Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


20. Clubbing With A Star

This is by far the longest chapter I have written, 7 1/2 pages on word!

I hope you like this and hopefully some more Lourel moments will be coming!

The video here is the choreography to Do It Like A Dude that Laurel does and down below in the comments will be the routine that she starts at the end of the chapter.

Leave me comments and let me know what you think or what you think should happen next.

Love you all.



Louis’ POV


I let out a breath as Laurel ran towards me before I slightly bent down, putting my hand on her leg before lifting her up. Her leg went over my head and when she came back down I caught her and spun three times before putting her down.


If it wasn’t the middle of the routine, I would jump for joy that I actually did the lift correctly.
My arms hooked under hers before pushing her forward; we stopped near the edge of the dance floor before I reached over her back.


I wrapped my arms around her waist, spinning her around once. I did another turn before Laurel turned and I caught her right leg before flipping her up and against my chest. Laurel slid down my chest before I lowered her to the ground.


Laurel stood up, holding onto my hand, while I was still sitting on the ground. She fell forward at the same time I lay on my back and lifted one foot up. My foot landed on her shoulder, slowing her momentum and she put her hand on the floor beside my head. Laurel arched her arm over and around as I stood up, looping my arms behind her back; I pulled her up before spinning around.


Her back lay against my knee before I lifted her up to where she was taller than me. “But you’re perfect to me.” Harry sang as I looked into her eyes.


Carefully, I lowered her to the ground and she took a step back without looking away from me. “I won’t let these little things slip.” I cupped her face and she leaned into me before falling as I pulled my arms away and Laurel wrapped her arms around my waist. “Out of my mouth.” I stepped backwards and Laurel matched my steps. Her fingers trailed over my hip and side as she got up and moved away from me when I did another set of turns.


We faced each other and Laurel gently placed her head on my shoulder. “It’s you they add up to.” On the last word, the two of us bent down and I put my hands on her waist; she kicked her leg and I lifted her over my right shoulder.


I’m in love with you and all these little things.”


As my four best mates harmonized the last line, I gripped her arms and ever so slowly, let her slide down against my back.


The ballroom was silent before loud applause rang through it; I looked around to see almost everyone in the audience was standing and clapping. Laurel wrapped her arms around me and I hugged her back, “That was amazing! I’m so proud of you.”


I grinned at her and watched as she turned to the boys and clapped for them. They quickly bowed and waved before leaving the stage so we could get our scores.


Taking deep breaths, I faced the judges and just hoped that they liked the routine.


“Let’s go first to Carrie Ann Inaba,” Anthony said.


Carrie Ann opened her mouth to say something, but closed it before she said anything. She did that once more before shaking her head. “I’m speechless, I really am. I think I might cry because that was such a beautiful dance.” She waved her hand in front of her face. “Laurel, you are a stunning dancer, but you also made Louis look like a professional contemporary dancer, which is amazing. What a way to open the show.”


Laurel squeezed my side and I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.


“Len?” Anthony asked.


“Louis,” he began seriously and my smile faded. “You have just proved that you are a dancer and that you are a serious competitor. Great job.”


I let out the breath I had been holding and thanked him. “And Bruno, what’d you think?” Anthony moved on.


“Breathtakingly beautiful and immaculately executed.” Bruno said with a flourish. “That catch-jump thing that you did, I’d have to say was the most memorable moment on the show to date. And I want to say that was the best contemporary routine we have ever seen on the show. Louis, I have to commend you because that was an incredibly difficult routine to perform. Good job.”


“There you have it; the two of you can head on up to the skybox for your scores.” Anthony told us.


Laurel took my hand and practically ran to the stairs leading up to the skybox. I would’ve laughed at her excitement, but I was just as excited to see what we got.


Cat was smiling at us when we made it to where she was standing, “Louis, you just received high praises from all three judges; how does that feel?”


“It feels amazing. This week was difficult especially with all the different lifts, but Laurel was really patient and a tough teacher, making sure I got all the steps right. I’m just glad all the hard work paid off.” I replied.


“What was it like having your band mates sing for your performance?”


“Well, it was definitely different since I’m usually singing with them, but I’m glad they were a part of this week’s performance.” I answered.


“And Laurel, how do you think he did?” Cat asked.


“I could not be any prouder. I know this was a hard routine, but I wanted to challenge him. And he really stepped up and I couldn’t be any happier with how it turned out.” Laurel said.


“Alright, let’s get your scores.” Cat said.


“Carrie Ann Inaba.”




“Len Goodman.”


“Nine.” Finally, a nine from the toughest judge.


“Bruno Tonioli.”




My jaw dropped and Laurel shrieked before jumping into my arms, her arms and legs wrapping around my body. I spun her around, still not believing what just happened. “Is this real?” I asked her.


She dropped from my grip and nodded, “I think so. Oh my God!”


“You have just gotten the very first ten of the season!” Cat congratulated us. “How do you feel?”


“Shocked,” I managed to choke out. “I can’t believe that just happened.”


Cat continued talking, giving the viewers all the information needed to vote for us. I think I was still in shock because the next thing I know, Laurel is punching my arm. “Holy fucking shit!” She yelled.


