Vampires and Humans

A Human girl and A Vampire Boy...


2. The Strange Day

       Next day, Brendan came to my home and said "I want to go somewhere with you." and I said "Where?". He said "You'll see." and he secured my eyes with the small cloth. I wondered "Where are we going to?" and I scared because he is a vampire!!!


       A few minutes later, sulphure scent came to my nose and I remembered, I passed out.


       Then I opened my eyes in a small tent. He behave to me strangely and he said "We have to go home!" and I couldn't understand that.


        We didn't  talk to each other all the way. When we arrived to home he said "We have to break up." and I said "Why?" but he didn't answer my question. He kissed me and he said "I love you but..."He didn't finish his words. I was so suprised and I started to cry but he said nothing and he walked away. I felt to the ground and I didn't stand up for a while.


          I thinked that I am a stupid. I loved boy who is a vampire!!! This is impossible.

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