Breaking Locks

Catherine is looking for her dad. She's also trying to escape an organisation trying to kill her. She goes to London to discover that her father is the infamous James Bond, Agent 007 of the British Secret Service. ALL RIGHTS AND CREDIT FOR CERTAIN CHARACTERS(James Bond, M, Q, Eve Moneypenny) GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER (Ian Fleming, Eon Productions etc.)


14. Breaking and Entering

I rung the door bell on the large black gates that had a golden 'R' on the front of them. So it's definitely the right place, I thought to myself as I waited for the gate to open. I heard the movement of a camera from above me and looked to the top of the pillar that held the gate. I smiled widely into it.

"Knock knock," I said out loud not letting the grin falter.

"Who's there?" A devious voice replied. 

"Well, a handsome man looking for a night of excitement, I've heard this is a pretty exciting place. Am I right Raven?" I smirked at the camera.

"Oh Mr Bond, don't play with me," he replied.

"Shame, I really wanted to have a little play with you," I laughed. I heard a sigh at the other end of the speaker mounted on the wall and chuckled to myself. The gates started to creak before slowly opening and revealing the large yellow building. I walked up the path to the front door where a guard met me.

"This way," he grunted as he took me towards the back of the building. I started to feel a surge of panic rush through me as I thought of Q and his part of the plan. I tried to stay calm as I gazed from one side of the beach at the back to the other side. There were no guards seen anywhere on the beach and no cameras either. I looked up at the balcony that overlooked the beach and the blue ocean and glimpsed Q's leg swinging over it quickly. I sighed inwardly and shook my head. 

"What?" The guard asked with a mean voice. 

"I was just thinking how I would really love a place like this, and then remembered that I haven't got the funds for one," I smiled at the guard. He opened up a door that led into the kitchen. I whistled at its impressive size and gazed around nonchalantly.


The guard guided me through and into a huge lobby with stairs either side of it. I glanced at the front door and noticed that it was booby-trapped. I silently groaned and hoped that Q had managed to get in another way. I walked up one side of the stairs and to the first floor. I glanced at all the doors and notice that each of them had a bolt on the outside of them. I frowned slightly but didn't ask the guard about them as he didn't seem the most considerate person in the world. He nudged me towards a door that was slightly ajar. I walked in and saw Raven sitting at a desk facing the wall behind him. The wall was covered in multiple TV screens, all with different things on them, from various cameras in the house, including one in each of the rooms on this floor, and one with a view of the front gate. I looked behind me and saw three more guards standing against the wall with the guard that had guided me up to this room.

"No camera's round the back then?" I asked casually.

"No," he replied simply. "I like to have a bit of privacy at the beach. Besides, no one goes on my beach except for me and a couple of companions." He turned his chair around and gestured to the seat on the opposite side of his desk. I walked up to it and pulled the plastic garden chair out and sat down, the coldness of the plastic a relief to my sweating back. 

"I don't want any trouble, Mr Bond -"

"Please, call me James," I smiled falsely at him. He nodded and smiled back.

"James, I don't want trouble, I just want you off this planet," he said bluntly. His smile changed into an ice cold grimace. His dark eyes turned into stone as he gave me a psychotic stare. I shook off the weird feeling he was giving me and thought quickly for a distraction.

"Could I not have a tour of your gorgeous house first?" I nodded back the way I had come from. 

"I suppose so," he though out loud. "Come on then...James?" 

"Righty-oh," I smiled. "After you." I held my arm out to gesture at him to go first. He smiled and walked out, followed by two of his guards, I walked behind them, followed by the remaining two guards. I glanced curiously back at the doors with the bolts on them. 

"Why are there bolts on this side of the door?" I asked innocently. 

"Bond," Raven sighed. "Stop with the questions." 

"I thought a tour was all about giving answers to questions," I smirked, knowing I was slowly grinding his nerves. 

"They're just store rooms," he sighed and turned around to go down the stairs. I followed him, the two guards behind me getting closer and closer to either of my sides.

"Raven?" I asked.

"What!?" He yelled.

"Where's my daughter?" I asked. The two guards moved to stand next to Raven. 

"She's hiding," he laughed. I reached behind me and grabbed my gun, I shot the two guards that had previously been behind me quickly and swiftly. The other guards hurried Raven down the stairs as they tried to shoot me. I ducked behind one of the pillars that led downstairs. I took aim at one of the guards and shot him square in the neck, he fell like timber. Raven yelled and grabbed the gun that had fallen from the guards hand. He tipped over the table that stood in the middle of the hall and crouched behind it with his remaining guard. I waited until the guard popped up and shot at him. The bullet skimmed through one of his cheeks. I grimaced as he cried out in pain. He stood up again and shot at me; this time I took better aim and shot him. This bullet soared through the air and penetrated his skull above his left eye. Raven yelled out again as he last guard fell to the ground. 

"Well, looks like your fate has arrived," I smirked as I walked out from the pillar, that was now riddled with bullets and marks where the bullets had ricocheted. I watched as Raven frantically tried to steady his hands enough to aim straight at me. He attempted a shot but the bullet seared past me and into the wall. 

"Close, but not close enough," I laughed as I vaulted over the banister and dived straight at Raven. Our bodies collided and we slammed into the tiled floor, Raven's head bounced off it with a sickening crack. I stood up and picked up Raven's gun. I looked at him and winced as the blood started pooling around his head. 

"Bond!" I heard Q shout from the kitchen area. I ran towards his voice. 

"Where are you!?" I called as I got into the kitchen, I turned a corner and saw an open door.

"Down here!" 


I ran down the stairs to cellar as fast as my leg would let me to find Q kneeling next to a thin mattress in the corner of the bare room. I half sprinted half jumped down next to him.

"She's unconscious," Q said, his voice strained. 

"We need to get her out of here," I said as I stared at Cat's broken body on the floor; she was covered in bruises and wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt that looked vaguely familiar. There was a cut below her eye and there was dry blood leading down her cheek.

"Right," Q said after he cleared his voice. He reached down to lift Cat up. I noticed his arms trembling and gently put my hand on his shoulder. 

"I'll take her, just make sure that none of Raven's men are alive upstairs."

"And if they are?" 

"Shoot them," I replied bluntly. His expression hardened and he nodded before getting up and walking up the stairs ahead of me. I gently picked up Cat and started to follow Q, limping slightly. The throbbing in my leg was more prominent now and the pain was significantly worse than that morning. I gritted my teeth and made my way up the stairs, battling through the pain.

"Is there anyone up there Q?" I called up as I climbed the stone stairs.

"No," he said as he appeared at the door. He waited at the top of the stairs for me. "Here, let me take her, you go get the car." He wiggled his hands under mine and took Cat from my arms before I could protest. I nodded and jogged off to get the car. I kicked Raven's lifeless body as I went past it and ran back out of the back door and round the building. 

As I reached the front of Raven's villa in the car, Q emerged from the back with Cat in his arms. I got out of the car and opened one of the back doors so Q could lie her on the seats. I got back in and waited for Q to slide into the seat beside me. I was a little surprised when he sat in the back with Cat's head rested on his lap. 

"She'll be alright," I said trying to convince myself more than Q. I put my foot down and sped towards the airport. Q rang M and made sure there was a jet waiting for us; and surely enough there was. 

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