Your Eyes Don't Know Me Yet

Sydney is an intern for a world famous boy bands stage manager... What happens when she meets the ACTUAL boy band?


7. Welcome


 Sydney's POV

A chorus of "Thank You"s were mumbled as one by one, we got off of the bus. 

At my house.

In my driveway.

That escalated quickly.

I opened the door just as it started to rain. Down pour. I pushed the door open and held it, waiting for everyone to step in.

"You can set your coats and things anywhere," I said as I shut the door, taking off my shoes.

"Thanks again... for letting us stay,"  Harry said as he bent down to take his damp shoes off. Everyone else's heads nodded as they agreed by saying, "Yeah." I smiled and offered a "No problem," as I shook my coat off.

"I'm just going to go change real quick," Belle said as she took hold of her suitcase, looking around. It set off a signal in my head. "You can change in..." my voice trailed off as my mind wandered away. I cleared my throat after a few moments, "The bathroom, you can change in the bathroom." I smiled weakly. "It's right around that corner." She bobbed her head once and smiled slightly as she walked away.

"I have two spare bedrooms upstairs and there's one in the basement," I said as I held one of my hands with the other.

"Harry," Louis whispered. The curly haired boy looked at him as he winked. "Aww," Belle smiled, "Larry!" She walked up to us and Zayn put his arm around her waist.

"I guess that means we're sharing a room," Liam shrugged as he glanced over at Niall.

Louis and Harry started to walk up the stairs, dragging their suitcases behind them. Niall and Liam followed as Belle and Zayn started towards the basement door, Belle in her pajama bottoms.

"Thanks again for letting us stay," a girly voice sounded, making me jump. Belle appeared from the stairs and smiled at me. I grinned as I said, "Anytime."

"I'm gonna go to bed," she explained as she sighed. She hugged me unexpectedly as I had no choice but to hug back. "Your clothes are still wet," she laughed as we pulled away, touching my clothes. I looked down at my shirt to see drops of water plastered on my torso.

She smiled as she turned around and just as she was about to turn around the door frame, I heard a scream. Belle placed her hands on her chest as she breathed heavily than normal.

"ZAYN!" Belle shouted, scolding him. He answered with a laugh. "Go downstairs!" She ordered, as she kept one hand on her chest and pointed her finger with her other one.

"I need to say goodnight!" he argued.

A few moments past as no one said anything, Zayn walked up the last few steps and didn't break the eye contact with Belle.

"Goodnight," he smiled as he hugged me, surprising me just like Belle. I hugged him back as he said, "Thanks again!" He turned around to find Belle staring at him with the same face that she was when he scared her.

"I hate you," she hissed. He threw his head back in laughter as she followed right behind him, down the stairs.

Within the next ten minutes, I had three more people and got more "Thank you"s which I always responded to with a smile.

I sighed as everyone walked up the stairs, disappearing in the shadows.

One more pair of footsteps descended down the stairs as I realized that one had been missing before.

At the end of the stairs, a blonde boy stood smiling. I offered a gentle laugh as he opened his arms to hug me. I inhaled his scent as our bodies came into contact. Smiling.

As we were about to pull away, a loud crack sounded outside reminding us all that it was thundering. I tensed up as I jumped the slightest bit.

I felt Niall's chest shake as he chuckled which only made me laugh more. It was then that I realized that he had pulled me back into his warm embrace as if he had been trying to protect me.

"Goodnight," he whispered as we forced ourselves to pull back.

"Goodnight," I smiled back.

I watched as his legs moved up the stairs swiftly. After a few moments of getting trapped in my mind, I finally turned off all of the lights and started to climb the stairs having to hold onto the railing to keep from falling over.

Down the hall, I entered my blackened room starting to clean up the safety pins that lay around.



I'm sorry that this is so short. I felt bad that I hadn't updated in forever so I thought that I would give you guys something to read(: The story gets better, I promise!


P.S. I think you can figure the last sentence out...


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