Breaking Locks

Catherine is looking for her dad. She's also trying to escape an organisation trying to kill her. She goes to London to discover that her father is the infamous James Bond, Agent 007 of the British Secret Service. ALL RIGHTS AND CREDIT FOR CERTAIN CHARACTERS(James Bond, M, Q, Eve Moneypenny) GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER (Ian Fleming, Eon Productions etc.)


2. I Knew Your Mother

I looked blankly at the woman staring wide-eyed at me. She stepped out quickly and that was when I noticed the posh dress she was wearing. And how her hair was perfectly styled into a neat bun at the top of her head. I noticed how her ear rings sparkled even in the rain. She looked up and down the street, as if she was searching for someone and then grabbed my arm.  

"Come on! Come in quickly!" She said agitatedly. I quickly stepped into her huge house. I gasped as I saw the interior of her hallway. The walls were covered in an elegant red paint and there was a grand chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The stairs had matching red carpeting trailing up them and a mahogany railing with such elegantly carved details that would be fit for the queen.  

"Cat, darling, what are you doing back in London?" The woman asked me. She was stood in a doorway at the end of the corridor. I looked at her and she gestured to got through the door.  

"I'm looking for my father." I answered her truthfully. I gasped once again as I walked into an even bigger room than the hallway. It was grander and more elegant. Mahogany bookshelves lined the walls and a great big mahogany desk stood in the middle of the room with two lavish chairs on one side and a large leather chair, made out of what looked like the finest leather in the world, on the other side. I looked back up to the ceiling and saw two more elegant chandeliers. She took me by the hand and sat me on a little sofa beneath the window.  

"Why are you looking for him? You do realise you can get yourself killed being back here," she looked me straight in the eyes.  

"I've escaped death more than five times. I'm sure I can manage one more. I don't mean to be rude but who are you?" I asked looking around her study again. 

"Sorry! You probably don't remember me. Your mother and I were housemates. We shared this house. My name is Angeline or Angie for short. I knew your mother very well, and when she left with you I couldn't bear to move out, just in case she decided to return or in case you turned up, like today."  

"Do you know my father?" I asked with eager eyes. She nodded her head slightly and a weird look passed across her face.  

"I do know him. Very well in fact." She looked out the window and gazed at the thundering rain.  

"Can you take me to him?" I asked.  

"He's not in England at the moment but I can take you to the person that knows him the most. First though, we have to clean you up. Come on, upstairs." Angie stood up and took my hand as she led me back to the grand entrance and up the astonishing stairs. I trailed my fingers along the intricate designs of the banisters and gazed at the marvellous paintings that hung on the walls.

We reached a room that wasn't as big as the study, but still much bigger than I was used to. Back in India a room like this would have more than twenty children sleeping in it. It would take me some time to get used to the differences between the cultures. Angie walked over to a large white door with a mirror attached to it and opened it.  

"Come here, darling. Let's get some clothes for you." She went into the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of posh jeans and a very nice wool jumper. She held them up against my body and nodded in satisfaction.  

"These will do you nicely tomorrow when you meet M." 

"Who's M?" I asked looking from the clothes to Angie. 

"The person closest to your father." Angie replied. "If you’re lucky you might even bump into Eve and Q." She smiled as she pulled out some pyjamas. Angie laid the jeans and jumper over a plush armchair by the big bay window and laid the pyjamas on the bed. She crossed the room to another big white door. This time it opened up to reveal a bathroom.  

"You can have a shower now quickly and change into the pyjamas and whilst you're showering I'll get Jerry to prepare you some food, okay?" She smiled as she switched the shower on for me. I nodded and watched as she put a towel on the radiator in the bathroom.  

"Anything you need, just let me know okay?" I nodded again and smiled politely at her. "I'll let you shower now," she said in a gentle voice as she made her way out of the bedroom.  

"Thank you." I said as she shut the door.

I got undressed and put my wet clothes on the floor beneath the radiator. I reached my hand into the shower and felt the warmth of the water rush into the tips of my fingers. I got in and the warmth shot down my spine, warming every inch of my frozen body.  

I spent a long time in the shower and by the time I had gotten out and back into the bedroom, there was a tray with food on the small table by the armchair. I put on the soft pyjamas and sat down on the chair. I could tell that the food hadn't been there long so I decided to just dig in. I was shocked when the flavours of beef, potato and gravy exploded in my mouth. This was hands down the most delicious meal I had had in the past four years.

Not long after I had finished my meal, Angie appeared in my room again.  

"I spoke to M, and he's up for you going down to his head offices tomorrow morning. So I suggest you get yourself into bed soon. I'll take your plate down for you." She smiled sweetly at me and picked up the tray. "There's water in that little fridge there," she said and pointed to a small white fridge on the bookshelf.  

"Thank you Angie," I said as I got up to get myself some. "And thank you for letting me stay here tonight, I really appreciate it." I smiled at her. 

"No problem sweetheart, anything for you. And I'm sorry about your mother. M told me on the phone earlier. The least I can do for you and for her is let you stay here. It is after all still half hers and since she's no longer with us, I guess it's half yours now."  

"I guess so," I said thoughtfully. 

"Anyway, good night Cat, I'll have Jerry come and wake you in the morning," she said as she headed for the door. 

"Night Angie," I said climbing into the big soft bed. It was so much larger than the little blanket I was used to sleeping on. I switched the light on and fell into the huge fluffy pillow. I thought about my father and my mother and the people that were after me until I eventually drifted off into a deep slumber.

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