Your Eyes Don't Know Me Yet

Sydney is an intern for a world famous boy bands stage manager... What happens when she meets the ACTUAL boy band?


9. Baseball


 Sydney's POV

I rushed down the stairs in my baseball pants and an old tee shirt with socks pulled up to my knees. I almost slipped twice down the steps, having to hold onto the railing to keep my balance.

"Where's the fire?" Belle asked sarcastically while she ate a bowl of cereal. I gave her a half smile as I walked passed her and into the kitchen.

"I have baseball practice," I briefly explained.

"Don't you mean softball?" She questioned, obviously confused.

"No," I paused as I popped a piece of toast in the toaster, "I play in a men's league."

"Men's league?" Niall entered our conversation.

"Why wouldn't you play with the women?" Liam asked.

"Because," I grabbed my piece of toast and set it on a plate, "I've always played baseball. I can pitch better that way anyway."

"You're a pitcher?" Harry asked. I nodded, not looking up as I grabbed my baseball bag and adjusted it on my shoulder.

"I have to go. I'll be back in two hours!" I attempted to wave but with everything I had in my hands, it didn't work too well.

"Wait!" I heard a voice call from behind me. I turned around to find Louis holding the whipped cream container from last night. It was stained a deep red color. "What happened to this?"

I turned to face Niall, a smirk growing from my lips. He gave me the same look. I laughed and said, "Bye!" before I closed the door and began to walk to the baseball diamond.


 Louis' POV

I looked over Niall, seeing him smiling to himself as he stared at the ground.

"What was that?" I asked, having an idea of what could've happened. 

"Nothing," he answered simply as he sat down at the table with a pop tart in his possession.

"You liar," Zayn slid across the table and stopped in front of the boy who wasn't telling the truth.

Niall scoffed and stood up from the table, a grin still appeared on his face. "Don't worry about it," he said.

Nobody said a thing as they all exited the kitchen, the two of us still standing there.

"Oh, I'll worry about it," I said, giving him a creepy look. I began to back up. "I'll worry," I whispered again. I stuck up two fingers, pointed them at my eyes and pointed them at Niall to signal him that I was watching his every move. He responded with wide eyes and a slightly confused expression on his face. I left the room without another word.


 Sydney's POV

I began to warm up my arm, starting off with pitching slow. The speed increased as my arm got more and more used to the movement. I would pitch the ball and walk forwards, the catcher would throw it back to me and I would walk back to the mound to repeat the same steps over again. 

The sun started to rise higher into the sky, causing me to blink more frequently and squint my eyes even though I was wearing sun glasses.

Drill after drill. Play after play. Everything seemed to fly by but the same time, last forever. Beads of sweat started to form on the back of everyone's necks and I couldn't help but tie my hair up.

Practice was soon over and we all went to pack all of our stuff up. It smelled terrible by the bench; everyone hot from the sun beating down. I sighed and took a swig of water before I put it in my bag and began to walk home.

I took long, slow strides on the way back. I thought about the night before...

The way Niall would ask the dumbest questions and I would reply with an even dumber answer.

We would laugh and sigh but we would keep going. We were loud and crazy but couldn't help ourselves. We didn't care though. 

We didn't care that at any given moment, we could have woken someone.

We didn't care that our shoulders occasionally brushed because we had to use each other to steady ourselves from almost dying of laughter.

We didn't care that we were being ourselves but more importantly, liked showing showing our true colors.

Before I knew it, I was standing on the porch in front of the house, pushing the door open. 

"Go fish," someone said. I looked over at the couch and saw everyone in weird positions with cards held in the palms of their hands. They all looked up at me. My sweaty face and wind blown hair.

I dropped my bag on the ground and it landed with a thump.

"How was it?" I heard.


"Just fine?" I recognized Belle's voice. I nodded as I turned around to face her.

"You're boring."

"You're the one playing go fish," I shot back. She stared at her cards and then looked back to me as if to say that I was right.

"We're doing something fun," I paused, "After I shower."

Everyone gave me weird looks. A grin played at my lips but I said nothing. I walked up the stairs in silence, eyes burning on my back as they stared.

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