Your Eyes Don't Know Me Yet

Sydney is an intern for a world famous boy bands stage manager... What happens when she meets the ACTUAL boy band?


11. Laser Tag


 Sydney's POV

 I walked down the stairs with everyone's eyes on me. Pretending not to notice, I casually walked into the basement and returned with a big box. I smirked as I opened it. Nobody said a word.

 As soon as I pulled out a gun and a vest, Liam shouted, "LASER TAG!" and began jumping up and down. I stared at him, the tiniest bit startled as to why he would get so excited.

 "Liam loves laser tag," Harry explained. I could have guessed that.

 I handed a vest and gun to everybody and as soon as we were all strapped in, Liam shouted "GO!" and ran upstairs with the biggest smile on his face.

 I walked over and shut the lights off and when I turned around, everybody was gone.

 Zayn's POV

 I walked around the house with my back pressed up against the wall, looking for a glimpse of a small light or a flicker of movement.

 I sighed quietly before I heard a rustle around the corner of the kitchen. I pulled my gun up so that I was ready for anything. Just faintly, I could see the outline of a head looking around the corner. The figure jumped out into the open and began to shoot.

 I pulled the trigger, trying to contain my laughs. 

 I soon heard a 'ding' from the other person. We both stopped shooting.

 "Aw fuck you, Zayn!"


 "How'd you know it was me?" I asked.

 "Your quiff."

 We stood in silence for a few seconds before we both turned around and ran in opposite directions.

 Liam's POV

 I rounded a corner of the house, noticing that there was a shadow moving about in the distance.

 Without a second thought, I started to shoot and the shadow looked around until he saw me. That's when they started to shout.

 After a few moments, my vest beeped. I looked down at it, disappointed. I heard a low laugh from the person standing in front of me.

 "Harry," I whined. He chuckled.

 "Sorry, Liam," he apologized and pat my shoulder.

 I started to back up, keeping my eyes locked on Harry to make sure he would start to pull the trigger again.

 Sydney's POV

 I stepped around the living room, trying to keep a watchful eye. I kept turning in circles and I couldn't help but think that if the lights were on and someone could see that I'd probably look completely and utterly ridiculous.

 After a few minutes, my face met the floor.

 I tripped.

 On someone's foot.


 I turned my head, startled and looked around frantically.

 "I don't know if it's my clumsiness or yours but we keep running into each other this way," a whisper ran through the air with a laugh followed behind. Niall.

 I chuckled lightly. I looked to my side and saw the outline of his head. He was close. Closer than I thought. Right beside me actually.

 Silence pricked the air. After a while, I couldn't take it. I held my gun up and shot Niall directly in the sensor.

 He laughed again, shooting me back.

 "How long have you been laying here?" I questioned.

 "Since the game started," he answered simply. "I didn't expect anyone to trip over my feet."

 I looked at his feet behind us. "Maybe you shouldn't have them sticking out farther from the couch," I joked.

 "Maybe," he shot back. 

 And I could have sworn that he winked.


 Niall's POV

 Sydney and I laid on the ground for a few minutes before a loud bang sounded on the window across the room. A face appeared through the glass and the both of us jumped.

 Without thinking, I pulled Sydney close to me, seeing that she was almost panic stricken and shaking.

 My arm was around her and her hand clutched to mine.




Again, I'm sorry that it took me forever to upload. 

I apologize that this chapter is a tad short but there were (kind of) a lot of different characters' POV's so I hope that made up for it.

Thank you guys so much for reading!!!

I love you all and have a FANTASTIC DAY :D







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