Your Eyes Don't Know Me Yet

Sydney is an intern for a world famous boy bands stage manager... What happens when she meets the ACTUAL boy band?


3. Concert


 Belle's POV

"What happened to your forehead anyway?" I questioned Sydney as soon as she came up to me. I couldn't stand not knowing anymore.

She hesitated before answering, "Niall hit me with a door..."

She must have seen the expression on my face because she started to explain, "NO, not on purpose. I was about to open the door to one of the hallways but Niall was coming through the other side and the door swung open and... yeah..." She looked up at her forehead as if she had any chance of seeing it.

I nodded and stared at her cut, it was probably going to scar.

"Does it still hurt?" I asked.

She shrugged, "A little, I mean, only when I touch it."

"Better not touch it," I joked.

Sydney smiled and turned towards the stage. The boys weren't out yet but fans were starting to flood into their seats. I took the time to look at Sydney's hair. That sounds weird... but her hair was so long and dark. A pretty long and dark, it wasn't black but brown. It matched her eyes... she was pretty, but if someone told her that, she wouldn't believe it.

 Sydney's POV

I could feel Belle staring at me but I didn't want her to know that I knew.

"5 MINUTES!" I heard someone shout, disturbing my thoughts.

"Sydney, get the boys a water," the stage manager ordered. I looked at Belle and then headed towards the fridge. I grabbed five waters and held them in my arms.

I walked over to the four boys getting ready and handed them their bottles. 

"Thanks," they each said while smiling.

I told them "You're welcome" and walked away, trying to find the blonde boy so I could give him his water. I looked around and just when I was about to give up, I turned around and he was standing right in front of me. I gasped and stepped back.

Niall laughed and I let out a breath and smiled.

"I won't hit you with this," he said cheekily, smirking.

I smiled and let out a breath that was supposed to be a laugh. I hunched over the slightest bit while doing so.

"TWO MINUTES!" a hand hit Niall on his shoulder and he swung only his head around.

"I'll see you around!" he gave me one last smile before he jogged away.

I stood there for what seemed like forever. Belle called me over and signaled me with her hands to come and stand by her. I walked over to her and took a breath.

Belle smirked, "Who were you talking to over there?" She nudged my shoulder with her elbow, a hint of sarcasm in her voice... well, more like a whole BUCKET of sarcasm.

"Jesus." I answered back, equally as sarcastically.

Before Belle could answer, a voice came over us, "FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE!" The preview started out on the stage and that's when the screams begin...

Ten seconds before the guys had to go on to stage, Zayn came over and kissed Belle on the cheek, "Don't fall," she said cheekily. He turned his head back over and stuck his tongue out at her.

The five boys had started to run out on stage when Zayn tripped and ALMOST fell flat on his face. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT!" Belle shouted.

"SHUT UP!" he yelled back at her. I couldn't help but giggle. They really were cute together... I smiled at the thought.

I watched as they stood on stage and listened as their voices boomed through the microphones. Soon, the beginning of their first song started.

"Hey, can I get a coffee?" I heard someone screech over the music. I sighed in frustration as I walked over to the coffee pot. I poured a cup and handed it to the man.

"Sorry," I apologized to Belle.

Together, Belle and I stood at the curtain and peered at the boys doing their thing. After a few songs, they rushed back stage and started to strip down to change their clothes.

"Toss that shirt over here, would ya?" Someone yelled, directing the question towards me. I looked around frantically until my eyes caught hold of a red top. I scooped it up in my arms and tossed it to Niall, the one holding his hands out. "Tanks," he said, smiling. His accent was cute... so was his smile...

WAIT! I did not just call him cute.

My thoughts were interrupted by someone counting down, "THREE, TWO, ONE!"

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