“Ow! What?” I rubbed my arm.


“A ten! We got a freaking ten!” She jumped up and down. “I can’t believe this!”


“Well, it was an amazing routine. Why are you so shocked?” I asked her.


“I don’t remember a couple ever getting a ten in the fourth week,” Laurel paced. “We might be the only ones.”


“Wow,” I raised my eyebrows. “That is impressive.”


“This weekend, as celebration, we’re going clubbing.” Laurel pointed at me. I grinned; hard work really does pay off.




“Congrats, babe.” Eleanor said after the show and kissed me.


“Thanks,” I said, pecking her lips again.


“Dude, that was pretty awesome.” Niall bounced over to us.


“And you didn’t drop her!” Zayn added. “That’s a bonus.”


“Shut it,” I snapped at them.


At that moment, Laurel bounded over and trapped Harry and Niall in a hug which Harry looked quite pleased about. “Thank you guys so much,” she said, moving to hug Liam and Zayn. “It really helped the performance.”


“Not a problem,” Harry flashed a grin.


“I have to run, but I just wanted to say thanks again and you did amazing tonight, Lou. Oh, and you are all invited to go clubbing this weekend! Bye, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Laurel waved before disappearing as fast as she had come.


“How does she still have so much energy?” Liam shook his head. “I’m tired from just watching that dance.”


“I still haven’t figured that out,” I laughed.


“The two of you have amazing chemistry,” Liam said.




Liam looked at me, “Between watching rehearsals and then seeing it all come together tonight, you guys have chemistry. If you didn’t have El, I think Laurel would be perfect for you.”


“But I do have El,” I said, slightly mad at him for saying that. It made the possibility of me feeling things for Laurel all the more real.


“I know, I was just saying.” Liam raised his hands.




“The next couple who is safe is: the couple who got the first ten of the season, Louis and Laurel!”


I grinned and wrapped my arms around Laurel, who was still standing in front of me. She looked over her shoulder at me and I saw her wearing a smile that probably mirrored mine. I looked through the crowd and saw El and the guys clapping; when our eyes connected El blew me a kiss and I winked back at her.


The show cut to commercial and Laurel escaped my arms saying that she needed to get changed. I watched her go and saw Cher walking by. I fell into step with her and we talked on our way up to the sky box.


A few minutes later, the lights dimmed and I found a position to watch whatever performance was going on. “And since next week is Latin night, here is a preview of what’s to come.” Anthony said.


The lights dimmed before a red light was focused on the top of the stairs. A silhouette was standing with a staff or something before slamming it to the ground and dancing to tribal music. Another light shone and my attention was drawn to that dancer and once I realized it was Laurel, I think my jaw dropped.


Laurel was standing atop the judges table, a fan blowing her hair and the scarf she was holding behind her. She dropped it and snapped her hands down and two guys grabbed her hands to help her walk off the judges table. She stepped on the backs of three guys before her feet hit the ground. Laurel ruffled her hair for the camera and met up with the other dancer who I saw was Kate, in the middle of the floor.


They stood next to each other before they started moving their hips. “I think we’ve got the two hottest dancers,” A voice said and I turned to see Alfie.


I nodded, “I can’t argue with that.”


By the time I looked back to the floor, Kate and Laurel had been joined by a guy who was in between as they continued to dance. Four other guys joined them and they all did synchronized moves before surrounding Laurel and Kate.


A man walked onto the stage before lighting a baton on fire and spinning it around. I had only seen videos, but it still amazed me that they never burned themselves.


Laurel slowly made her way to the front again, being passed between three different guys. The song ended and Laurel stood next to Kate with all five guys around them. Some even had their hands placed on her.


Did I mention that they were all shirtless?


Not that I was uncomfortable with the fact that Laurel was surrounded by five attractive males, because I wasn’t.


But why are they still touching her? The dance ended like five minutes ago.


I rubbed my forehead in distress. If Laurel kept this up, I was going to be in trouble.




“What dance do we have this week, partner?” I asked.


“I actually do not know yet?” She responded.


“How do you not know?” I gave her a weird look.


Laurel explained, “Well, we have to take an iconic dance from a past season and recreate it.”


“I don’t know how to feel about that,” I said.


Laurel shrugged, “Let’s find out what dance we have.” She opened the laptop and I scooted closer so I could see the screen. On screen it read ‘Maks and Mel: Paso Doble’ and Laurel slapped my arm and I let out an ‘ow’. “This was quite possibly the hottest dance on the show.”


“No pressure or anything,” I replied dryly.


“We’re just going to have to be extra sexy,” Laurel winked at me.


“I don’t get how you flip personalities like you do.” I told her.


“What are you talking about?” Laurel asked.


“I mean, during rehearsals and just everyday you aren’t sexy.” Laurel raised her eyebrows. “No, no, no. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just when you get out on the floor it’s like you’re a completely different person.”


Laurel shrugged, “I don’t see the need to be sexy all of the time, but I can be when I need to be. If you’re sexy all the time, where’s the mystery? But the same goes for you, you don’t act sexy all of the time right?”


