Dancing With A Star

This season on Britain's Dancing With The Stars, Louis Tomlinson from the world's biggest boyband, One Direction, will test his dancing skills. Louis is known for being the prankster, but will his partner Laurel Weiss be able to turn him from jokester to dancer? Will passion for the dance turn into something more? Follow their story and find out.


27. Awkward With A Star

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Laurel’s POV


“Don’t think so hard, you might burst a blood vessel,” Louis told me while poking my forehead.


I glared at him, “You haven’t quite learned not to piss off the person in charge of your workout schedule, have you?”


“Nope,” Louis stated proudly and I rolled my eyes. “What are you thinking so hard about?”


“The routine,” I answered. “It just doesn’t seem right.”


Louis frowned at me, “This really seems to be bothering you.”


I shrugged, “I want to make sure the routine is good and that we perform it well. The competition is hard now and if doesn’t work well, the judges and the audience will know.”


“You need to breathe,” Louis shook my shoulders.


“Why aren’t you practicing?” I asked. He grinned sheepishly at me and I pointed, telling him to go and practice while I tried to figure this routine out. From the way I figured it, I had one other lift in mind that I thought would work well in the routine. I watched Louis practice for a couple a minutes before getting up and walking over to him. “Let’s give this one more try and if I don’t like it, we’ll change it.”


We began doing some steps before I stopped him. “You need more emotion; the tango is a passionate, romantic dance. I need to see it in your face. Let’s try that again,” I instructed.
In sync, we took two steps before he wrapped my arm around his neck and spun me to face him; I hooked my leg around his waist, his left hand gripping the back of my knee. Louis’ right hand gripped the middle of my back as I dragged my hand down his chest before I arched backwards, leaning my head back and stretching my arms behind me. As I came back up, our foreheads touched and my hand rested over his heart.


Louis’ turquoise eyes met my blue ones and I watched as they flickered to my lips and back up to my eyes. He bit his lip and my eyes traveled down his features to his lips and up to meet his eyes once more.


We both leaned in before I remembered who he was and that he had a girlfriend. I cleared my throat and pat his chest; it seemed to take him a second before he released my leg and we stepped apart. “I still don’t think that part is going to work,” I told him. Louis wouldn’t meet my eyes and I bit my lip. “Give me some time to work through the new lift.”


“Uh, yeah. I’m just going to—uh, I’ll be right back.” Louis mumbled.


He left the room and I slid down the wall, covering my eyes. That’s great, now it was going to be awkward between the two of us.


I’m glad I didn’t kiss him because I didn’t want to be the other girl and break up him and Eleanor, but damn, did I want to kiss him. And maybe it was just me; maybe it’s one sided, but the way he was looking at me, it almost felt like he wanted to kiss me too.


I shook my head and let out the breath I was holding. I stood up, shaking out my arms and tried to tell myself to focus on the dance. That’s all that mattered.


The dance.




By the time Louis returned to the studio, I had weaved the new lift into the routine and was ready to teach it to him.


“Are you ready?” I asked.


“That depends,” Louis said. “Are you ready to probably be dropped?”


I smiled, happy that we could move on from the awkwardness and replied, “Beyond ready.”
Louis smiled back and I positioned him before explaining the new part of the routine to him. “So in the beginning after the first diagonal pass when it ends with the hook steps, I’m going to step and then spin around and have my leg around your hip. Like so.” I positioned my leg appropriately.


Aren’t I a genius? Put us in another awkward position that has us closer together then necessary. Great, great thinking, Laurel.


You are a freaking genius.


Ignoring my thoughts, I tried to focus on explaining things to Louis. “Then you’re going to walk ten or eleven steps backwards, dragging me along with you.”


Louis did as I said, albeit a bit awkwardly, counting the steps until he reached ten. “Now what?” He asked.


“Now you are going to take a quarter step forward while I step back and bring my leg back.” I did just that before shaking my head. “You can’t just stand there normally; you have to look strong and powerful.” Louis fixed his stance and I adjusted his shoulders before moving on.


“Now you’re going to lead me in a cross body turn before we step apart, still holding hands. I’m going to cross my right leg over my left and you’re going to do the opposite. Our arms are also going to go behind our backs like this.”


“This already seems complicated and we haven’t even gotten to the lift yet,” Louis complained.


I smirked, “The tango is a dance with many steps.”


I explained the rest of the lift sequence from him spinning me again to him actually spinning me around twice, and then I rested on his thigh before he dipped me in between his legs and then I was back on my own two feet.


“I’m lucky you are relatively light with all the lifts you make me do,” Louis told me.


“Come on, be a man.” I joked.


The wounded look on his face made me laugh. “You try and lift another person multiple times during a dance.” Louis defended.


Rolling my eyes, I motioned for him to come closer. “I know it’s hard, but the guys are traditionally the ones to lift their partners, but there are tricks that the female does the lifting.” I put my arm behind his back and had him jump, catching his legs and holding him bridal style. “Maybe we can do one of those to give you a break.” I said while carrying him. “But,” I dropped his legs. “Not for this dance.”


“Remind me never to mess with you; you probably have a killer right hook as well.” Louis mentioned.


“Let’s hope you never have to find out,” I said mysteriously.




Saturday and Sunday were spent running through the routine repeatedly and tweaking different parts to make it perfect.


“The only thing that still needs work is your facials and the character.” I pointed out to Louis.


“You have to think and believe that you are Rico Suave. You have to be smooth and passionate while keeping the dancing in mind. Let’s go over the last part after the lift again.”


Louis set down his water bottle and I started the music a bit before the section we needed. “Be strong.” I reminded him as I stepped around him before dropping into a lunge.


He brought his hand down to my neck, guiding back to eye level. Except when he shuffled backwards and tried to sit on the chair, it fell backwards and he almost fell on his ass.


I doubled over laughing and Louis joined in after a couple of seconds. “I guess I need to work on the Suave part.” Louis choked out.


Still giggling, I nodded. “Just a bit.”


When I finally thought I had myself under control, I remembered the startled look on his face and burst into another round of giggles.


“Come on, it wasn’t that funny.” Louis protested. I looked at him and saw he was smiling, but he held his hand out. “Focus Laurel, we have to practice. I don’t feel like falling on my ass on television.”


I took a deep breath and collected my thoughts, “You’re right.” I put our arms in hold and looked at him. “Although, we’d probably get more votes if you did; you’re fans are interesting like that.”


“That might be true, but I don’t know how much more bruising my ego can take; or my ass for that matter.” Louis retorted.




The band began play our song and we ran through the routine for camera blocking. Once we were finished and the cameramen were talking with the director, I pointed out some things to Louis that we should fix before the show tonight.


“Our footwork needs to be a bit tighter in the middle section,” I said. “Let’s work it once more.”


“Like we haven’t done it enough,” Louis muttered. I sent him a glare and he put on a smile before taking my hands in his. “But I would be overjoyed to do it again.”


“Step and hook,” I said as we moved our feet.


“Was that better?” Louis asked.


“Yeah, just don’t lean your shoulders forward.” I straightened his shoulders. “If you lean forward that means you’re submitting to the woman and you don’t want to submit to me.”


Louis’ eyes darkened and I thought about what I had just said.


From the look in his eyes, I could tell that wasn’t the best choice of words.

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