Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


17. Choreographing With A Star



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Laurel’s POV

“And we clear!” The director announced.


I let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding and stepped away from Louis. “Nice job today,” I told him.


“Thanks. I’m so tired I could sleep for days.” Louis yawned, proving his point.


“Ditto and yet I will find myself in the studio for another hour or so before I get to go home,” I sighed.


Louis frowned at me, “Why?”


“I have to choreograph the routine for tomorrow’s result show,” I explained.


He nodded in understanding before looking around the newly crowded dance floor, probably for his family. His hand popped up into the air, beckoning them over. I see a woman smiling and walking towards us with two girls flanking her. I smiled as Louis hugged her and then bent down and hugged the twins.


“Hi, I’m Jay. You must be Laurel.” Louis’ mom introduced herself.


“Yeah, that’s me.” I smiled at her.


“And this is Daisy and Phoebe.” Jay pointed to each girl.


They shyly looked up at me and I knelt down to try to be less intimidating. “You two look very pretty,” I said. I pretended to think really hard before saying, “Now you’re Phoebe and you’re Daisy?” I purposely mixed up their names to get them to laugh. It always seemed to work on my younger cousins and sure enough they let out a couple of giggles while shaking their heads.


“No I’m Daisy,” she pointed to herself.


I turned to Phoebe, “So your name is Jay, right?”


“No that’s mommy’s name.”


“So then who’s Laurel?” I asked.


“You are!” They said together.


“Oh, okay! I think I’ve got it now.” I grinned back at them.


Daisy reached out to play with the boas hanging off my dress, “You’re dress is so pretty.”


“Thank you,” I leaned closer to them. “Can you keep a secret?” Both twins nodded their heads vigorously. I reached to my hip and quickly snapped off two of the boas. “If you promise you won’t tell anyone where you got these, you can keep them.” I draped the feathers around their necks.


“We promise,” Phoebe said.


“Cool!” I held out my hands and they both gave me a high-five. When I stood up, I noticed Jay and Louis staring and smiling at me. “What?”


Jay shook her head, “Nothing. All I’ve heard throughout the show was them talking about all the different dresses.”


“Honestly, it was part of what drew me to dancing,” I admitted to her and we laughed.


“Louis dear, we should get going. It’s almost past the girls’ bedtimes and we need to check into a hotel.” Jay said.


“You’re not staying in a hotel, mum. There’s plenty of room at my house,” Louis stated.


“Are you positive?” Jay checked.


“Yes mum. If you let me change, we can get going home.” Louis told her. Jay nodded and Louis walked off the dance floor and headed backstage.


Jay looked like she was ready to say something when I felt a tug at my dress. I looked down at Phoebe, “Can you teach us how to dance?”


“Of course,” I smiled. “Can you step with your right foot first?” They followed my movements. “Now left and then right. Just like that. Can you count with me? One, two, three, four, five, six.” For little kids, they picked this up quite quickly, I think a bit faster than Louis even did. I took one of their hands in mine, “Now spin!” I twirled them around, listening to them laugh.


“You guys are so good you might just replace me,” Louis pouted. When the twins noticed his reappearance, they ran ad jumped into his arms.


I tilted my head as I watched them; Louis was a great brother and role model for his sisters. I turned to Jay, “It was really nice meeting you, but I have another routine to choreograph and I need to get this dress into the trailer before the designer notices I’m a few feathers short.” I said apologetically.


Her eyes widened, “I don’t want you to get in trouble, the girls don’t need it.”


“Don’t worry; it’s fine. It’ll probably only be worn once so it isn’t a big deal.” I reassured her.


“Well, thank you. You and Louis were amazing out there tonight; I’ll see you tomorrow, yeah?” Jay said.


I nodded, “Of course.”  I waved to her and waved to Louis and the twins. “See you later.”


On my way to my trailer, I bumped into Kate and Alfie. “I loved your routine,” I told them. “Alfie, you’re turning into a dancer.” I sniffed. “I’m so proud.”


Alfie rolled his eyes and shoved me, “Shut it.”


“What are you doing now?” Kate asked.


“Choreographing tomorrow’s routine,” I answered. “Want to help?”


Kate sighed, “I suppose so. But you’re buying me breakfast tomorrow.”




Ten minutes later Kate and I had changed into sweats and were sitting on the floor in my rehearsal studio. The stereo was playing the song we’d be dancing to and I was trying to come up with some ideas. “When I made the mash-up, I was thinking there should be a reveal in the beginning before we actually start the routine.” I said. “Like if there were three girls at the top of the stairs wearing something over the outfits.”