“I’m rarely sexy,” I snorted.


“Millions of girls around the world would disagree,” she countered.


“Anyways, focus and teach me the dance.” I stated. 


“You ready to become a matador?” Laurel questioned.




I tugged Eleanor closer to me as the paparazzo’s cameras flashed all around us. It was Friday night and Laurel had told me during practice today the name of the club we would meet up at. Of course, since all five of us were going, the paparazzi had found out and were now surrounding us to get pictures.


We made it through the door and quickly enveloped in the pounding bass of the music. I looked around, but didn’t see Laurel or Kate so I assumed they weren’t here yet.
Niall went straight to the bar, getting himself a drink before joining us at our table. “Do you want anything to drink?” I asked Eleanor. She told me her order and I weaved my way through the crowd and up to the bar. I turned to watch the dancers as I waited for the bartender to make my drinks.


When the drinks were ready I brought them back over to the table. I had been sitting at the table with everyone for probably ten minutes before Laurel showed up. “Are you guys going to sit here all night or are you going to get off your asses and dance?” Laurel asked. I looked her over taking in her outfit; she was wearing a black shirt that had lace sleeves and silver sequined shorts. She stood apart from all the other girls in the club because she was wearing combat boots and a beanie.


“Well, let’s go.” Harry stood up, grabbed her hand and took her to the dance floor. Liam and Sophia followed a few seconds later.


They disappeared into the mass of bodies and I took a sip of my drink. “Hey guys,” I heard and raised my head to see Kate slide into Harry’s vacated seat.


“How long have you been here?” I asked noticing how she was slightly out of breath.


“Probably a half hour or so.” Kate shrugged.


We chatted for a little bit and when Kate went back to dance, I took Eleanor’s hand and we walked to the dance floor as well.


I managed to locate Harry, who was dancing with both Laurel and Kate. Laurel was laughing as Harry twirled her around. I felt a tightening in my chest before El pulled my attention back to her. I smiled down at her and pulled her closer to me.


El and I had been dancing for a while when I heard Harry yell, “Really?!”
I turned to see Laurel shove a guy away from her and he stumbled into some people behind him. “What happened?” I asked Kate.


“That prick just grabbed her ass,” Kate told me.


Anger filled me and I looked to see Laurel and the guy chest to chest. The music had been turned down low so I could hear the guy say, “C’mon babe, I just wanted to dance.”


“Like I would dance with someone like you,” Laurel snapped.


“As if you can even dance,” the guy retorted.


Well that was the wrong thing to say.


The crowd let out an ‘oh’ and his friends laughed. Laurel looked like she was going to punch the guy when the deejay interrupted. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. It looks like it’s time for a battle.” The crowd cheered and began to form a circle around the two of them.


“What’s going on?” I looked to Kate for an explanation because I was completely lost.


“This club has battles for any dancers that want to challenge each other. There are three rounds; the first two are about a minute long and the last round is a full song.” Kate explained.


“Laurel will choose a song for the guy and he’ll choose one for her; the deejay will choose the other two. The goal is to choose a song that your opponent won’t know or isn’t comfortable with.”


“Don’t worry babe, I went easy on you.” The guy said.


“How sweet,” Laurel answered, her lips curving up into a smirk. The music started and I instantly recognized it as Do It Like A Dude. Laurel rolled her eyes, “Seriously?”


Laurel looked around and her eyes landed on Niall; she walked over to him and asked him something and when he nodded, she took off the beanie and pulled Niall’s snapback off his head before putting it on her own. She pulled the hat down low before stomping her foot on the beat and beginning to dance. As she danced, the guy’s smirk dropped off his face and I couldn’t help but grin.


Laurel dropped to her knees, stuck one leg out before she rolled across and stood up once more. Her hand went to her chest before she stepped out and flipped the guy off. She crossed her arms over her chest and rolled her body.


Grab my crotch; wear my hat low like you.” At this part of the song, Laurel did exactly as the lyrics said; her hands went down and pulled up her shorts and then she grabbed the hat on her head. She turned around, a hand fisting her shorts before the line repeated itself. Her hand went down and pulled up again, surprisingly accurate to what I’ve seen some guys do.


Laurel’s body undulated to the music, looking quite badass and sexy, if I do say so myself. She ended the round on the ground; one hand behind her and thrusting her hips twice.


An alarm sounded as she arched her back and stood up as the crowd cheered for her. Laurel returned the hat to Niall and rested her elbow on her shoulder, watching as the guy began dancing. He tried to intimidate her but she looked impassive, almost bored.


The alarm sounded again, which I figured signaled the end of each round, and it was Laurel’s turn. I heard the new song play, but couldn’t quite place what song it was.


My partner apparently identified it because a small smirk was on her face. There was a consistent beat which Laurel moved to; she stepped closer to her opponent and leaned forward. Her bum stuck out, moving side to side, lightly clapping her hands; I followed the guy’s eyes to Laurel’s bum. The holographic sequins on her shorts caught the light and I couldn’t pull my eyes away.


Fine, I’ll admit it. I’m paying more attention than I should be to Laurel. But I just couldn’t help myself.


I am in serious trouble.


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