Breaking Locks

Catherine is looking for her dad. She's also trying to escape an organisation trying to kill her. She goes to London to discover that her father is the infamous James Bond, Agent 007 of the British Secret Service. ALL RIGHTS AND CREDIT FOR CERTAIN CHARACTERS(James Bond, M, Q, Eve Moneypenny) GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER (Ian Fleming, Eon Productions etc.)


4. Just Like Her Father

M and I walked back through the small office where Miss Moneypenny was working at her desk. She looked up as M rushed past her desk.

"Sir?" She asked as he opened her door. 

"Send Q down to the Range, and Tanner. Oh and get 009 down there too." he said quickly.

"Yes sir." Moneypenny said as she picked up the phone on her desk. M gestured me to follow him again as he rushed through the door. I followed him quickly.

We hurried through the room with computers, a few people glanced as M stormed past. I tried keeping up with him when a man in his early twenties caught up to him first and started to speak to him. 

"Sir? Moneypenny said you wanted me down in the Range," he looked at M and then noticed me behind him. He gave M a puzzled look.

"I'll explain in the lift." M said looking at him. Then Tanner came from around a corner and stood the opposite side of M. 

"Sir," he nodded. M nodded back at him as he stopped outside a lift and pressed the button. Tanner looked at me and came and stood next to me. 

"So, Cat, what do you think of MI6 so far?" he asked me. I let out a sigh of disbelief.

"It's hectic. But so far I think it's pretty cool." I smiled at him. 

"Glad you're enjoying it." He replied smiling down at me.


The lift doors opened and the four of us walked in. M stood next to me and put his hand on my shoulder. The other man looked at me and then back at M. He looked very confused. 

"Cat, this is Q. Q, this is Cat. You and I are going to tell Cat all about her father. But first I want to know just how much she has inherited from him." M said looking from Q to Tanner and then to me.

"Hi, Cat." Q said holding out his hand. I shook it and gave him a small smile. His hair was curly and looked as if he had just got out of bed. He pushed a few locks of hair out of his face and smiled back at me.

"Q is the Quartermaster and head of Q-branch," M explained to me. 

"Q-branch?" I asked. 

"We make the gadgets that our Intelligence Officers use when they're out in the field." Q said with a smile. "We also use computers a lot to hack into various databases to find information, but that is done in almost every department here in MI6." 

"Oh, cool." I replied, not knowing what else to say.


The elevator stopped and the doors slid open to reveal a large room with several metal doors coming off it. M led the way into the door directly opposite the elevator. I followed him and Tanner and Q followed behind. I heard them whispering something behind me but couldn't figure out what.  M opened the door and let me go in first. I looked around at the various targets and different kind of training equipment. I noticed a man leaning against the table in a booth. He was tall with dark hair, and looked very muscular. He nodded at M and then walked forward and shook M's hand. He turned to me and held out his hand. I shook it without any hesitation. 

"Cat, this is William Smith, also known as Agent 009," M introduced me to tall stranger. 

"Pleased to meet you," I smiled up at him.

"Call me Will," he said as he returned the smile and let go of my hand. I smiled and turned to look at M.

"William will be training with you today while Q, Tanner and I will be observing you," M explained as he gestured around the training area. I gulped and looked around at the different types of equipment there were. 

"Don't be scared, Cat. William will take good care of you whilst you train," Q said as he put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I gave him a small smile.

"Here," M said as he pulled my Walther out of his pocket. I took it from him and felt its familiar weight in my hand. I felt better with it close to me. 

"We'll start with shooting practice. Let's see if you live up to M's expectations," Will winked as he led me over to where he was stood earlier. He pressed a button and several targets started popping up. "Take a shot at each one. The faster the time the better." He explained. I positioned myself in front of the barrier separating me from the moving targets. I lifted my gun, aimed and fired. BANG! I looked at where the bullet had hit a target in the middle of the forehead. I heard M chuckle slightly from somewhere behind me.

"Carry on," Will encouraged me with a smile on his face. I shot again, hitting another target in the chest. 


Q, Tanner and I watched as Cat shot at the targets over and over again, never missing a single shot. It was astounding that a girl this young could handle a gun so well. Normally it took years of practice to get this kind of accuracy, yet she was making it look absolutely effortless. 

"M, she's brilliant," Tanner whispered beside me. 

"I think that's an understatement," Q whispered from my other side.

"I agree with Q. It's been years and years since we have found someone with this amount of talent," I replied watching how the concentration on Sarah's face faltered for a split second but somehow, she still hit the target dead on in the heart area. 

"She'd be lethal out in the field," Tanner stated. I nodded. 009 looked over at me and gave me the thumbs up. I knew this girl would be one of the top agents at MI6 if she chose to join us.

"Do you know what boys?" I asked Q and Tanner.

"What sir?" They replied in unison.

"She's just like her father," I smiled to myself as she hit the last target 3 times in the stomach, which would've caused a painful death had it been real.

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