah.” And that’s part of the problem. “Are we all done with blocking?” I asked.


“I believe so, let me ask.” Laurel walked over to the visual director.


I ran my hands through my hair, probably messing up what the hairstylists did to it earlier, and let out a breath. I wonder if Laurel feels the tension between us too or if it’s just me and I’m reading too far into things. But the other day, it looked as though she was ready to kiss me…and I was ready to kiss her back. If she hadn’t pulled back, I don’t know if I would have.


And that is the part that scares me the most.




The show started off with the male pros performing; I didn’t think much of it until I heard Laurel and Cheryl talking after their performance. “Damn, Tristan looks so hot.” She said.


“I know, right?” Laurel responded. “I haven’t been partnered with him for a dance either which is a shame.”


I pushed down the jealous beast inside my chest and kept a smile on my face in case a camera was pointed in my direction. I was not an animal and I would not get jealous over a little thing like Laurel thinking another guy was attractive.


Laurel and I were performing sometime in the middle of the show and we were going through the parts of the routine we could fit into the hallways backstage.


A producer instructed us to go down to the side of the stage where a cameraman was waiting. Anthony spoke about the last couple that performed before telling the viewers that we would be performing next.


As soon as the show was off the air a dozen or more stagehands flooded the floor, shouting instructions to one another and getting the props set up for the next performance. I learned early on not to get in their way otherwise you get bounced around like a pinball. Only when they set up the props for our routine was it safe to move onto the dance floor. I was watching the various activities going on around the ballroom, but was pulled out of my thoughts when Laurel tugged me towards the stage. I stood on the side of the table opposite her and picked up the towel lying on the table.


“Don’t forget: be strong, be confident and be dominant.” Laurel reminded me.


If circumstances were different, I’d show her who the dominant one in this partnership was because she seems to think she is.


But, that’s a dangerous train of thought.


The crows quieted down and Anthony did his bit before our video package played on the screen behind us. Thankfully, the almost kiss had been edited out, thank you Mark, but there was still a lot of footage of us trying to perfect the routine, including the bit when I fell on my ass.


“You have this,” Laurel encouraged me. I nodded stiffly and she winked at me. “Make it hot.”


I raised my eyebrows, but composed myself as the voiceover man introduced us. “And now dancing the Argentine tango, Louis Tomlinson and his partner Laurel Weiss.” He said.


As he spoke I pretended to wipe down the table and when the music started Laurel put her hand down next to mine and I halted my movement and grabbed her arm, cupping her face with the other. She pushed my arm, sending me into a spin and we each grabbed onto an end of the towel. Laurel spun towards me, wrapping the towel around her waist before she bent back and then leaned into me, caressing my face.


As she danced in front of me I remembered her telling me to make it hot so I threw the towel down and strode toward her. My hands went to her ribs and wrist and we stepped out in sync. Laurel was looking down as she did the hook steps, but once we made eye contact I nearly missed my steps at seeing the passion burning there.


While we were forehead to forehead I could see her eyes were like blue fire. I played off of her enthusiasm and after I set her back down after the first lift, we kept our torsos in contact for the next steps.


Laurel spun so my chest was to her back, sliding one leg back in between my legs, balancing herself by grabbing the backs of my thighs. I gripped her biceps, pulling her back up and holding her neck when she turned back to me. She hooked her leg around my waist and slid down my leg and again, I pulled her back to dance.


I shuffled backward, sitting on the chair, spinning her closer to me as the song came to an end. Laurel arched her back and I gripped her waist as she leaned into me; the dance ended with me burying my face in the crook of her neck and her cheek against my temple.


The crowd roared while we held our position; we were still hugging each other as I stood up and we walked across the floor, to the judges table still enveloped in each other.


Anthony said something that I couldn’t quite hear over the crowd, so I waved to the people sitting in the balcony.


Suddenly a hand was in my face, wiping the tip of my nose. I looked at the judges table as Laurel finished getting what I assume was lipstick off of my nose.


“Let’s start with a shell shocked Carrie-Ann,” Anthony said.


I watched as Carrie-Ann ran her hands over her braided hair, not aware that we all were waiting for her to speak. She tried to quiet the crowd and Len tried to hurry her up. “I’m gathering myself, if that’s okay with you.” She spoke to him. “That was ridiculously amazing; you are so convincing. All I could think of was the Latin dancing James Bond is in the house.”


All I could do was nod my head in thanks because I was still trying to catch my breath. Anthony motioned for Len to give his opinion and Len delivered, “Well, I can only say what I saw; I saw mood, I saw passion, I saw sensuality and color. Well done.”