“Could be sexy,” Kate looked over at me.


“It kind of sounds military,” I pointed out. “Can you start it again?” I stood up and waited for the music to begin; when it did, I just went with the beat. I stepped to the side as my hands moved up diagonally. “Seven, eight and one, two three.” I mumbled as I rolled my hips before lifting my arms up, down then in.


“I’m loving it already,” Kate grinned. “Strict, yet sassy; just like us.” Laughing, I motioned for her to start it again. I went further than last time, making it up as I went. “You look like your spanking somebody.” Kate cracked herself up.


“Are you sure you’re not a dominatrix?” I checked.


“Pretty sure,” she replied.


“By the way, we’re going to need hats and sunglasses.” I told her. “Nine girls, right?”


“Yes, ma’am.”


“Alright, so groups of three,” I said to myself.


The next hour was spent with me choreographing and Kate giving me her opinion. I had the routine done faster than I thought and we were both able to go home and sleep. “Be here at four-thirty.” I told her as she was getting into her car. She gave me a thumbs up signaling she heard me.


As soon as I got home and showered, I sank into my bed and fell asleep almost instantly.




Sleeping late and staying in bed was something that rarely happened during the show and I was enjoying every minute of it.


I slept until eleven-thirty, but I stayed in bed and watched TV for another hour. Personally, I loved my bed; even though I lived alone I have a king sized bed. Mainly for the reason that I go to bed on one side and end up sprawled across the mattress.


When I finally decided to get my ass out of bed, I decided to make myself pancakes. Before grabbing the ingredients I turned on the radio, rolling my eyes when I heard the familiar notes.


Maybe it’s the way she walked, ow!” I sang as I mixed the pancake batter.


For the rest of the day I just hung out around my flat; I had to do some laundry because I was running out of clean clothes and I didn’t feel like going to rehearsal in my underwear.


At ten after four, I grabbed my bag and got in my car, heading for the studios. When I got in to the room, I saw that I was one of the first girls there. By the time I was done stretching all the girls had arrived, so I suppose it’s about time that I started teaching them the routine.


“Alright, I need four more girls to begin at the top of the stairs and Kate is going to show you the steps while I start teaching the rest of the routine to everyone else.” I announced. “Who wants to start? Okay, Juliet, Cathy, Anne and Whitney can join her.”


The rest of the girls followed me to the other side of the room. “What’s the song?” Kim asked.


“Run the World by Beyoncé,” I answered. “So when the first song is ending, Emma and Kim, you are going to come from the right side and Taylor and I are coming from the left. The song is going to go, ‘Who run the world, girls.’ and on ‘girls’ you’re going to bring your arms up to your head.” I demonstrated and they followed. “Then your right arm comes over your head and whip your head to the right, up then down on your right knee.”


I taught everyone the choreography for the whole routine before we moved into the ballroom for dress rehearsals.


The song ended and I spit out a piece of Emma’s hair. “Watch it will you?” I laughed.


“Oops,” she laughed.


“Rehearsals are over,” I called out. “Go relax.”


Kate came over and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. “Come hang out at my trailer,” Kate said. “It’s boring all by myself.”




“Live from London, it’s Dancing with the Stars!” The announcer’s voice said.


“Let’s do this,” I nudged Taylor.


The music started and I watched as Kate danced and then descended the stairs. At the appropriate time we joined the first five girls on the floor.


’Who run this motha?’” A camera followed me and two other girls into the corner where we danced before we crossed paths with another trio.


Who run the world? Girls.”


On the last beat, we all whipped our heads around and the crowd cheered. “That was all our female pros and troupe choreographed by Laurel Weiss.” Anthony said over the crowd.
Anthony continued his speech as we filed backstage to get changed into our outfits from last night. On my way to the trailer, I passed Louis. “Hey,” he grabbed my arm.


“Oh, hi. I almost didn’t see you.” I stopped.


“That routine was really great,” Louis said. “And you did that?” I nodded. “Within twenty-four hours?” I nodded again. He shook his head, “That’s amazing. I don’t know how you can do that.”


“It’s part of the job requirement,” I joked. “But I have to get changed so can you let me go?”


“Oh yeah,” he dropped his hand from my arm.


“I’ll be right back so we can find out if we’re safe or not,” I grinned.

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