Vampires and Humans

A Human girl and A Vampire Boy...


1. Vampires


      Hi! I'm Emily. I'm 15 years old. This story happened to me a month ago.


      I was sitting in the balcony with my parents. We were looking for a new home because our home was old. Later, we saw a writing "SALE" on the against  balcony. One girl came and she sat the chair. She started to read book.


      Later, we went to against home and we rang the doorbell. The door opened by a girl, who reading a book in the balcony.

She had made her hair ponytail and she had worn a pink bant. She had worn a pink track suit. She said "Hi! I'm Britney. I think You came for home". My dad said "Yes." Then Britney's mum and dad came and they said "Hello.We are Victoria and Vincent. Please come in." and we came in.


    I came in with a cute smile and I saw a boy. He had got blue eyes and brown hair. He was very handsome. I think he is 17 years old. I stared at him. At the moment I fell in love. Then Britney came next to me and she said "This is my older brother.His name is Brendan. I think he fell in love to you." I laughed and I said "How did you understand.". She said "He has not looked like that to anyone before.". I smiled. Then she introduced us and we talked for a half hour.

 The while My mum and dad were talking to their mum and dad.


   Then I rubbed my hand to wall and my finger started to bleeding. They were trying to not to look. They behaved strange to me.

   Then my mum and dad said " We have to go." and we went to home.


    Then I noticed their pale faces and their sharp thoots and I thought about for an hour.Then I understood. They were vampires!!!


    A few hours later I went Britney's home but she weren't at home. I rang the doorbell. Victoria opened the door. She was alone at home. She said "Come in Honey." and she went to the hall. I was afraid so I left the door open for escape from there because I knew she would kill me.


    I said "Ohh I forgot close the door. I will go and I will close the door.". She said "Okay.".

    Then I went to the door and I started to run. When I looked back I saw Victoria. She was running for catch me. I saw Brendan and Britney in front of me so I fell on the ground and I fainted.


    When I wake up I was lying on Brendan's lap but I couldn't open my eyes. Brendan said "Please wake up please." and he kissed me. At that moment I opened my eyes. He smiled to me and he removed me. He said "I was afraid for you. Are you okay? ". I said " Yes I am.".

He said "I need to tell you something.". I said "I know. You are a vampire."......

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