Your Eyes Don't Know Me Yet

Sydney is an intern for a world famous boy bands stage manager... What happens when she meets the ACTUAL boy band?


1. Intern


 Sydney's POV

"Sydney!" I heard my name being shouted. I glanced over to where the noise was coming from. I locked eyes with one of the sound engineers. "Water," he said simply, signaling me to grab him one. I quickly walked over to the fridge that was kept in the far corner and grabbed a what he wanted. I walked just as fast over to the thirsty man and handed him his beverage.

"Can you get me one, too?" The man next to him asked. I nodded and smiled shyly, turning around and stepping towards the fridge again. Once again, I walked towards the same spot and gave the bottle to the other man.

As I turned around, the stage manager was standing in front of me. "The band is going to be here soon, so I need you to take every guitar in this place and tune it, you can tune a guitar, right?"

"Of course," I nodded slightly. He gave me a small smile and began talking on his headset as he walked away.

I sighed and walked over the long row of guitars sitting on their stands. I stood in front of the first one and gripped it in my palms. I placed the strap over my shoulder and strummed the strings. My eyes got wide as I heard the noise... It was so out of tune! Right then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"They haven't been tuned in weeks," a voice said, the stage managers voice. He patted my shoulder and few quick but short times and hurried away. I sighed loudly as I once again, glided my fingers across the strings.

I had only four guitars left to tune when I heard the back down open and slam closed. Boys laughter drummed against my ears. I glanced over to where the boys voices were only to find One Direction standing a few yards away from me. I looked back at the guitar I was holding and kept tuning it, not really wanting the guys to notice me.

"Fingers hurt?" A voice boomed from across the room. I peeked over to one of the light engineers and saw him looking back at me. The room erupted into quiet giggles. I wasn't sure what to do or say so I smiled at the man and went back to work. But before my mind completely focused on my job, my eyes wandered to see if any of the boys had heard the light engineer. The boys had glanced at me but had turned away to listen to the stage manager shortly after. Except for the blonde one who glanced at my fingers plucking the strings and then looked up farther into my eyes.

Not in my eyes but through them. 

He turned away when he realized that he wasn't paying attention to what was really important. And that was what the stage manager was saying.

I finally finished tuning all of the guitars by noon. I knew that noon meant that it was lunch time so I wasn't surprised when one of the workers came up to me and asked me to go to McDonalds and get lunch for everybody. He gave me a wad of money and told me to just get something for everyone off of the dollar menu. We headed into different directions, my direction happening to be right passed the boys.

I walked as normal as I could, giving the fact that it was a tad crowded and my shoulders brushed the blonde boy's. I pushed through the doors and started off on foot. I didn't have a car. The walk wasn't interesting so there's really no point in telling you about it...

I ordered what I needed and ignored the stares I got when the cashier realized that I had bought enough food to feed two hundred lions. It was a bit of a struggle to walk back to the venue with so many bags full of food. I swung the door open and as soon as I did, I got attacked. Almost as if I did buy enough food to feed two hundred lions. All of the bags were gone out  of my hands in less than two minutes. I sighed and brushed myself off.

I stepped towards one of the doors that led to the bathrooms. My fingers were just inches away from the door handle when the door swung open and bashed into my head.

I stepped back a few feet and brought my hand up to my forehead, wincing.

"Oh my God, I'm SO sorry!" I heard a thick accent apologize. I heard footsteps coming towards me and while I was looking at the ground, I saw shoes.

I glanced up and meet blue eyes, closer to mine than I had originally thought.

"Are you okay?" the blonde boy whispered, concerned. His voice was barely audible. I took my hand off of my probably bleeding head and simply answered with one word...


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