Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


21. Battling With A Star

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Birthday cake Choreography can be found in the comments and this is the dance she does for the first verse of Talk Dirty.

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Laurel’s POV




The look on his face is just priceless.


The idiot standing in front of me who believed that I couldn’t dance could see now that I can and I planned on using his dumbstruck expression to my advantage.


Not that he’s a bad dancer, he’s actually pretty decent. But not to sound conceited, I know that I’m better than him.


Whipping my hair around, I fanned my hands before I ran my hands down my torso before circling my arm and spinning so my back was facing the guy. I stuck my butt out again, moving it to the beat. While looking over my shoulder at the guy, I popped my chest and butt every time Rihanna sang ‘cake’ all the way to the floor before jumping around to face him again.


I hit my hip twice, circled my hips, and then bent over at the hip, reaching down to my foot. “I know you wanna bite this,” Rihanna sang and I had my hand out to the side and hip thrusted forward. “I’mma make you my bitch.”


I mouthed the words, grabbed my shorts and pulled up and the crowd cheered.


Kate shook my shoulders in her excitement and I could see Niall grinning at me. The alarm sounded and I scanned the crowd to see Louis looking back at me and clapping. I bit my lip and turned back to face my opponent.


I tried to stifle a laugh when Call Me Maybe began playing through the speakers as my choice of song for him. The guy sent me a glare as everyone around me burst out laughing and Kate high-fived me.


What? Just because he went easy on me doesn’t mean that I planned on doing the same.


“One more round; you have this.” Kate said. I nodded and readjusted my shorts, pulling them down a bit.


“Final round!” The deejay called.


Jason; Jason Derulo.”


My opponent and I looked at each other and he gestured for me to go first and I curtsied back. Talk Dirty has been my favorite song for a while, so I’m feeling pretty confident for this last round.


I’m that flight that you get on. International.”


I jumped to the right and then left, and then proceeded to step forward, swinging my arm up and around. My knees were slightly bent as I shot my arms diagonally out twice, raising up to my toes, before bringing my arms in to my chest.


I got lipstick stamps on my passport.”


I brought my hand to my lips before clapping and then whipping my hair around as I spun. Then I pushed my arms in front of me, before the chorus started and I swung my hips and hands in unison down near my waist and then up above my head. I circled my arms in a big circle twice, popped my chest twice, and then swung my arm once more.


Talk dirty to me.”


At this part, my hands crossed my face before I bent forward, crossed my arms and spun around. I stuck one leg out to the side and bent down quickly before waving a hand in front of and around my face. I waved my hands as I stepped to the right, bending over before linking my hands above my head, like an Egyptian dancer. I circled my hips twice before popping three times on the beat; on the last words I fanned my hands in front of my face and then pointed to him as I was finished.


The guy began break dancing, forcing me to step back so he wouldn’t kick me. I watched him, pretty impressed seeing as break dancing was not something I was particularly good at.


During the chorus he moved very fluidly, almost how Jason Derülo looked in the music video for this song.  


Uno. Met your friend in Rio.”


I did a double turn on the ball of my foot before making a scooping motion with my hands down near my hip.


Dos. She was all on me-o.” He did some tutting with his arms before I cut him off on the next line. “We can ménage à three-o.” With my elbow bent, I moved it out to the side before circling it around, pushing him back. “Closed out arenas you can suck my--.” The guy hip thrusted on the last word before moving to the floor again.


I made sure I had enough room for my next move before I swung my arms down and did a back handspring into a back tuck. “Every picture I take I pose a threat.” I landed before blowing him a kiss and then dancing again. “Anyway, every day I’m trying to get to it.” I moved my hips to the beat, making sure to keep the movements isolated to my hips; then I rolled my hips, almost like Shakira.


When you talk dirty to me.” The guy’s knees bent in and out quickly before moving his body forward and then arching backward.


Talk dirty to me.” My back was facing him and I stepped forward twice, arms bent near my head. I clapped on the beat before moving rolling my body to the left and then right.


He danced to the next verse and then I danced to the last verse, hip checking the guy to the side as the song ended.


My friends crowded around me and Kate wrapped her arms around me. I felt hands clapping me on the back and when they let me go, Louis pulled me in for a hug. “You were amazing.” He said into my ear.


“Alright, alright, alright.” The deejay tried to quiet down the crowd. “Let’s hear it for the suave guy over here.” The crowd cheered. “And now let’s hear it for the pretty little blonde.” Everyone hollered and clapped and I grinned. “It’s final; the winner is the lady.”
I took a bow and nodded at the guy who did the same back. “A round on me for my partner kicking ass,” Louis called.




I burst out laughing as Louis made a farting noise every time he stepped back. “Well, this is turning out to be a tough Paso.” I shook my head at him. “You need to have stronger lines.”


Louis pointed to the stick figure skateboarder on his arm, “Like these lines.” I raised an eyebrow and he sent me a cheeky grin.


“You need to puff your chest out a bit more,” I eyed him as he practiced the steps. “Bring your arms down and hit the next stance.” I held my arms where Louis’ needed to be and stuck out my chest. I looked at him to see if he had changed the position of his chest, but I saw his eyes on my chest. “Lou,” I waved. “Eyes are up here.”


He snapped his eyes up to mine, looking sheepish. “Sorry.” He adjusted his stance and I nodded in approval.


We went through the steps and I corrected his position when needed. “Don’t look at me!” I laughed as I stopped him. “You need to be looking in the opposite direction.”


“But there’s nothing pretty to look at over there.” Louis stated matter-of-factly.


I bit my lip and began counting the steps for him again. “Arm up; like really up.”


“I feel like a pretzel; there are so many things to remember at once.”  Louis complained.


Louis fell forward to the ground, catching himself before falling flat on his face. I stepped over him and lifted him up by his shoulders.


“You’re mine now,” I whispered in his ear before pushing him back to the ground.

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