Breaking Locks

Catherine is looking for her dad. She's also trying to escape an organisation trying to kill her. She goes to London to discover that her father is the infamous James Bond, Agent 007 of the British Secret Service. ALL RIGHTS AND CREDIT FOR CERTAIN CHARACTERS(James Bond, M, Q, Eve Moneypenny) GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER (Ian Fleming, Eon Productions etc.)


3. Meeting M


I woke the next morning to the sound of the heavy felt curtains being opened at the window. I sat up to see a man, I presumed he was Jerry, picking up a tray and carrying it over to my bed.

"Good morning, Miss Catherine," he said as he flipped two stands down from beneath the tray and placing it either side of my thighs. "After your breakfast, Miss Angeline expects you downstairs in her office to go to the headquarters."

"Thank you," I smiled at the rather round man as he nodded politely at me and walked briskly back out of my room. 
I sat up properly and looked at the plate in front of me. There were waffles with strawberries, cream and maple syrup piled up in the middle of the plate. The sight of it made me feel queasy. I took one bite and couldn't eat anymore. My stomach was used to a piece of bread in the morning, not this delicious feast I had on my lap. I forced myself to take another bite, my stomach churned with the sweetness of the cream and the syrup. I noticed a mug on the tray and peered inside. Tea was a treat and we could only get it if someone stole it from the market, and that rarely happened. I took a sip and treasured the taste in my mouth. I drank the rest and got out of bed. I went into the bathroom and noticed my wet clothes had disappeared. I grabbed my rucksack from next to the radiator and checked the pockets. My gun was still in there. I breathed a sigh of relief and took it back into the bedroom. I took off my warm pyjamas and got into the jeans and jumper. I found some socks in one of the draws and put them on. I looked in one of the cupboards and found some expensive looking trainers. As I went downstairs I couldn't help myself and looked at the indentions on the lavish wood. The swirls looked so delicate and the flowers looked as though they were from a fairytale. 

I got to the study and saw Angie sitting behind her desk, writing in what looked like a really important file. Her blonde hair was tied up into a tight bun and a pair of glasses balanced on her nose. She was wearing a white suite which made her look like a really important business woman. It made me wonder what kind of job she was in. She looked up and noticed me standing at the door. 

"Ah, good morning Cat. I see you managed to find all the things you needed in your room." She smiled and started packing away whatever she was writing. 

"Yeah, thanks," I smiled back. She picked up a briefcase that was next to her desk and put the file into it. I waited patiently at the door and wondered where we were going. 

"Come on then, we're going out the back," Angie said leading me through to the kitchen to the back door. I gasped as I saw a Jaguar waiting outside the back gate. This was the most luxurious car I had ever seen up close. I tended to avoid cars, especially ones with blacked out windows like this one. A man in a suit got out of the driver's side and opened the door for me. I said thank you and slid into the seat next to Angie. 

"Where are we going?" I asked her. 

"To meet mine and your father's boss. You want to know more about him, don't you?" She asked. I nodded as I put my seat belt on. We drove round to the front of the house and down the road. As we drove I watched out the window as a countless amount of luxury houses and apartments passed by. We were going over a bridge across the Thames when I noticed a large building that I recognized. 

"That's MI6 isn't it?" I asked. Angie looked at me.

"Yes, how did you know?" She looked surprised.

"I recognize it. And Isha spoke about how some men tried to blow it up and it was all over the news." I told her. 

"That's where I work. So does your father." 

"My dad's a spy?!" I asked with an astonished voice. 

"You could say that," Angie smiled and looked out the window again. We drove up to the gate and were let in. I looked up at the modern building and wondered what was going to happen in the next few minutes.  

We got out and another man in a grey suit led us into the building. Angie walked beside him talking about numbers. I heard them mention the number 007 a few times. I wondered who it could be. The man, who's name I discovered was Tanner, led us into a room that was filled with computers and more men and women in suits working frantically at the computers. I looked around in amazement and the feeling in the room gave me a kind of buzz. Tanner led us into a small office with a large door at the opposite end. 

"This is as far as I go with you Cat, wait here and Miss Moneypenny will let you know when M is ready to see you," Angie said with a smile. I nodded and watched her walk out of the door, followed closely by Tanner. I turned around and looked at the woman behind the desk opposite the large door. 

"Hello Cat," she smiled at me. "I'm Eve Moneypenny." She held out her hand and I shook it firmly. She gestured to the sofa next to the bookshelf. I sat down and she sat next to me. I wasn't sure about her; something didn't feel right.

"M told me you were here to find out about your father," she said with an interested tone in her voice.

"Yeah, I don't know much about him, so Angie took me here because he works here. She also said M knows him better than anyone else."  I looked out of the window and once again rain was beating down on it like a toddler on a toy drum. 

"Moneypenny, send Catherine in for me, would you?" a voice came from a speaker above the large door. Eve Moneypenny looked at me and smiled. 

"In you go then," she smiled as she stood up and went back to her desk. I stood up and went to the big door. I opened it and stepped inside. I shut the door behind me and turned to face the man who knew a lot about my father. 

"Hello Catherine, I'm M." M stood up from behind his large oak desk and shook my hand.

"It's Cat," I gave him a small smile. 

"Cat, please take a seat." He gestured to the posh leather chair on the opposite side of his desk. I sat down and dropped my rucksack next to the chair. I gave him a small smile. He sat back down his large chair, and rested his elbows on the desk. He leaned forward and looked at me. 

"You know, you look a lot like your father," he said studying my face. "You probably don't know what he looks like, but you have the same eyes." He carried on studying my face. I felt awkward and self conscious, so to distract myself I looked at the bookshelves behind him. There were many classic books on the shelves. None of which I had ever had the chance to read, but I had a feeling M would let me borrow some of them. 

"How much do you know about your father?" He asked leaning back in his chair. 

"Not much. I know he works here, he's British and he carries a gun," I looked back at him. He looked surprised that I mentioned the gun.

"Have you got a gun?" He asked. I stood up and reached round the back of my jeans and pulled out my 9mm Walter PPK that my mother had given me. I placed it on M's desk and sat back down. 

"It was my father's. It's the only thing he left when he left my mother. She gave it to me before she was killed." I said. My voice was surprisingly cold and lifeless. M picked up the gun and nodded. He examined it and then looked at me. 

"I wonder," he said thoughtfully, looking back at the gun. He looked at me and I saw his eyes light up. "Come with me. We'll walk and talk." He jumped out of his chair and briskly walked towards his door with my gun still in his hand. I picked up my rucksack and followed him.

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