Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


12. Flexing With A Star


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Louis’ POV


“Hey, babe.” I leaned down and kissed Eleanor.


“Hi,” she greeted.


“How are you?”


“Studying for exams; I’m so glad it’s my last year that I have to take exams.” El said.


“You’re going to do great,” I told her.


“Thanks,” Eleanor smiled.


We looked over the menu, trying to decide what we wanted to order. Neither of us has been to this restaurant before, so we had no clue what was good to eat.


“Are you ready to order?” The waiter asked once he reached our table.


“Yes,” I answered. “I’d like the chicken parmesan and a bottle of your best champagne.” I looked over to El as she placed her order. The waiter paid extra attention to her and instead of feeling jealous and protective like I usually did, I just felt a twinge of jealousy. I frowned at myself; I suppose I just knew that after all our time together, Eleanor wouldn’t look at anyone else.


And I scolded myself because I was doing the same thing with Laurel.


I mean, I wasn’t looking at her romantically or anything, but was it wrong that I noticed she was attractive?


“So how are you liking being on the show?” El asked.


I looked at her; she looked like she was trying not to seem interested, but in reality she seemed quite interested in my answer.


“It’s a lot of fun,” I told her. “The dance I’m learning this week is hard, but I’m glad I decided to join the show.”


“That’s good,” Eleanor said. She looked like she wanted to say something, but kept quiet.


The waiter brought the champagne to the table and poured it into the glasses. He left and I turned my attention back to Eleanor. “Are you okay?” I asked.


“Yeah,” she replied.


“Are you sure? Because you seem like you have something on your mind. Come on, you can tell me anything.” I coaxed.


“I just don’t like you spending all your time with Laurel.” She admitted. “I feel like you don’t have any time for me.”


I frowned, “I see you at least every other day.”


Eleanor sighed, “I know and I shouldn’t be worried, but I can’t help it.


I grabbed her hand and waited until she looked into my eyes, “I promise that you don’t have to worry about anything happening between me and Laurel. We’re just friends. Okay?” I squeezed her hand.


She smiled, “Okay.”




“Morning,” Laurel said when I walked into the studio the next morning.


“Morning,” I nodded in her direction.


“So today we’re going to be doing some exercises along with strength and flexibility training.” Laurel told me.


“Sounds like a load of fun,” I replied.


Laurel laughed and we began to stretch like we did every day before she had me do fifty push-ups and sit-ups. The cool thing was that Laurel did all the exercises with me; usually coaches sat and watched while the student did all the work.


Next, we did a hundred jumping jacks before she said it was time to start improving my flexibility. “First, bend over and touch your toes.” She said.


“Pssh, that’s easy.” I bent over, but my hands only came down to the lower part of my shins. I looked up at Laurel who was smirking at me. “What? This is pretty good.” Laurel bent over and put her hands flat on the ground, behind her heels. “Showoff.” I muttered.


Laurel laughed before putting her hands on my back, “That is what we want you to be able to do.” Then she pushed down, forcing my hands to reach a little further.


“Ow, ow!” I said. Laurel kept pressure on my back for a minute or so, before stepping away.


“Do that every day, okay?” I nodded. “Now sit.”


“Yes, ma’am.” I saluted her and she rolled her eyes.


Laurel sat a few feet across from me, “Now spread your legs in a straddle, as far as they can go.” I raised my eyebrows and she shot me a look.


“Sorry.” I copied her movements and followed her as she leaned to one side and touched her toes. I reached as far as I could go before we switched sides.


“Now the middle,” Laurel instructed before she stretched forward and put her stomach against the floor. I tried to imitate her, but I completely failed. Laurel looked up at me and smiled before scooting towards me, putting her feet against mine and holding out her hands. I put my hands in hers and she pulled me forward, to where my head was almost on her stomach.


“Christ, this freaking hurts.” I complained as she pulled me further forward.


Laurel kept me in this position for a little bit, but I was beginning to feel awkward. She let me go and I sat up straight before slowly closing my legs, wincing as I did.


“One last stretch; this is going to help your flexibility because the gravity is going to weigh your legs down.” Laurel said. “Lay on your back, legs straight up.” I rolled over and did as she said and she did the same. “Now let your legs drop into a straddle.”


I did as she said and thought I did well, my legs were pretty far apart, until I looked over at Laurel who was in a full split. “Well, this is awkward.” I said and Laurel laughed.


We stood up and Laurel had me run through the routine up to where she had stopped teaching me.


“Alright, good.” Laurel said. “Now, after the spin, you’re going to hold my right hand and we’re going to do four kick steps.” She demonstrated the steps, two steps forward and two steps back. But they weren’t normal steps; I would have to swing my lower leg out and around.


I tried the steps and Laurel started laughing. “What?” I asked, pouting at her.


Laurel shook her head, “I’m sorry. It’s just you need a bit more control. It looks like you have leg spasms.”


“Well then,” I huffed.


“You don’t have to swing your legs so far out; just around in a small arc.” Laurel instructed. I nodded and tried again. “Much better. Now two high steps before we start twirling across the floor.”




“I am exhausted,” I threw myself onto Liam’s couch.


The boys and I had a meeting this morning and straight after I had practice with Laurel that lasted for seven or so hours. And surprisingly, that was a short day for me. Laurel had said that I was picking up the dance pretty quickly so she let me leave early and I was extremely thankful for that. And now we were all hanging out at Liam’s place.


“Is dancing kicking your ass?” Zayn snickered.


I glared at him, “You try dancing all day, every day for the past three weeks; it gets a bit tiring.”


Zayn rolled his eyes and Liam smacked him, “There’s a reason the dancers on the show are professionals; dancing may seem easy, but it takes a lot of practice and hard work.”


“Thank you! Someone gets it.” I said.


“Why couldn’t they have asked me to be on the show?” Harry complained. “I would’ve been awesome and I would’ve gotten to hang out with some seriously gorgeous girls.”


Niall threw a pillow at his head, “Will you give it a rest already? You wouldn’t have stayed on the show for very long because you would have been too focused on the girls.”


Harry opened his mouth to protest, but closed it again and nodded in reluctant agreement. “But I am glad I’m not on the show because it does seem like Laurel’s whooping your sorry ass.”


I sent a glare his way as well. “Li, do you have any ice packs?”


“Yeah,” Liam nodded.


I rolled myself off the couch and went into the kitchen to get ice from the freezer. Walking back into the room, I sat down and put the ice on my knee; my knee had recovered, but every once in a while, it would start hurting.


“You all coming tomorrow?” I asked.


They all turned to me, disbelief written across their faces. “You’re joking right?” Niall asked. “We’re going to every show; you’re our mate and we’re going to support you.”


I leaned over and ruffled his hair, “You are just the sweetest little leprechaun.” Niall pushed me away, glaring, but also grinning.


The boys and I hung out for a few hours until I had to go home because Laurel wanted me in the studio a bit earlier to get in some extra practice before the show.


I arrived at the studio at eight in the morning and Laurel was already there and stretching. I joined her and noticed that she looked half asleep. “You okay?” I asked.


Laurel opened her eyes wide before nodding. “I’m good, just extra tired for some reason.”


“Well, don’t fall asleep. I need all the practice I can get.” I said and she smiled.


“Lou, trust me, you have nothing to worry about. You know the routine and you won’t mess up.” She told me.


“Why thank you,” I said. “Now shall we.” I stood up and held my hand out and helped her up.


“We shall.”

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