Breaking Locks

Catherine is looking for her dad. She's also trying to escape an organisation trying to kill her. She goes to London to discover that her father is the infamous James Bond, Agent 007 of the British Secret Service. ALL RIGHTS AND CREDIT FOR CERTAIN CHARACTERS(James Bond, M, Q, Eve Moneypenny) GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER (Ian Fleming, Eon Productions etc.)


8. Interrupted

We arrived at a little restaurant not far from Covent Garden’s market place. It was small yet comfortable and the food looked delicious.

“What do you fancy Cat?” Q asked.

“I’m not sure,” I said as I browsed the menu. “Spicy Pasta Bake sounds good.” I watched as Q read the meal description. His brow furrowed.

“Are you sure?”

“Or perhaps we can share a margherita pizza?” I suggested. I saw Q’s eyes light up at that suggestion and knew he would agree to it. I gazed out of the window and watched the Londoners pass by as Q made our order.

“Cat?” I looked at Q. “What drink do you want?”

“A Coke please,” I smiled at the waiter who nodded and smiled back as he went to fetch our drinks.

“Coke isn’t very good for you,” Q said for the second time that day.

“I know,” I replied. His mouth twitched into a smile. I couldn’t help but smile back. The waiter came back over with our drinks and set them down in front of us. Q had ordered a glass of water. I smiled knowing that he was very conscious about what he ate and swore to myself that I would make him eat something unhealthy.

“What?” Q asked. I looked at him. “You were smiling at something?”

“Oh, nothing,” I smiled at him. He looked suspicious but dropped it. We chatted about little things and big things until the waiter bought our pizza over. I watched as Q took a piece and started cutting it into bite-sized pieces. I burst out laughing.

“What now?” Q asked me, his eyebrows rose in a questioning look.

“I haven’t had pizza in a long time, but I am not going to eat it like that!” I said as I picked up a piece of pizza and took a big bite out of it. Q shook his head and laughed.


“Yes, Q?”

“What happened in India to make you want to come and find Bond?” I felt my face drop. I wasn’t expecting that question.

“Didn’t M tell you?” I said in a small voice.

“No, he said it wasn’t his place to say and that I should ask you,” Q’s voice seemed to be equally as small as mine. I kept my eyes down as a thousand memories and emotions rushed into my mind. Isha’s expression when she saw the massacre, the words she hissed at me, and the scene that was my friend’s bodies tossed all over the room and the blood stained walls. I felt Q’s hand on mine and realised I was crying. I wiped the tears away and smiled at Q.

“You don’t have to tell me about it now, but I am here for you,” he whispered. He stroked my hand reassuringly.

“I’d rather not speak about it now to be honest,” I said. I wiped the remaining tears away and took another bite of the pizza as I tried to bury the memories. We spoke about work then, and about how much of an impact I could have on MI6. I was the youngest agent that was to become licensed to kill, a double-oh. Which double-oh I was to become I didn’t know but I hoped my father would be proud of me. I kept stealing glances at Q’s face and hoped that he didn’t notice. His glasses sat perfectly on his cute nose and his hair looked smart, in a messy way. You would never think that he worked for MI6; however you would suspect that he was a complete geek. He was the kind of guy that was the office geek but still had ladies chase him. I had seen the way a couple of the female tech engineers had looked at him as he showed me round Q-Branch. It was funny actually. We were almost finished with our meal Q’s phone rang. He looked at it.

“It’s M,” he sighed as he answered it. His expression changed for a second before he got his composure back.

“Okay, we’ll be there soon,” he said as he hung up. “Duty calls, Cat.” He stood up and put his jacket on.

“Do we have to go back?” I asked. “I was really enjoying this.” I blushed immediately after letting the words slip out of my mouth. Q smiled as he held my jacket for me to put on.

“Me too, Cat. But unfortunately the boss has summoned us.” He paid the waiter and led me out of the restaurant.


Q hailed a cab again and we climbed into the back. The journey was a silent one apart from Q pointing out buildings and famous hotels, such as the Savoy.

“Can you drop us off here?” Q asked the driver who nodded sullenly and pulled over. Q handed the driver the money and opened the door for us.

“Why did you get us dropped off here?” I asked wondering what he was up to.

“London is a nice place to walk at night,” he shrugged. “Come on.” Q held his hand out for me and without hesitating I took it and we walked off towards MI6. It felt weird holding Q’s hand; a nice kind of weird though. I hadn’t had much of an interest in boys, there wasn’t much room to think about them when I was running for my life or trying to stay out of the spotlight. Having a boyfriend was something neither I nor my mother could risk; it would’ve been fair to put an innocent person at risk because of a vendetta against me. It felt different with Q though, because I knew he had seen things that are terrible and I knew he could help me. His hand felt like it belonged there. He turned and looked at me, his green eyes sparkling in the light of the lamps above us. I looked at him and smiled. He returned it with his cute smile and a squeeze of my hand. He turned and looked ahead of us and sighed as we neared MI6. We stopped and he turned to look at me.

“Let’s not hold hands as we walk in,” he said.

“Why?” I asked letting go of his hand.

“Well, Bond seems like a protective father and I need him to be able to work with me without hating me,” he laughed. I smiled back and let him take me hand again. His eyes didn’t leave mine as he took my hand up to his mouth and kissed it gently. I felt my heart thump against my chest and wondered if he had heard it too. We heard someone clear their throat behind us and both jumped.

“Soon, eh?” M said. “Let’s hope James didn’t see that Q, I reckon he’d have your head off.”

