Breaking Locks

Catherine is looking for her dad. She's also trying to escape an organisation trying to kill her. She goes to London to discover that her father is the infamous James Bond, Agent 007 of the British Secret Service. ALL RIGHTS AND CREDIT FOR CERTAIN CHARACTERS(James Bond, M, Q, Eve Moneypenny) GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER (Ian Fleming, Eon Productions etc.)


15. Home

A.N. So the last two chapters were in Bond's P.O.V (as you could probably tell) and this chapter goes back to Cat's P.O.V and it is the also the final chapter. Enjoy! 


Voices. I could hear voices; familiar ones. I strained my ears and tried to open my eyes but the light was too bright. The voices stopped momentarily before one of them said: 'Turn the lights down.' I tried to open my eyes again and this time the light was dim and I could see everything. I looked at one of the people whose voice I had heard and tried to put a name to the face as my eyes adjusted. 

"Dad?" I asked. My voice was coarse and quiet. 

"I'm here," he said as he held my hand. Someone else took my other hand. I looked at them and saw the familiar hair and brown eyes, I smiled slightly and felt him squeeze my hand. 

"We're both here," Dad said. I let go of their hands and sat up slightly. 

"Where am I?" 

"Back in London," Q said. "You passed out and didn't wake up until now."

"How long was I out for?" I asked. 

"Three days, not as long as it could've been, you were lucky," Dad's voice  was hard.

"I'm okay though, right?" 

"Do you feel okay?" Q asked, his eyes full of worry.

"Yeah, just tired." 

"Thank God for that," Dad said with a smile. "I'll go get the doctor and we'll see about getting you home." He stood up and kissed my forehead before leaving.

"How are you?" I asked Q. He smiled and took my hand again.

"Better now that you're awake."

"Good," I smiled. "Thank you for saving me."

"It's alright," he smiled. 

"How can I repay you though?" I asked. 

"Dinner? On me?" He smiled at me again. 

"Well what would my father say about that?" I teased. 

"Actually, we had a chat about that," he looked at the floor, embarrassed.

"And?" I sat up more.

"Well, I can take you out to dinner and treat you like a lady and be your boyfriend...if that's what you wanted...but if I was to ever hurt you then he would have my plate on a silver platter," he looked at me through the hair flopping down onto his forehead.

"Oh," was all I managed to say.

"So, dinner? Tomorrow?" He looked at me properly with a smirk on his face. 

"Okay," I smiled back.

"Great," he beamed. Just then my father came back in. He chucked me some clothes.

"We're leaving, duty calls," he said. "Q, let her get dressed." Q nodded and left the room.


I walked out of the room, zipping my jacket up. Q and Dad were waiting outside my room. 

"Where to?" I asked.

"HQ and then Istanbul," Q said as he fiddled with the device he had in his hand.

"Are you ready for Mission number two?" Dad asked looking at me with a smile. He held out a new Walther for me. I took it and smiled.

"Definitely." I tucked it in the back of my jeans and took Q's hand as we walked down the long corridor of the hospital. 



A.N. Imagine the last bit with the Bond theme playing in the background because it's all fab when you do. 



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