Laurel was grinning and pat my chest. “And Bruno,” Anthony interjected.


“Pulsating passion, throbbing intensity,” Bruno rolled his ‘r’ as he leaned over the table. “Slick, sexy, Clooney-licious.” Bruno slowly sat back down, grinning devilishly.


“You might take the lead based on all that,” Anthony pointed up to the sky box and I took Laurel’s hand, jogging across the floor until we reached the stairs.


“The crowd going crazy for you once again, how do feel you did this week?” Cat questioned.


“It feels amazing,” I answered, still a little out of breath. “We worked really hard and just hope the fans enjoyed it as much as we did.”


“Let’s get your scores,” Cat smiled.


“The judges have their scores,” the man announced. “Carrie-Ann Inaba.”




Laurel jumped up and down next to me and was still smiling when Len gave us a nine. “Bruno Tonioli.”




One of Laurel’s hands was over my shoulder and the other I held in my hand; my body was moving as she was still jumping up and down. “How happy are you guys right now?” She asked.


“Oh, I am so happy.” I grinned.


“I’m so proud of you,” Laurel beamed. “You worked hard and deserve that score.”


We smiled into the camera while Cat related the phone number and other voting information to the viewers at home.


Laurel jumped into my arms after the camera was turned off and kissed my cheek. “You did an amazing job! I told you that you would.” She cried. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her against my body, letting her back on the floor when she pulled back. “I got lipstick all over you again,” Laurel made a face. She gripped my chin and wiped my cheek, clearing away any lipstick.


“I’m glad you didn’t lick your finger and then wipe my face; that would’ve made me feel like a child again.”




“I think we should have your fans try to get a hashtag trending before we post the video,” Laurel commented as she scrolled through her timeline.


Laurel and I had recorded another video to encourage the fans to vote earlier today; I made up most of the dance and it is so ridiculous that I love it. “What should the hashtag be?” I asked.


She pursed her lips, which distracted me for a minute, before suggesting, “How about ‘Louis-does-a-strip-tease’?”


I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, ‘cos that won’t get the tabloids talking.”


“What do you think it should be then?”


“I haven’t got a clue.” Both of us were quiet before she started giggling. “What?”


“I have an idea!”


“That’s not frightening.”


Laurel typed away, still laughing to herself, before looking at me with a shit eating grin.


I pulled up Twitter on my own phone and went to her page to see her tweet, “Get this hashtag trending before the end of the show and you’ll get to see the video to go with it #LouisThinksHisButtsGettingBig go!” I retweeted it and shook my head at her, “That’s actually pretty funny.”


We went back to the skybox and watched a few of the other couples perform when Laurel punched my arm. “What was that for?” I winced.


“The hashtag is already trending,” Laurel laughed. “You’re fans are ridiculous.”


“That doesn’t mean you have to break my arm,” I rubbed my arm. Looking over her shoulder, I read through some of the tweets as Laurel scrolled through her twitter feed.


We waited until the last commercial break to post the video, but before we watched it one last time.


It began with us standing side by side, backs to the cameras and we were both dressed in sweatpants and hoodies. The music started and you hear, “Hot in…so hot in here…so hot in…


Oh!” On that note we began to dance, doing some footwork that I thought was pretty cool. The track skipped to the second verse of the song which I grabbed a water bottle for.


Why you at the bar if you ain’t poppin’ the bottles?” I shook the bottle, sending water flying everywhere while Laurel strutted like she was on a runway for the next line. “What good is all the fame if you ain’t…the models?


I see you drivin’, sports car, ain’t hittin’ the throttle. And I be down and do a hundred, top down and goggles.”


Laurel and I just basically danced like idiots around the studio and I even flipped her at one point. “So take it off like your home alone, you know dance in front your mirror while you’re on the phone. Checking your reflection and telling your best friend, ‘Like girl I think my butt getting big.’” At the last part, I mouthed the words to Laurel and she pointed to my ass. When the song said to, we stripped off our sweatshirts and tossed them to the side. The video ended when Laurel jumped on my back and yelled, “Vote for Louis!” to the camera.


“That is quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen,” Laurel laughed, wiping her eye.


“You’re just flaunting my body for votes,” I said.


Laurel smirked, “Hey, I know how teenage girls think. If my favorite singer was on a show and needed my votes, this would be the best way to get me to vote. Plus, even moms think you’re sexy so we can get their votes too.”

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