“Yes, sir,” Q said, embarrassment clear in his voice. “Let’s go.” He smiled at me and his eyes twinkled as he nodded towards the doors of MI6. I smiled back and started walking in, Q trailing behind me a bit.

“Well, looks like you made quite an impression on young Q,” M laughed as he put an arm around my shoulders. I looked away embarrassed and saw Q smile at me as he walked past and into the building.

“Don’t be embarrassed Cat! A lot of women here have tried, but he wasn’t interested. I was getting slightly worried that he was gay!” M laughed. “Mind you, it wouldn’t bother me if he was, it would explain his dress sense!” M let out another laugh and I smiled at the thought of a camp Q. M opened the door for me and the security guard let us go through without being searched.


M and I walked up to Q-branch in silence and I knew something was going on. As we walked in I noticed Dad having a serious word with Q.

“He saw,” M whispered in my ear. I nodded in agreement and mentally kicked myself. Q noticed us and looked at me, Dad followed his gaze and his eyes warmed. He said something to Q quickly and then came over to me.

“Are you alright?” He asked me.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” I said. I looked at Q and was surprised when I saw him turn around to look at the screens. He looked as if he was in pain.

“Bond, do you really think Q would hurt your daughter?” M asked as he put his hand on Dad’s arm.

“No, but she’s my daughter and I’ve only just got her back. I don’t want another man stealing her when I’ve had her for less than five minutes!”

“Woah,” I said. “I don’t belong to anyone. I came back out of choice. I can leave if I choose to, so don’t start any of this crap, okay Dad?” I looked him straight in the eye. He looked shocked at my outburst but M looked proud.

“She is definitely your daughter, James,” M said as he patted Dad’s shoulder and walked towards Q.

“Look, do what makes you happy. Just don’t go, I want to get to know you.”

“I’m staying,” I said. “I want more stability in my life and the only way I can do it is with real family and real friends.”

“A career at MI6 is hardly going to give you stability.”

“But being around you and Q will,” I sighed and walked away towards Q and M.


Q, M, Dad and I were gathered around a large table in Q-branch’s main room.

“We called you two back because we’ve just been informed of an organisation in the Carribean,” M said in a serious voice. I felt my whole body tense. Q looked at me from across the table with a worried look in his eyes. I gave him a quick nod and looked at M, who was also looking at me.

“I am going to send Bond out tonight to scope the situation and hopefully shut the organisation out.”

“The man we believe to be running the organisation is a man known only by the name Raven,” Dad said as he pressed a button the table. A picture popped up on the screen behind him.

“Now I see why he’s known as Raven,” I said. The man had extremely dark hair and his nose somewhat resembled a beak. His eyes were dark and piercing. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and shivered involuntarily.

“Are you alright Cat?” M asked. I nodded not taking my eyes off the picture that still plastered the screen. There was a familiarity about him that I couldn’t pin point but somehow I knew he had something to do with my mother’s death.

“I’m sure he has something to do with my mother’s death,” I whispered.

“How sure are you?” Q asked coming to stand next to me.

“I just have a feeling that he does,” I said. M looked at Dad who was staring intently at me. I looked at him and his blue eyes were burning with fury; he turned around and looked at the screen.

“I’ll get him for you Cat,” Dad said with a determined look in his eyes. I nodded and walked over to give him a hug.

“You’re safe here now. We’ll always look after you,” he whispered into my ear. “All of us, M, Q and I, we’ll keep you safe.” I looked over to M who was nodding in agreement and Q who gave me a small smile.

“Okay,” I replied as I let go of my father. I listened intently as M carried on going over the history of this organisation and who Raven was involved with and who his most regular clients were.

“When do I leave M?” Dad asked.

“In an hour, I’ve arranged a jet to take you to Jamaica and from there you will make your way to St Lucia by a private boat.”

“Stay away from them for now, observe them, and watch where they go and who they speak to. But whatever you do 007, don’t get caught,” Q said. His voice sounded a little old for his age when he was telling my father what to do.

“Any fancy gadgets for me Q?” Dad asked cocking his eyebrow up.

“Well, yes actually.” Q walked to a chest of drawers and pulled out a case. He opened the case and showed Dad and I.

“Now do listen 007, this is no ordinary cigar. Once you light it, it will set a timer of two minutes. That gives you two minutes to set it down and make an excuse to leave the room; such as going to the lavatory. After two minutes the cigar will explode, injuring anyone within 10 feet.”

“Fancy,” Dad said taking the cigar in his hand.

“And this, your usual Walther PPK, coded once again to your hand print. Oh, and your standard issue miniature radio for emergencies only 007.” Q’s voice was serious and he gave my father a stern look. “I expect my equipment back in one piece, apart from the cigar, of course.” My father nodded and placed the cigar back in the case which he then put in the inside pocket of his black suit jacket.

“Time to go 007,” M’s voice came from the door.

“Can I go to the airport with him?” I asked.

“Unfortunately not Cat,” M said.

“Look, darling, I’ll be back before you know it. And then we can really get to know each other, okay?” Dad cupped my face with his big hands and his sparkling blue eyes gazed into mine. I nodded and hugged him again. I felt him press his lips onto the top of my head and smiled to myself.

“Bond,” M’s voice came from the door again, this time it was more urgent.

“I’m coming,” Dad replied. “Q will look after you. I’ll be back soon.” Dad gave me another quick hug and then left, leaving me standing with Q by my side. I walked over to the window and watched my father get into a taxi. I wondered how long he would be when I felt a hand slide into mine. I looked up to see Q smiling down at me.

“Let’s take you home,” he said. I took one last look out of the window but the taxi was long gone.

“Okay,” I replied.


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